anne dashwood

My heart is and always will be yours. 

Anne Dashwood (1743–1830), Later Countess of Galloway, 1764
Sir Joshua Reynolds (British, 1723–1792)
Oil on canvas

The sitter was the daughter of Sir James Dashwood, member of Parliament for Oxford (whose portrait by Seeman is in the Aitken Galleries). She sat for Reynolds three times in the month preceding her marriage on June 13, 1764, to John Stewart, Lord Garlies, later seventh earl of Galloway. The artist presents her in the traditional guise of a shepherdess, but wearing rubies, pearls, and a gauze scarf, and with her hair dressed stylishly.


The ongoing true type of the moderator saga continues.

I have had two INTJs tell me recently that I have high Ne/Te balances, owing to my tendency to flip positions from one day to the next, rattle people’s cages just for the hell of it, effortlessly solve problems, write books full of symbolism and over-arching themes, and a tendency to tell it like it is. I’m nice, but not too nice, and I won’t back down on a strongly held opinion. One thought ESTJ, the other says NFP/STJ.

An ENTP just (privately, and in a nice way through a chat) pulled apart my ISFJ post and told me that everything I wrote under Fe is actually Fi with huge amounts of Te and Ne blundering around in there too. He says he would be shocked if I’m not an ENFP with a well-developed Te (probably thanks to two high-Te using parents).

As some of you might remember, I thought ENFP for awhile … and then I had my doubts and backed away from it because I’m not a go-getter idealist type and I like to finish what I start. But that may be Te-emphasis at work (my parents’ influence; both of them are very driven to accomplish things), and I also often do not start things, because the idea of the work involved makes me drag my feet… which might be indicative of inferior Si. Let’s brainstorm, and share awesome ideas, and then … nah, let’s not do it. Too much work. But it was a fun thought, wasn’t it?

Yes, absolutely – let’s have a Doctor Who weekend with friends, and we can buy those little TARDIS ice trays, and figure out how to make themed food, and pick our favorite episodes to marathon! Yes! We must do this! And if we could do it instantly, it would be the most amazing thing ever! But two days later, or even an hour later: … I would have to clean my house, and organize a schedule, and invite people, and buy stuff, and do a bunch of research on recipes, and make food in advance to try it out, and… let’s just go see The Hobbit and eat at Chili’s instead. You good with that?

So … I do not know. Me flipping indecisively between types over the last couple of years and finding that none truly fit might be indicative of high Ne-indecision (… but what if…?). The tragic thing is, if I am an ENFP … all posts I’ve written from the perspective of an SFJ are moot. I don’t pretend to be an expert at typing, but I do want to be right. Having doubts about my own type from time to time is not a fun feeling, because it throws my accuracy into question.

I do not always type people or characters accurately. That’s a fact. But I do like to help where I can and offer what insight I do have, in an attempt to try to strip down functions into identifiable descriptions.

Even if I don’t succeed. =P

ENFP would explain why I like ISTJs so much; they’re my duals.