anne frank and me

A History of Golems [wip]

It’s 1944. My grandmother is a short women with dark hair and a big nose. She works as a cook in an inn somewhere deep in the Third Reich. She tells the innkeeper the little girl who helps in the kitchen is her daughter. In the dining room men with red armbands drink to the war, calling the little girl to bring them more beer. 

Its 2004. I read a storybook about the Golem of Prague in the public library. I wonder what words could have the power to make clay come alive, to make a shield that can move on its own. That week I notice for the first time the security guards outside my synagogue. 

its 1961. My father is thirteen years old, an adult of the community now, so when they come down the Jewish street again with bricks and torches he helps my grandfather sweep up the broken glass. 

It’s 1941. Two boys from an immigrant neighborhood get their art published and spread to the whole country. It shows a man wearing red white and blue, punching the leader of a country we were not at war with in the face. They get threats. The Golem they’ve made isn’t enough to protect their families, dying across the sea. Captain America is only made out of words.

It’s 2016. I am drinking with people I suppose are my friends. One draws a swastika on my arm. He apologizes almost immediately but my head is full of the sound of breaking glass. There is no holy word in my skull to give me strength. 

It’s 1944. My grandmother and the girl are arrested. The officer who turned them in asks that they be sent to a labour camp together, not to the death camps. Every Nazi had one good Jew. 

Its 2011 and my english class is reading ‘A Diary of Anne Frank’. A classmate tells me America saved the Jews. I tell him my grandfather fought in the war, I tell him about the Warsaw Uprising, the resistance in Vichy France, I tell him that the United States sent children back to Germany to die. He shrugs. “Jews can’t protect themselves.” I think about Golems again.

It’s 1945. My aunt is dead. My aunt was not the little girl with my grandmother. The little girl lived to her nineties. My aunt was four. My grandmother could not protect her daughter but she could try to protect this one life. But my grandmother was not a golem. Any holy words in her head were wiped away by the time the camp gates opened. 

It’s 2016 and Captain America has been declared a Nazi by the company founded on an image of Adolf Hitler being punched in the face. I think about the Golem of Prague. In the stories after the worst of the pogroms ended the rabbis wiped the holy words off his forehead, took the scroll out of his mouth and put him to sleep wrapped in knowledge and the words of G-d. I wonder if after having the power inside of him, that clay vessel can ever again just be clay. 

Can people please send me recommendations for something to watch/read with a cool asexual or Jewish main character. I’m just really craving representation right now since I’m in a foreign country and basically in the closet on both fronts. Fantasy or science fiction would be preferred but not necessary. Please nothing to do with the holocaust, my mental health would not be able to stand it. I just need something to take up my time and some representation would go a long way.

This is a reply to my Anne Frank post. And normally I just ignore shit like this but this time I can’t. So…
@josephg… Are you kidding me or are you really just this ignorant???????
Do you also believe the whole Holocaust is a hoax because Anne Frank and her family were part of it.
If you do, you should be ashamed of yourself. You hurt a lot of people who had family members during the war who all suffered or how you put it “suffered”.
Not only did those people suffer.. they were tortured, starved to death, put through horrible medical experiences and so much more but the worst of all more than 6+ million Jewish people (and that’s only counting the Jews.. don’t forget about the mentally disabled, gay, innocent civilians, roma, prisoners of war) were not just murdered but destroyed.
And if anyone thinks that’s fake? How can you even say that? Did your parents or grandparents never talked to you about it? At school? Did you never watch documentaries about the Holocaust? (Believe me there are more than enough) They have pieces of film, images of the camps just after they were released. You see thousands of corpses lying around. Are those fake too??? They put it there for fun? So people would hate the Nazis? You see people who survived those camps, barely living.. Those people are fake too?

