anne louis girodet

Anne-Louis Girodet (1767-1824)
“The Burial of Atala” (1808)

“Atala, ou Les Amours de deux sauvages dans le desert” is an early novella by François-René de Chateaubriand, first published on 2 April 1801. The work, inspired by his travels in North America, had an immense impact on early Romanticism, and went through five editions in its first year.

Anne-Louis Girodet (1767-1824)
“Jacques Cathelineau (1759-1793) généralissime vendéen” (1824)
Oil on canvas

Cathelineau (5 January 1759 – 14 July 1793) was an insurrection leader during the in the war in Vendée during the French Revolution. He was known among his followers as the Saint of Anjou. When the Kingdom of France was abolished and the French First Republic was established, the revolutionaries committed atrocities against the civilians of the Vendee during the Reign of Terror. Cathelineau rallied an army of peasants loyal to the monarchy and the Catholic Church to wage an uprising against the revolutionaries, capturing several villages and castles. While he and his men were storming the city of Nantes, Cathelineau was shot down by a sniper and died soon afterwards.

The painting was commissioned by Louis XVIII in 1816.

Emperador Napoleón I de Francia y Rey de Italia
Imperator Napoleo I Franciae et Rex Italiae
Kaiser Napoleon I. von Frankreich und König von Italien
Emperor Napoleon I of France and King of Italy
Empereur Napoléon I de France et Roi d'Italie

Anne-Louis Girodet de Roucy-Trioson (1767-1824), 1812.