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Anne With an E: Anne Shirley [INFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the Mod

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Anne builds an instant, strong connection to Matthew that she describes as a “kindred spirit.” She “understands” him, through their shared quiet but intense affection for one another. Her emotions drive all her decisions, and Gilbert accuses her of making things “all about herself,” when she is actually trying to connect to him, through their shared loss. She can be melodramatic with her feelings, but keeps the most intense things to herself, until she learns she can trust Marilla with some of them (even then, she doesn’t talk about her abuse at the orphanage or in foster homes). She is incredibly kind, sensitive, and easily offended, but also has an “iron will.”

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): She self-entertains endlessly through stories, window friends, and dramatic re-interpretations of the world around her. Anne daydreams about climbing into a cheery tree if no one comes for her; she prefers to tell Marilla an invented tale about her marvelous parents, rather than the truth. She never does anything without a flourish. She admits that the white way of delight is “the only thing that cannot be improved on, by my imagination!” She has a dozen stories in her head all at the same time, and often shares these (abstract) details with her friends; they can’t think up a plot for a story? No problem, Anne has a vague idea they can use! She refuses to accept the world as it is; she has to put her own personal shine on it.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Her own experiences are very important to her, and Anne uses them to frame her expectations of reality; she comes to Green Gables terrified they won’t want or keep her, because others have ditched her in the past, due to her “ugly” red hair and freckles. She is overwhelmed with delight when the Cuthberts give her a sense of security, sameness, and permanence, by inviting her to sign the family Bible and become a real Cuthbert. Anne glowers on the train that, “Why are BAD memories so much harder to forget than good ones?” She spends several episodes flashing back to her traumatic experiences, triggered by similarities and emotional reactions in her environment. Her perception of how life was is sometimes naïve (Ne) and impressionistic (Si) rather than factual.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Oh, boy. Anne has a temper. She insults Rachel Lynde in no uncertain terms. She screams at Gilbert to leave her alone. She doesn’t hesitate to slap down Marilla for her fake “good night,” at the end of her first night at Green Gables. Her Te bitch-slaps people all over the place. Since she is so young, she uses it mostly to assert her opinions… but while she IS very hard working at school, and smart enough to teach herself long division, she hasn’t quite mastered the art of not daydreaming yet and… you know, not setting the kitchen on fire.

Note: This is on Netflix now. It’s magnificent. Go watch it.

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Submissive Anx who will run around in the others clothing. Sometimes his wardrobe is nothing but the others clothing. The others reactions are beautiful.

Yes this is so cute

- Roman’s crown looks so good hanging crookedly on Anxiety’s head, and Roman wants to kiss him breathless because he looks so beautiful. And it doesn’t help that he’s wearing Princey’s red pajama pants.

- Beneath those pajama pants are Morality’s underwear, and it’s driving Pat crazy to see the waistband of his superman boxers peeking out from the loose pajamas slung around his narrow waist. 

- And Logan blushes when he sees one of his black button ups undone and hanging off Ann’s shoulder tantalizingly and he also wants to do something about it, but Ann has no idea what he’s doing to them all.


Deborah Ann Woll and the entire Daredevil panel having fun teasing Jon Bernthal

I supposed you would’ve like some fluff right now. So, yeah…

I hope everything is okay now and that you feel better.

Warning: Fluff, off-screen violence, slightly angst.

Ann didn’t know why, or what exactly. He just knew that whenever the boss pet his hair he would melt, that his boss made him oddly happy.

The sex was great, yes. It would always make him weak on his legs and wishing more, but there was something more…

…and when he noticed what it was, he was terrified.


Patton was bandaging his hands. He had just finished interrogating some people that tried to interfere in his business. Normally it was Logan who took care of this, yet doing paperwork all the time isn’t that good.

He was in a restricted area of the office, so when he heard someone tutting he instantly grabbed the gun from his waistband. However, he instantly relaxed when he saw Ann leaning against the wall smirking.

“Gonna shoot me, sir?” He walks towards Patton, grabbing his injured hand between his own. Patton hissed almost inaudible, “Let me, I know how to handle broken bones.”

The idea that Ann has to deal with injures more often, was something Patton hated. Yet he let his pet clean the hand. Once his job was done, Ann kissed softly his knuckles. Patton smiled fondly, and moved his other hand to pet his.

“Sir…?” Patton hummed in acknowledgment, giving him permission to continue talking. He leaned down, capturing the earlobe of Ann between his teeth.

Ann grabbed Patton by his shoulders, making a small distance between them. The boss let him, eying curiously, noticing Ann has a determined looked painted in his face.

“Ann–? What?–”

“I love you, sir.”

The words floated between them for a few seconds, Ann shaking in fear.

Patton coughed softly. “What?”

“I– Uhm, love you, sir. I thought you deserve to know this information.”

Patton hummed, gave a quick pat on Ann cheeks, and walk away.

Ann wasn’t the only one terrified.

Logan was looking around in his office, waiting for Patton’s approval to watch the new prisoner, when Ann walked inside.