But okay let’s say Otto Frank wrote all the so called suffering while Anne was in those fields of “extermination” (why do you put quotation marks there? Do you think it were summer camps full of fun?)
You do know Otto was held captive too right? In Auschwitz? Do you think he had a good life there and decided Oh you know what? I’m going to write a sad little story in name of my daughter so I can make a lot of money after the war is over! I don’t care if my whole family is dead, I’m going to be rich! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Not to mention he wouldn’t even have one piece of paper to write it on!
It’s true that in the first (few?) publications some pieces of the diary were not included but that’s because Anne sometimes wrote about sexual related things and in that time that was a no-no. Especially in books for teens. Example; She wrote about she had this urge to kiss and feel the breasts of her best friend. Also she wrote that every time she sees a naked female body she is in ecstasy.
Do you think Otto wrote that himself too?
The diary was found by Miep Gies and she kept it in her possession before she gave it to Otto.
Because people doubted the authenticity of the diary, they had it scientifically investigated. And yes, it´s really Anne´s diary. She wanted to be a famous writer after the war so Otto fulfilled her wish.

Okay this became longer that I expected but your comment really pissed me off. I’m not going to say more about it either. You know your reply was wrong.


He’s the kind of man who – who hurts people. Not like you, but…he damages them. Breaks them. Sorry, is that supposed to mean something? So, those are the people you get out of your life! Is that right? Look, I might generally be considered out of my skull, so this might not mean much, but that’s got to be the craziest most batshit thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

so im done like…. skimming through we for the most part and here are my comments (im not gonna say final bc i know this hell isnt over)

this is long but i’m not putting it in a read more bc i don’t want to like i want you to have to scroll through this.

1. none of the information/techniques/whatever on this book are actually new, there’s 14 pages worth of citations in the back of the book meaning that this book is essentially just like… a copy and paste of many people’s ideas and techniques so take that as you will

2. there’s quotes like everywhere? from like random famous women ranging from like rosa parks to emma watson to emily dickinson to anne frank…… it’s very odd it reminds me of that scene in the office where michael writes “ “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” - wayne gretsky” -michael scott anyway this is literally the most inclusive part of the whole book and also aside from crediting laverne cox as a transgender activist and actress there’s like…. literally no mention of trans women 

3. this has to be one of the most heteronormative pieces of media i’ve consumed in a my life… every mention of a relationship talks about “he”. also never ever post abt how u think gillians gonna date a woman or she’s bi or whatever bc in the book she deadass just refers to all her partners (past and future) as he so there you go

4. there’s an excerpt that says you have to be thankful because you’re much better off than a huge percentage of the world population bc you have a fridge lol

5. in the humility section theres a part where they talk abt how we’re all equal and no one is better than anyone else but last time i checked gillian charges a small fortune for fans to meet her and doesn’t even treat them like equals so just a thought

6. the mandatory “feminism” section or w/e in the manifesto part of the book uses those statistics you’ve read a million times like there’s more CEOs named john than there are female CEOs like this book really has Nothing new to offer anyone 

7. there’s a section where you’re encouraged to follow a diet while following these principles and it has a linked (yes! a typed out link in a book) to the BMI index and you’re told to go on it and check if you’re healthy or not like… don’t do that lmao 

8. the quote “more than seven hundred million women live in hunger, and yet those with plenty battle obesity and depression” Fuck You

9. the quote “every minute, one woman dies needlessly in childbirth, while elsewhere in the world another woman spends thousands on cosmetic surgery because she isn’t able to feel comfortable with how she’s aging” again… Fuck you

10. the notion that we as (cis, straight, white) women cannot be expected to be respected by society if we don’t learn to respect ourselves by doing things like… flirting with other women’s husbands OR letting other women’s husbands flirt with you… Yes Really

this is all i feel like typing out right now bc i have other shit to do but… this book sucks and im 90% sure there was a ghost writer 

  • Frank: Honey?
  • Karen: What?
  • Frank: Where are my guns?
  • Karen: What?
  • Frank: Where - are - my - guns?
  • Karen: I, uh, put them away.
  • [gangs fighting each other]
  • Frank: *Where*?
  • Karen: *Why* do you *need* to know?
  • Frank: I need it!
  • [Frank rummages through another room in the shack]
  • Karen: Uh-uh! Don't you think about running off and breaking some dirtbag's kneecaps. We've been planning this dinner for two months!
  • Frank: Hells Kitchen is in danger!
  • Karen: My evening's in danger!
  • Frank: You tell me where my guns are, woman! We are talking about the greater good!
  • Karen: 'Greater good?' I am your wife! I'm the greatest *good* you are ever gonna get!