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Miss Fisher fanfic on the move

I remember in June last year, when @anne-louise-fortune wrote fic number 1001 (and @omgimsarahtoo wrote number 1000, but I don’t remember which fic it was!) in the Miss Fisher fandom on AO3, and I was astonished we had so many wonderful stories to read. And now, we’re already approaching number 1500! (when I write this, there are 1492 fics in the list.)

It is such a pleasure and a privilege to be here and read all your fics, dear Miss Fisher writers. I just wanted to say that. ❤️

1500 – fancy that, Jack!

Final scene ... The Green Mill Murder

Phryne: “You summoned me, Inspector Robinson.”

Jack: “Yes”

Jack: “Found these plates underneath the floorboards of Leonard Stevens’s apartment.”

Phryne:  “ And what do you want me to do with them? “

Jack: “Have them incinerated”

Phryne: " I thought your hands were tied “

Jack: “ Yes, but yours are not.”

Jack’s jacket definitely moves at this point so he is pocketing the photo, as we all suspected!!

Re-worked my original post to add a couple of images at the end for @missingmissfisher @kanste @anne-louise-fortune and all at the re-watch tonight. Sorry it took so long, folks.


Great tension in the Miss Fisher fanfic – for the 11th PFF

What do you say, Jack, shall we go for URST or RST this time?

I asked for help from this lovely fandom to spread some fanfic love – asking for fics with great tension, either with Unresolved or Resolved Sexual Tension, or both.

I have gotten wonderful answers, and I will give them to you here as a contribution to PFF (Phrack Fucking Fridays) – the 11th since it was started by @firesign23 in August!

I didn’t get as many answers as last time – whether it was because the timing was bad, or the theme too difficult to choose fics for, I don’t know. But I hope to receive more during the coming week, when you see this and think “These are super wonderful fics, but where is X, Y and Z?” Just keep sending me ficrecs, and I will do a second post. And do not fear if you cannot fill both URST and RST – I didn’t mean that you should, one or both or just tension is equally fine! (check here for details and how you can contact me)

Here are nine recommendations that makes me immediately want to go and reread the fics. 

“Wake Me Up” by @edeainfj/deedeeinfj. Recommended by @omgimsarahtoo.

The whole thing, but especially this:

“Early shift tomorrow… today, that is?” she asked, smoothing back his hair. He nodded. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”
He exhaled a laugh. “Wake me whenever you like. It’s surreal, still.”
“What is?”
“Being wanted. Like that.” He traced his fingers down her spine. “Especially by you.”
“I wanted you long before you let me have you, cruel man,” she grinned.

I love the established Phrack-ness of this fic, and yet you can tell it’s still new because he’s not certain that her fantasy involves him. The sex is hot, but the feelings that are around it are what makes it memorable for me.

Here be Dragons?” by @anne-louise-fortune. Recommended by @olderbynow.

aljohnson’s yaci is wonderful, and i adore it, but there are two scenes from the sequel that just always makes me all chinhands and hearteyes. first, the scene when phryne comes over after her burlesque performance, and jack is very focused on the practical side of things:

“And your thoughts on the remainder?” Phryne looked at him as if there had been nothing at all unusual about her ‘outfit’.

“My thoughts are mostly around the logistics of how the, erm….” Jack indicated towards Phryne’s breasts.

“Nipple tassels, Jack?”

“Indeed. How do they stay on?” Jack was genuinely intrigued as to how the small objects had remained perched on her breasts, covering her nipples. He had not actually been able to see anything that a gentleman should not have been able to see. He was coming to the realisation of exactly how unlike a gentleman he would like to be with her.

and then, you know what’s super high on my list of favourite things? jack losing control and being run away with by his passions. (and by ‘passions’ i mean 'wanting to bang phryne fisher’, obviously.) there’s just something completely fascinating and wonderful about this man, who is always so buttoned up and completely in control of himself - except for once in a while when he’s forced to look at a painting of a naked phryne very shortly after having stuck his tongue down her throat in the name of policework, or when he’s been imagining saving her from poisonous spiders only to have her clothes spontaneously fall off and then she perches herself a little too cleverly on his desk - just fucking LOSE it. which, yeah…

Phryne was trying to find her front door key in her handbag as Jack slid his hand across her waist, his lips pressing butterfly kisses to her neck. “Jack!” She implored, softly. His response was a low growl. Phryne could feel arousal spiking within her. As she finally got the door open she turned to Jack, “Would you like to… oh” she failed to complete the question as Jack swiftly moved over the threshold, closed the door behind them and spun Phryne so she was pushed back against the inside of the door. He was kissing her neck, nibbling on her earlobe and caressing her hips and waist with a keenness that Phryne found intriguing. What had come over him?

