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Press Secretaries

So I’ve been one. A press flack. A spindoctor. An evil henchmen of a really disliked government. 

The one thing I was NEVER EVER ALLOWED TO DO EVER was LIE. It was beaten into me on day one - if you do it you’ll be fired because you will be putting the reputation of everyone in this organization at risk. 

Today, Sean Spicer could have: 

Announced all the executive orders that are being signed (Look! Working Boss Working For You on Day One! 


Average Americans don’t have the luxury of taking time off from work or can’t afford travel and we’re here for everyone 





but he chose to elaborately present a lie. A big lie. A YUGE lie. About something that is totally inconsequential. At the end of the day, if only fourteen people and a squirrel turned up, Trump still got sworn in.  

But he chose to lie that it was a record breaking crowd out there when it was below-average.

That is a PROBLEM. Because this is easypeasy stuff that is of little consequence. It would have been better to not even bring it up - let alone make it the whole reason you’re there - to lie? 

What if there is an emergency? What if the lights go off or SARS comes back? Because I was in the middle of both those things as well. And that’s when it was really important that reporters trusted me and the information I was giving and that the information we were sending out and the accuracy of it. Lives were at stake. 

You lie to a reporter once, no one will ever believe you again. His bridge with the press corps is burned. 

And you’re not upholding democracy by lying for your guy, you’re in fact doing the opposite of that. Lies coming out of a press office are every day in a fascist authoritarian regime. 

There is a rule with political staffers: you get ordered by the boss to go out and lie? You quit on the spot. Because you’re paid in tax dollars and you are responsible to the people – all of them.

UPDATE: The President’s Chief of Staff is supporting the Press Secretary in lying. He has said he will fight the free press. Kelley Anne Conway is now talking about “Alternative Truths”. They have doubled down on a lie with the entire White House behind it. And again? This is something inconsequential. People weren’t there, but he still got sworn in. What other alternative truths are they going to try to tell you - and what will they do if you don’t repeat their lies? 
This is *Day Two*, everyone. 

ALSO: there is a far more eloquent blather on this here at the WP:

Another update: It’s not a great feeling if your boss then throws you under the bus. 


Kimberley Ann “Kim”  and Kelley Deal (born June 10, 1961) are twin sisters from Ohio that known for being in different bands. Kim is best known for playing bass in the College Rock band The Pixies until her departure in 2014. She formed The Breeders with her sister and other members.Kelley is known as the identical twin sister of Kim and member of various bands but primarily The Breeders. The band and sisters still make music today.

anonymous asked:

I've seen you answer a question about classics you didn't like much. What are the classics you do like? And for any current authors do you have any auto buys?

In no particular order:


The Three Musketeers


Don Quixote

The Great Gatsby


Anne of Green Gables

The Sound and the Fury

Cry, the Beloved Country

My Antonia

Pride & Prejudice

Little Women

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings


The Grapes of Wrath

To Kill a Mockingbird


Heart of Darkness


The Illiad

The Odyssey

The Secret Garden

The Count of Monte Cristo

Les Miserables

And authors whose books I buy no matter what (who aren’t clients):

Patricia Briggs

Anne Bishop

Kelley Armstrong

Kim Harrison

George RR Martin

Laurie Halse Anderson

Sarah Dessen

Lisa Kleypas

Eloisa James

Julia Quinn

Christina Lauren

Dennis Lehane

Adam Silvera

“Nevermore” design, featuring Edgar, the Gentleman Writer

I may have just started playing “Don’t Starve” and I may be a little excited about it and I may have a thing for Poe :-) 

“Cat Vale” :-3

“Here’s something odd: there is a cat hovering in the men’s bathroom at the radio station here. He seems perfectly happy and healthy, but it’s floating about four feet off the ground next to the sink. Doesn’t seem to be able to move from its current hover-spot. If you pet him, he purrs, and he’ll rub on your body like a normal cat if you get close enough. Fortunately, because he’s right by the sink, it was pretty easy to leave some water and food where he could get it, and it’s nice to have a station pet. Wish it wasn’t trapped in a hovering prison in the men’s bathroom, but listen: no pet is perfect. It becomes perfect when you learn to accept it for what it is.