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u can tell I put these off for a while because Batman looks old and crusty while the superman looks not as sHIT

I rewatched like, two episodes of Krypto the Superdog a looong while back, and hey, just wanted to draw them and their owners together (*^▽^)/


Power Rangers Review

Annd here we go with spoilers, rambles, and not really a dedicated fan who never watched every power ranger show there ever was. #sorrynotsorry the only power ranger show I ever watched and actually enjoyed was (2008) Dino thunder it was the best even though it had only thirty-eight episodes :( anyway I’m not going to talk about the past unlike most reviews I’ve been reading which is horse shit because who actually wants to hear how the new is stupid the old is better, like let the new generation like this movie!

-the entire movie was funny, realistic in a teenage life, feels were felt, I felt connected to all five of them which was amazing
-why have five? It’s such a odd number, I dislike odd numbers makes me very ocd about it.
-Elizabeth banks was fantastic playing the villain I love all of her movies she’s in and this movie made me love her even more.
-Billy is officially the fandom child and nobody can change that fact, it was amazing to finally have a hero with real life disabilities that don’t magically go away. (I’m black, no your not) 😂😂
-there were so many references for nerdy stuff and little stuff that made me laugh the bumble bee comment was fantastic, I squealed like a fangirl I am.
-there morphing wasn’t right away which created a better slow building movie, I really appreciated that the group had to open up to ones another before morphing.
-the costumes are WAY BETTER THEN THE ORIGINAL yes I will always recognize the 1990’s morphing costumes, but these are designed and equipped better, more up to date. I swooned for Red Ranger and Pink ranger the colors are oh so pretty.
-I just realized this movie was two hours long, it felt like thirty minutes, it didn’t drag, didn’t move slow, just right. Idk why it felt that way.
-incorporating the originals go, go power rangers song was epic, I laughed, cheered, and sang along like there’s my childhood.
-I thought for a moment that zordon would turn evil which was very scary to think about
-crisply donuts nuff said
-the pit LOL anything to do with the pit was mentioned I was laughing
-Jason slapping the emo kid in the beginning was hilarious but him slapping rita’s ass into space in the end I was crying from the laughter.
-ooooohhhh after morphing and using their dino things (I forgot what they’re called) and then morphing them together and trying to walk only to land flat on their faces was priceless.
-overall I enjoyed the movie, I think that the new generation will like and maybe get people to watch the old tv shows and appreciate them more.
-question; what would you rate the movie (bff asking) 5.5 stars…..out of ten I think? Maybe. Or is a six? Idk man don’t ask me to do this…it was good but beauty and the beast has stolen my heart for this years movie so far, I’m still on batb cloud nine lol

Full Confession:

I was watching this movie and a part of it ended really abruptly as the movie went to commercials. When this happened, I thought, “Wow, what a CLIFFhanger!” I then imagined Cliff holding a hanger. I wish I was in the Harvest Moon world just to make puns. Like, if Ann and I were working at a news station place I would be all like, “ANNd now we go to Ann with the weather. Ann?” Whether sarcastically or not, I might say to Karen, “Wow, you’re always so KAREN!” Karen? Caring? It doesn’t really work, but whatever. There’s also, “You look GRAYt today! Great? Grayt?”, “Is that a new VESTa?”, and “If only there was a genie who could GRANT my wishes!” I’m sorry.