She tried to speak again, “Would you like to come upstairs?”

“No time” responded Jack, pulling her hips to his, allowing her to feel his very obvious erection.

and you should probably go read the rest for yourself if you haven’t already… and if you have, maybe read it again, idk?

Is this my last chance, Miss Fisher?

Alleviate” (part of 500 words) by @firesign23. Recommended by @longlineoftvdetectives.

“You seem certain there will be another time.”

It was, perhaps, the first time she had given voice to her doubts about this endeavour. If she’d had time to plan it properly it would be another matter, but she had not; there was a fine line between adventurous and reckless, and she wasn’t entirely certain whether she had fallen on the right side. He just smiled and took another biscuit.

“There’s always another time, if you’re willing to take it.”

She moved closer, intending to make a quip about his sudden optimism, but caught his eyes, smouldering with all the things left unsaid, and exhaled loudly. She hadn’t thought it possible to want him more, but she’d been wrong.  

“Are you willing to take it?” she sighed.

I love the movement in this piece, from the long history of unresolved tension to the inevitable resolution, at what may be the last possible moment, the night before Phryne leaves to fly back to England. The passage is weighty and true but ultimately hopeful, and they decide together to take the risk of being together, despite all the uncertainties of the future. It’s hard even to pick one favorite @firesign23 fic, but this one had a huge impact on me creatively.

“Hope Springs Eternal” by LemmingDancer. Recommended by @lillbilly.

“Then you’ll look for him?” Hugh begged, meeting her eyes for the first time. The guilt in his guileless expression penetrated Phryne’s fog. He still blamed himself for the waiting so long to look for Jack, when he’d been abducted.

“Of course,” Phryne reassured him, even as a smile spread across her face. She began to sort through the pillows around her carefully, lifting the corners of each and peaking underneath. Hugh shot a mystified look at Dot, who was watching her mistress with an increasingly worried expression.

“Ah ha!” Phryne said, tossing aside a turquoise pillow.

“Uhngh,” Jack protested incoherently, scrunching up his face against the sudden light. Draping one long arm over his eyes, he snaked the other around Phryne’s waist. Hugh and Dot’s faces were mirror images of shock and mortification.

“Delight out of loosened soil” by @ladyroxie. Recommended by @ollyjayonline for the URST.

We see them working so well together as they chase a suspect, then the banter we all love but the mood changes quickly when Jack has to remove the protection of his clothing to locate the jewels in the mud pool.

First we see Phryne being affected by handling things that are so representative of him.

She hung his hat and coats on a couple of nails protruding from the post beside her, trying not to notice they were warm from his body and smelled like spice and leather and books.

The scene below is reminiscent of the ‘tie’ scene in the last episode S2, starting as just a practical action soon surprising them with the intimacy it evokes.

Pushing up her own sleeves, she stepped forward, balancing carefully so didn’t tip into the mud, and began uncoupling Jack’s cufflinks. Her elegant fingers nimbly slipped a post through the slot, and she withdrew first one and then the other from his cuffs. She tucked the studs into her coat pocket, and returned to Jack’s left wrist. As she leaned down again, she caught his eyes flicker from her lips to the shadow between her breasts and linger there. Her coat was open, the silk blouse she wore underneath gaping as she leaned forward.

Then Jack, already aroused, tries to calm himself: “Jack cleared his throat. Breathe, man. This is just a practicality. Nothing more. Completely chaste.”

And then his understanding of the power she has/he has given her over him: “But her skin, her hands, her fingers against his flesh… It was undoing him in a way that made him understand drowning men.”

And then his decision:

He could, he knew suddenly and with surprising clarity, stop this. He could stand, mud everywhere, words rough and wrong, and pull away. He saw that scene unfold in an instant in his mind and knew that she would play her part, if that’s what he wrote.

But the bigger surprise was that he saw another scene, even more sharp, in even more depth, and all he saw in it was her. Her body, her lips, her hair spread across his naked chest. He didn’t know precisely what happened in between this moment and that one, but all at once he believed it existed. And that fact made him realize he was not going to say no.

And her understanding that he is making a decision, about them.

Phryne stilled her fingers when they reached as far up Jack’s sleeve as they would reach. She swallowed, and brought her eyes up to meet his, an uncharacteristic uncertainty shaking her.

As her hand drew slowly down to rest once again on his wrist, their eyes met, and Phryne lost her breath. In the many worlds she saw in Jack’s blue-grey eyes, one word rose above everything else.


I just adore this.  

The palpable tension of Angry Jack.

“Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun” by @phrynesboudoir/Sassasam. Recommended by @omgimsarahtoo.

In Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun two fictional characters played by Nathan Page meet, Jack from Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and Henry Stokes from Underbelly: Squizzy. Jack and Phryne are together, but Jack is still angry (maybe not realizing how angry) because Phryne had slept with Henry Stokes in the previous fic. Jack’s impulse to make this menage happen – or rather, to watch Phryne with Stokes – comes from that anger, and the fic treads a very fine line when it comes to consent. it is cracktastically amazing smut, and a lot of it packed into a relatively short fic. The URST is very high before Jack joins in, and then the resolution is explosive.

“What exactly did you plan to do with my - with Miss Fisher,” Jack asked calmly.

Henry Stokes stared Jack down, “I planned on stripping her bare and fucking her senseless on her bear skin rug,” he answered unblinkingly.

Jack cocked the pistol. And Phryne looked between the two men in fear. Long moments passed.

“Go on then,” Jack said.

“Lost Together” by @gaslightgallows. Recommended by @adverbally.

“I want you, Phryne Fisher,” he said, forcing his voice into steadiness, even as her eyes made it plain that she was thinking about all the indecent things she wanted to do to him. “I want… to put you on that bed and strip you down to your skin, and know every part of you. I want to touch you, kiss you, devour you, be devoured by you—“

Her fingers on his lips stopped his litany. “Careful, Jack,” she murmured, dragging her forefinger down his bottom lip. “We’ve a long night ahead of us. You don’t want to spoil every surprise.”

As Jack and Phryne move to consummate their relationship, the nerves the two feel about the change in their relationship are expressed perfectly in character– Jack, of course, channels these feelings into a gallant declaration of his intentions, while Phryne tries to defuse the tension with her usual charm. It’s a lovely light-hearted moment in a sweet and poignant fic.

“Saudadee” by @kidnthehall​. Recommended by @ollyjayonline​ for the RST.

With this piece there is the inevitability: the knowing this is going to happen, we’ve been apart and we didn’t want to be and now we’re going to be together and this is happening. No talking, no thinking, just doing:

From the moment he opened his door everything was a blur of lust and months apart, love that none dared to address lingered like smoke. Lips were seized, limbs entangled. Clothes were tugged at, ripped off, discarded. Eyes locked on eyes, hands rushing to feel every expanse of skin at once. Intense kisses. Impossible to resist to kiss a neck, impatient to return to a longing mouth. Rewarded by thrilled moans.

And this I think is a wonderful contrast to Queenscliff where she thought ‘he was a policeman in her room’ and didn’t immediately pick up that Hilly was talking about him when she referred to ‘your handsome friend’: “The sight of him above her, letting go, looking so little like the Inspector and so much like her Jack, made her laugh from sheer joy.”

“A Modern Woman” by @omgimsarahtoo. Recommended by @olderbynow.

This whole fic is so wonderful, but there are a couple of paragraphs that stand out for their sexual tension-ness. like this one:

Jack blinked, his own thoughts shocking him a little. He’d known that he was horny—six months of divorce proceedings and a reluctance to start anything new was wearing on him—but he didn’t usually look at women as if they were meat. He was certain this woman had a personality and intellect that were just as stunning as the points of her nipples against the silk of her blouse and the crimson slash of her lips. He’d really love to find out for sure—though he’d also love to have just one night with that body of hers, much as it shamed him to admit it. Sipping at his whiskey, he shook his head at himself. He didn’t do one-night stands, as a general rule—he found them unsatisfying—but as he was not ready to jump into a new relationship at this point, he wondered whether he should reconsider.

obviously i’m a HUGE fan of the slow burn (the slower the better, tbh) but variety is the spice of life or whatever, and sometimes a bit of “let’s just jump right in there and have jack want to fuck her before he knows her name” is just what the fic stew needs. or it’s the chocolate with salt caramel filling after you’ve had six coconut ones. i don’t know.

oh, but also this:

Jack fought the urge to swallow, knowing that she’d intended him to feel this arousal. Absurdly, he wanted to hide his reaction from her as much as he could. This woman knew her own appeal, but he thought perhaps she would prefer someone who didn’t just lie down and let her walk on him. Oh god, would I love to lie down for her, though. For her. Under her. On top of her. He wrenched his thoughts back to the question she’d asked, letting his lips curve in a small smile.

and in between, there’s mac catching him ogling phryne… i’m not going to quote that, because it seems like an appropriate teaser for the two people in this fandom who haven’t already read this fic. which they should do. because it’s AWESOME. and funny. and hot. and awesome.

That was all for today. Thank you to all contributing, you are the best! ❤︎