“Ann- What the fuck?” Yet his words died in his throat when he saw the mess that Ann was.

His mascara and eyeliner was all over his face, tears running in his cheeks and he was gasping for air.

“I messed up… he’s gonna-.” Logan raised his hand and the young boy fall silent. Logan sighed and while in sounded annoyed, he wasn’t. He reached for the youngest and embraced him.

Ann cling at Logan’s suit, he felt kisses on the top of his head, but said nothing.

He felt cold.


Patton knocked at Logan’s door.

“I believe you have something that is mine.”

“And I believe you fucked things up.” Logan smirked, “He’s in the bathroom.”

Patton mumbled a small thanks before going inside, opening the bathroom’s door. Ann was blowing his nose, his eyes were puffy.

“Would it help if I tell you that I also love you, Ann?”

Ann jumped in surprised, only noticing Patton at the moment when he spoke.

“You do?”

He hooked an arm around Ann waist, pressing their bodies together, “Surprisingly, I do.” He hugged the other, and kissed softly his neck.

“I love you, Ann.”

Ann smiled softly and rest his head against the chest of his lover.

“Thanks, sir.”

Based on that HC of Anx saying I love you. I hope you like it.

Me: Holy mother of jesus god bless my child

ways catherine annoys her siblings:

  • helped Connor convince Anne that they were deporting her back to the Czech Republic after her wisdom tooth surgery.
  • used a stranger’s phone to call Anne pretending to be an Immigration Officer. really because Anne isn’t American born she has COUNTLESS of ideas.
  • planted gay magazines all over Connor’s room for Joyce to find.
  • convinced Connor to eat dog food. 
  • gave Connor a back tattoo to “match their dad’s” but it was really a big dick. 
  • she used to lose her siblings ?? drop them ?? tried to sell them ?? that’s a p big one guys.
  • got a signed autograph from Donald Trump for Adelaide, signed TO Adelaide, with a heart warming message.
  • convinced Adelaide’s boyfriend she’s a ghost && only he can see her. 
  • habitually change’s their lockscreens to a photo of herself. 

next time you think kinkshaming is good idea please remember that buffy anne summers canonically has a daddy kink and she Would slay your vanilla ass if she ever caught you talking shit

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I really like the idea of Ann cooking. Like Patton has a personal chef and all but Ann really enjoys cooking so he's the one who cooks for the four of them :)

I love this too! At first, he only knows his old boss’ favorites, but his expertise soon expands to include everything he’s ever tasted. Ann’s one of those people who can put a meal in his mouth and tell you exactly what’s in it.

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(Mafia or not) the others taking the one who has never skated before ice skating and the guy is scared af he'll fall and refuses to let go of their hands

I love this idea!

Ann has never done a lot of things, including skating. As it turns out, Roman is actually a talented ice skater and he takes Ann to a rink on one of their outings. It’s super adorable because Ann can’t keep his balance and clings to Roman tightly the entire time.


The Musketeers: colour palette (c)

The Significance of the Anne Frank House in The Fault in Our Stars

Having read the book and seen the movie, I feel as though I have a fairly good grasp at the significance of the Anne Frank house in this story. Yes, I know it is not explicitly stated and yes, without context, making-out at the Anne Frank house seems like an act of debauchery, but with a little bit of background the significance is glaringly obvious.

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My Darling Lilibet

I was so delighted to get your delicious letter. Papa and I said ‘what a good letter Lilibet writes, full of news and thought and amusing too.'I wish that I cold tell you what a joy Charles and Anne are t me.

Every day he has new words and new ideas, and I shall miss them quite terribly when you return.

Nearly every day we discuss your return - 'Mummy will come in an aeroplane and then get into a car, etc, and then she will drive up to the front door, and she will get out, and there will be Charles waiting, and Mummy will say “Hullo Charles” and then arms are opened wide, and “Papa too.”’ Oh dear, how sweet they are.

Did you hear that the other day when Charles was getting down from his high chair, he bumped his leg, and patting that sturdy limb he said 'Mind my nylons’ which was, of course exactly what the heard daily! I don’t suppose that he had the vaguest idea what it meant!

Darling I am so looking forward o seeing you again, and I do hope that the weather will improve by next week for your flight.

I keep on hearing what pleasures your being in Malta gives to everybody, and I am sure that you will be terribly missed when you leave.

Shall you go back in the Spring? […]

The world situation is chaotic to say the least of it. But if one can tide over this dangerous period, and if the Americans can be persuaded to think before they act, then perhaps we shall get away from the immediate danger of war. But how everything has deteriorated these last 3 years.

Here, prices are roaring up, which is very bad. State ownership does not work. I can’t think why the Government doesn’t do what worked well in the war - a high authority over individual industries - you could have state interference at a high level, and yet keep competition, without which all industry seems to wilt and almost die.

Oh silly imitators of Marx - how foolish they are. […]

Goodbye darling, so looking forward to your return from your very loving


—  Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother in a letter to then Princess Elizabeth who was with her husband, Prince Philip who was stationed in Malta, January 31, 1951 (a very interesting letter!)