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Andy Warhols short film featuring Ann B, consisting of a screen test. 

I had first seen this video in class last year and I dont know why I havent posted it sooner. It is absolutely brilliant! 

The camera situated directly infront of Ann B’s face. She is perfectly still through out the duration of the short film simply staring ahead. Making us as an audience feel some what uncomfortable due to the fact that we are expecting something more and anticipating some form of action. 

Andy Warhol then captures the simplicity of the tear. She sheads one tear. The fact that she is perfectly still through out the whole film make us notice every little thing. The formation of the tear, the twitches in her face, when she swallows , etc. Such a beautiful short film and done so naturally! 

The music is also great and fits in with the mundane feel of the film. This film can also be said to portray our obsession with excessive action and need for something more. In terms of cinema where we are dissatisfied if not enough action is revealed and do not appreciate the naturalistic view along with simplicity. 

Sometimes more is less and less is more. This being apparent in this film!