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So this piece got very far away from me. It’s well over my aimed 1,500 words for a drabble. This is my Day Four AU Piece for @everythingisklaroline KlarolineAUWeek. It’s a College AU. 

           Caroline glared at her phone and the text from her best coworker/friend Rebekah, not only had she bailed on her shift forcing Caroline to spend what should have been her easy middle shift, training. But! The girl who had taken Bekah’s shift was a fucking ditz who refused to listen to her. As Caroline glared at her phone, she was mildly happy that at least if she was getting shafted at least Bekah was on a date. Turning her hundred-watt smile on the customer who was walking in she slipped her phone into her back pocket.

           “Hi, Welcome to the Union Café, how can I caffeinate you today?” she said her voice faltering slightly, he was hot. Just then Vicki walked over from the storeroom. Caroline turned slightly and her eyes went from sunshine blue to ice in a second. “Hey Vic, could you please refill the pastries, I can handle the customer.”

           “Sure Care, if you need help, just shout,” she said while openly checking out their customer. Rolling her eyes Caroline turned to the man in question.

           “Apologies, what can I get you today?” she asked her smile slightly less bright.

           “You’re alright luv, I would like a large English breakfast with some milk. Oh! To go if you don’t mind,” he said fishing his wallet from his back pocket. An English accent seriously, Caroline just nodded as she started going through the process of brewing his tea and fishing the milk from the small cooler under the counter.

           “You’re far from home,” she said smiling trying to make some form of conversation.

           “Ahh you caught the accent did ya?” he smirked and leaned on the top of her counter looking at her.

           “You know my ears work pretty well,” she said pouring the milk in over the tea bag before turning to the register, “that’ll be two-fifty.”

           “Seriously that cheap for a to go cup of tea?” he asked his eyebrows raised as he handed over the crisp five-dollar bill.

           “Well we live to shock and amaze.” She said smiling at him as she handed him the corresponding two-fifty in change. “Have a great day.”

           “I hope so, my sister is having me meet her inept American boyfriend and I’m supposed to suss him out for mum and our brothers.” He shook his head and looked back at her. “Apologies you don’t want to hear about my plans, thanks for the cuppa.”

           “No problem-” she paused as the clues fell into place, “holy cow, your Nik! Bekah’s older brother!”

           “You know my sister?” he asked turning back to look at her eyebrow cocked again.

           “Well we work together here, have been since Freshman year. We’re both in the event planning and public relations major here. Plus, she’s mentioned you a few hundred times, and the rest of your family of course.” She felt the heat rising on her face as she realized she was officially rambling.
           “So that would make you Caroline?” he asked holding out his hand which she quickly shook while nodding.

           “Yep that’s me, Caroline Forbes. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

           “Well luv, it’s been a pleasure but I have a boyfriend to scare and a sister to annoy. Have a great afternoon.”

           That was the end of a rather awkward and stilted conversation, Caroline nodded mutely while cursing her luck. The first guy that she was mildly interested in post-Tyler Fiasco and he was related to her best friend. Making him officially off limits. Groaning Caroline pulled out some wet wipes and got to work cleaning the counter and all obvious surfaces. At least, Kat, Elena, and Bonnie would get a kick out of this later when she went back to their  apartment.

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It is a sad commentary. I particularly love the amazing response the character Carol has received. Just when people were saying, ‘In order to have a career, you can only be an ingénue, you age out at a certain point,’ but the character Carol — especially after this season premier, and after last season — has a huge, huge fan following of all ages.

[…] But the truth is, when Jim Cameron and I would discuss it [female action heroes], the feeling was that here had been so many male character action heroes, that was a trope that there wasn’t really that much new that you could do with those characters. But the idea of a female at the center of the action, especially a reluctant one — in two of those films, The Terminator and Aliens, both Sarah Conner and Ripley are fairly reluctant. They aren’t gung-ho 'I want to get out there and kill aliens’ or 'I want to be the woman who is going to protect humanity into the future,’ so that was a way to sort of have an everywoman character, someone not only women but men could relate to as well. I think few of us feel we’re so special that the survival of humanity will rest on our shoulders.

And also with female characters, they can exhibit a wide range of emotions, and the other trope was that male heroes can’t. Male heroes, stiff upper lip, come out the other end not all that changed. And Lyndsey in The Abyss was one of the toughest characters there, and one with the clearest vision and belief, not only in herself but in her crew.

[…] I think it goes to show, as William Goldman said, 'Nobody knows anything.’ Whenever we accept something is a truism, like 'only male driven films can be successful at the box office,’ we get a huge wake-up call when as it turns out that’s not true at all. Each one of those films was a really good film, and I think audiences want to see good films regardless of whether the lead is male or female. And often the female roles are more interesting and more compelling, because we haven’t seen as many of them.

Gale Anne Hurd, Forbes [online] (18/Oct/2014)

Carol, Ripley, Lyndsey and Sarah - sci-fi/action heroes.

Anne Forbes (1745-1834), artist (1781). David Allan (Scottish, 1744-1796). Oil on canvas. Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

Forbes shows a strong backbone and determined eyes. To be an independent woman in the 18th century was a challenge. Forbes studied in Rome before setting up a studio in London. Her society friends shunned her for going into business. Ill and discouraged, she returned to Edinburgh where she established herself as a drawing teacher, a more acceptable occupation for a woman.

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Coven - A war is raging in New Orleans between a hybrid King, and the witches, The Sisters of Brigid. Strangers upon meeting, Klaus and Caroline spend a night together, unaware that one of them is the hybrid King, and the other a Sister of Brigid. Chaos ensues when identities are revealed, leading to a disastrous turn of events.

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