annatt bass


Backstage at Royal Albert Hall, October 2011: 

1. Slavegirls rehearsing in the hallways. Note the Aussie costumes and Latin American tiaras! 
2. Layla Harrison as one of the slavegirls. She wore a darker wig than the one she wears when understudying Meg Giry at Her Majesty’s Theatre. 
3. Katie Hall and Simon Shorten as doubles in the title song. 
4. A sea of Sylphides! 
5. Masqueraders backstage. I recognize Katy Treharne, A.J. Callaghan, Nicola Rutherford, Annatt Bass and Carmen Vass, not sure who the last one is. Easy to spot which costume is NOT Maria B’s design…
6. Christine alumni! Robin North, Rachel Barrell, Tabitha Webb, Sofia Escobar, Deborah Dutcher, Sarah Ryan, A.J. Callaghan, Katie Hall, Celia Graham, Sierra Boggess, Katy Treharne and the person I don’t recognize. Katrina Murphy, possibly? 
7. Liz Robertson and Daisy Maywood. 
8. Wendy Ferguson and Rosemary Ashe. 
9. Wendy Ferguson and two I don’t recognize. 
10. Sierra Boggess and Layla Harrison. 

So people leaving Phantom for definite - 

Peter Joback, Phantom

Killian Donnelly, Raoul

Wendy Ferguson, Carlotta

Annatt Bass, Page (Don Juan Triumphant)

Eleanor Blythman, Swing

Joseph Claus, Hairdresser (Il Muto)

Nadim Naaman, Soldier (Hannibal)

Colin Zammit, Swing (leaving after 7 years!)


Jo Loxton, Madame Firmin, who will be leaving in 6 weeks after covering Ellen Jackson’s track


I Say A Little Prayer - Jo Loxton, Annatt Bass, Wendy Ferguson and Lyndsey Gardiner


Happily Ever After - Annatt Bass