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It is a sad commentary. I particularly love the amazing response the character Carol has received. Just when people were saying, ‘In order to have a career, you can only be an ingénue, you age out at a certain point,’ but the character Carol — especially after this season premier, and after last season — has a huge, huge fan following of all ages.

[…] But the truth is, when Jim Cameron and I would discuss it [female action heroes], the feeling was that here had been so many male character action heroes, that was a trope that there wasn’t really that much new that you could do with those characters. But the idea of a female at the center of the action, especially a reluctant one — in two of those films, The Terminator and Aliens, both Sarah Conner and Ripley are fairly reluctant. They aren’t gung-ho 'I want to get out there and kill aliens’ or 'I want to be the woman who is going to protect humanity into the future,’ so that was a way to sort of have an everywoman character, someone not only women but men could relate to as well. I think few of us feel we’re so special that the survival of humanity will rest on our shoulders.

And also with female characters, they can exhibit a wide range of emotions, and the other trope was that male heroes can’t. Male heroes, stiff upper lip, come out the other end not all that changed. And Lyndsey in The Abyss was one of the toughest characters there, and one with the clearest vision and belief, not only in herself but in her crew.

[…] I think it goes to show, as William Goldman said, 'Nobody knows anything.’ Whenever we accept something is a truism, like 'only male driven films can be successful at the box office,’ we get a huge wake-up call when as it turns out that’s not true at all. Each one of those films was a really good film, and I think audiences want to see good films regardless of whether the lead is male or female. And often the female roles are more interesting and more compelling, because we haven’t seen as many of them.

Gale Anne Hurd, Forbes [online] (18/Oct/2014)

Carol, Ripley, Lyndsey and Sarah - sci-fi/action heroes.

Anne Forbes (1745-1834), artist (1781). David Allan (Scottish, 1744-1796). Oil on canvas. Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

Forbes shows a strong backbone and determined eyes. To be an independent woman in the 18th century was a challenge. Forbes studied in Rome before setting up a studio in London. Her society friends shunned her for going into business. Ill and discouraged, she returned to Edinburgh where she established herself as a drawing teacher, a more acceptable occupation for a woman.

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