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anonymous asked:

Which Austen characters do you think would be most likely to 1: elope, 2: become a nun, 3: join a theatrical company, 4: be deported to australia, 5: work at a molly house, 6: become a vigilante crime fighter, 7: open a cafe, 8: become a pirate, 9: get tattoos, 10: become an abolitionist/ suffragette.

1. Lydia Bennet.
2. Mary Bennet.
3. Mr. Yates.
4. Mrs. Norris and her bolt of green cloth.
5. John Thorpe.
6. Colonel Brandon.
7. Mrs. Jennings.
8. Henry Crawford.
9. Elinor Dashwood.
10. Anne Elliot.

peggaboo  asked:

Are you still interested in doing fancasts? Because I suddenly started wondering about who Gwendoline Christie would play. Maybe Elinor Dashwood, or Anne Elliot?

I love her but to be honest she’s probably nearer to the age-bracket for playing Mrs. Dashwood or Lady Russell at this point. Not that past castings haven’t gone for actors way older than the characters they’re meant to portray. (99% of Mr. Collins actors, I’m looking at you.)

I love Emma Thompson and I love her screenplay for Sense and Sensibility, but the more I think about it, the more I would have loved to see Elinor cast and played as she is–which is nineteen years old. (Hattie Morahan was about thirty and Emma Thompson was the wrong side of five-and-thirty when playing her.) Her self-command and gravitas would be all the more striking when we realize she’s only a couple of years older than Marianne, who it is all too easy to see as the Dramatic Teen Girl, whereas older castings of Elinor just have her as the sensible big sister who helped to raise Marianne and is being The Adult in every possible situation…but, like…they’re not that far apart. In personality and how they approach problems is where the contrast should be found, so I could really go for an adaptation that allows those superficial similarities between Marianne and Elinor, and then lets their own natures as characters drive the differences between them.

Elinor isn’t just being the sensible 30+ woman in the room compared to a flighty 16 year-old…she’s barely a woman, herself, and bottling things up to an unhealthy degree out of fear and uncertainty and the point is that neither Dashwood sister handles their emotions as they should–Marianne with a measure of striving to cope in healthy ways and allowing familial and platonic bonds of affection to support her instead of placing all her hope and happiness in a romantic attachment; and Elinor in learning to express her deeper and truer feelings without the reserve that leaves her isolated, even from those who would wish to help and care for her, and trusting people beyond herself with her own vulnerability.

magical-flying-moron  asked:

what two Austen characters from different novels do you wish could have met? i would have loved an Elizabeth B and Emma W crossover. they would have *loathed* one another.

Elinor Dashwood and Anne Elliot. They really need more friends. Heck, Marianne would probably eat up the love story with Wentworth as proof of tragic constancy, though she might wonder why Anne had not yet died of a broken heart after almost eight years.

Anne Dashwood (1743–1830), Later Countess of Galloway, 1764
Sir Joshua Reynolds (British, 1723–1792)
Oil on canvas

The sitter was the daughter of Sir James Dashwood, member of Parliament for Oxford (whose portrait by Seeman is in the Aitken Galleries). She sat for Reynolds three times in the month preceding her marriage on June 13, 1764, to John Stewart, Lord Garlies, later seventh earl of Galloway. The artist presents her in the traditional guise of a shepherdess, but wearing rubies, pearls, and a gauze scarf, and with her hair dressed stylishly.