“Pwede ba kitang makunan ng larawan? Kahit isa lang para merong ala-ala ang ating nakaraan.
Ngunit mayroon kang ibang minamahal kung kaya’t ako'y di mo pinapansin.
Sa larawan na lang kita mahahagkan. Sa larawan na lang tayo magpakasal.
Sa larawan na lang baka pwedeng legal dahil dito sa mundo bawal…
Paano ba kita makalimutan. Kay rami na kasi ang pinagdaanan.
Ipagpatawad mo kung mahal pa rin kita.”

Larawan by Eevee


I was scanning my LYRICS notebook that I made way back in my elementary years. And I found myself reading this song’s lyrics. And I eventually remembered my high school days. Way back when it felt so good to fall in love. I remembered the person who liked me back. COINCIDENCE? I don’t think so.

This morning, I have dreamed about him. He was talking with someone. Looking so handsome, as usual, in his business suit. And I was kind of feeling invisible, passing by, looking so intently at him, wondering if he is real. I reached out my hand, hoping to feel his essence in the tip of my fingers. I almost leaped for joy when I felt the silk of his pants (pants tlaga! hahaha) and that’s when he looked in my direction and smiled. I remembered I was almost at 4 ft. distance when he noticed me and I did not hesitated to smile my biggest smile. I even mouthed the words “I miss you” and he blew me a kiss. hahahahahha! and I woke up.

This dream have eventually led me to fall in love again to CENT. :3

And I was thankful because all through out the day, whenever I get to see Jericho, I will always remind myself of the dream and Vicente’s handsome face.

This song is dedicated to Vicente Gamalo Villacorte. The boy I had exchanged love letters with. The boy who…