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SPRING 2015 OFF-BROADWAY PREVIEW: Plays Penned by Actors Fill the Stage Alongside Superheroes and Sex Drugs

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Boys are evil? *stares at the horizon* Ann I evil? Am I even a boy? What am I... WHAT AM I •,£,•

Everyone is evil that’s why I only form meaningful bonds with animals

If Fragrance-less Artists had Perfumes Released
  • <b> Ed Sheeran:</b> I Smell Fire<p><b>Little Mix:</b> Smell Me Now<p><b>5 Seconds of Summer:</b> She Smells So Perfect<p><b>Bring Me the Horizon:</b> I've Smelt It All Before/Can You Smell My Heart?<p><b>My Chemical Romance:</b> I Smell Okay (I Promise)/Three Cheers for Sweet Smells<p><b>Sleeping with Sirens:</b> Smell It Now, Remember It Later<p><b>All Time Low:</b> Dear Maria, You Smell Good<p>