annd my art

So I’ve been trying to FORCE myself to work with a bit more of a looser, simpler style. It’s so I can actually doodle instead of trying to make everything I draw into a full blown piece, in which I have the habit of doing. This…is a start. It still looks super similar to my regular style, just w/ simpler eyes and a quicker sketch mark. (If that makes any sense?)  I don’t know. I did it last night when I was super tired and had testing the next morning. So it looks kinda shitty.

Also, don’t worry, this won’t be replacing my Inktober for today! That’ll be posted later after I finish some other things I have to do first.

Testing sucks, kids. Also he looks like a supermodel posing.

hitler-loving-me  asked:

How about a drawing of Undyne and Sans in a hot dog eating contest

Also probably the last annual hot-dog eating contest.


Starting university this week. Having a whole gap year and going back into uni is quite scary, and I have a pretty bad history with stress, but heh, I’m gonna do my best.Every time I got frustrated, on instagram I always made a short comic about Skrib and their inner demon to vent it out. So I hope you don’t mind this comic here.