anne guillaume


“Remember, with each stroke of the bow someone you love vanishes into the shadows. Mysteriously they fade from sight, leaving tears in your eyes.”

“All the Mornings of the World” (“Tous les Matins du Monde”, 1991) [dir. Alain Corneau]


POC Phantoms and Christines. Cause representation matters.

  1. Robert Guillaume, Los Angeles 1989
  2. Caroline Schiller, Toronto 1989-90
  3. Kevin Gray, US Tour 1991-93
  4. Margaret Ann Gates, Toronto 1997
  5. Ali Ewoldt, Broadway 2016
  6. Lana English, Cape Town/Pretoria 2004
  7. Nicholas Nkuna, Cape Town/Johannesburg 2011-12
  8. Norm Lewis, Broadway 2014-15
  9. Ramin Karimloo, West End 2006-09, RAH 2011

Just a friendly reminder that… 

1. Phantom in Los Angeles: Robert Guillaume 
2. Christine in Toronto: Margaret Ann Gates 
3. Raoul (and later Phantom) in West End: Ramin Karimloo 
4. Christine in South Africa: Lana English 
5. Carlotta on Broadway: Patricia Phillips 
6. Piangi in the World Tour: Marcus Desando 
7. Carlotta in the UK tour: Angela M. Caesar 
8. Meg Giry in the World Tour: Jee-Hyun Noh 
9. Madame Giry in West End: Josie Benson (u/s)
10. Meg Giry in Hamburg: Hinako Sakuraoka (u/s)