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“This is the story of what a kitty’s patience can endure, and what a cat’s resolution can achieve.”

#52: Anne Cat-herick and Laura Furlie, from the Kitty in White by Whiskery Collins

Escapee-from-an-insane-asylum Anne Cat-herick coincidentally looks just like wealthy orphaned heiress kitty Laura Furlie, who is trapped in an arranged marriage and cannot marry the cat she truly loves (a cat who is beneath her station), whose husband has a Dark Secret, all set in the dreary moors of a dark artistocat-ic castle…..this is the most 19th-century 19th-century-novel ever written


Happy Media Monday!

Collins’ Gothic tale has also spawned a number of film and television adaptations. This particular video is the first part of the Masterpiece Theater version, which debuted in the UK in 1997.

Unlike some film adaptations (I’ll try to find more), Laura Fairlie and Anne Catherick are not played by the same actress. Rather, they are played by Justine Waddell and Susan Vidler, respectively. I don’t think they look that similar, but I’ll let you be the judge. Fun fact: Waddell was also in The Fall, which is an awesome movie that you should watch right now if you haven’t already seen it.

In a move that was awesome, Walter Hartright is played by Andrew Lincoln, who played Mark in Love, Actually and is now starring in The Walking Dead. Thanks, Masterpiece Theater, for making Walter such a hottie.

I did not watch the entire movie (I actually only watched this one video), but it appears to focus much more on Marian and Laura than on Walter, although I would argue that Marian and Walter are the central protagonists in the novel. I guess the producers/directors/writers thought their sibling relationship was a more interesting story. /shrug.

Have you seen this version of The Woman in White or recommend another version? Let me know!

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