Amazing story: my friend went as Zatanna for Halloween and as we live right next door to each other we got ready together and she borrowed my hairspray. Now our mutual friend happened to dress as Hawkeye for the day and we both ran into him but missed seeing each other again by a matter of minutes. And in the morning we got breakfast with my friend who was in a full on spidey suit. Now I got back to my room just now to find a note taped to my door, addressed to “Dinah” and signed from “Zatanna”. She wrote an entire note to me in character saying how much fun dressing up together was, how bummed she was that the two of us and Hawkeye didn’t get a picture together, and thanking me for the hairspray and asking when she should return it. There was even a bit about her using the hairspray to defeat Venom and saying I should warn Peter Parker the next time I see him! I died! I wrote her one back as Dinah and I’m going to tape it to her door in the morning. It’s so cute! I’m dying.


On this world of permanent magical twilight, every day has 13 hours and each year has 13 months. Here, Etrigan the Demon, rocketed to Earth from the doomed planet Kamelot, fights evil in Merlin’s name as SUPERDEMON! Fellow members of the LEAGUE OF SHADOWS include HELLBLAZER, ANNATAZ, WITCHBOY, SWAMP-MAN, FATE, RAGMAN, DEADMAN and ENCHANTRESS.

Annataz Arataz by Tom Derenick.

Annataz is the evil Earth-3 counterpart of Zatanna. She pronounces her spells upside down instead of backwards, though how she can possibly say them is beyond me.

Annataz was kidnapped by Superboy-Prime and dragged to his “Fortress of Solitude” so she could weaken Mr. Mxyzptlk long enough for Prime to torture him for information about Earth-Prime. However, both Mxy and Annataz were able to do their best to tell Prime where to stick it. Annataz teleported Mxy out of Prime’s hideout before Prime destroyed it, but she stayed behind and allowed herself to be killed. The torture Prime put her through got her to realize what a horrible person she’d been and saw his torture as karma. Annataz died so Mxy could get away.

Paul Dini and Tom Derenick created Annataz in Countdown to Final Crisis. The fact that Paul actually made Zatanna’s evil doppelganger a sympathetic individual just showed how much he loves Zatanna.

I got this from Tom at Wizard World Philly 2009, and it’s one of the oldest sketches I own.

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That was where things got weird. There was a blinding white light and then Talon’s fingers raked across a brick wall, sending concrete and dust filaments into the air. Confusion spiked his mental calm. He spun in a half-circle, wary paranoia setting in at the unfamiliar surroundings. Richard recognized the architecture as Gotham City, but it was wrong and his heart was beating just a tad bit faster because he shouldn’t be here. Where was here? What happened to his kill?

Something moved, and Talon didn’t think; his body reacted, driving the sharp points of his fingers into the sinewy neck. The assassin had the man pinned to the wall at the throat where blood was already streaming at an alarming rate. It was an old, shabby homeless man. Talon stepped back, freeing his claws and flecking a spray of blood in the alleyway.

His instinct was to return to Owlman, which curled unease in his gut. This couldn’t possibly be his fault. Unless he missed a magical warding (the work of Annataz?). The faster he found Owlman, the better it would be.

The acrobat leaped up, grabbing a fire escape railing that he used to leverage himself to rooftop level.

Bruce smelled the blood.

He’d learned to recognize the scent, even dulled, over the years, and as he approached the area where Nightwing had seemingly disappeared, he could smell its rusty tang.  That made him quicken his pace, just a bit.  The relief he felt at seeing the dying homeless man was accompanied by a stab of guilt.  Batman knelt by his side, drawing gauze to staunch the bleeding and offering the suffering man a dose of morphine to ease his pain.  It hardly mattered, too much blood had been lost, nothing more could be done.  The Bat stood and hailed for an ambulance with the press of a button.  They’d be too late, but at least Batman had done what he could.

In the meantime, he could bring vengeance upon the killer.  Bruce switched his cowl’s vision, scanning the blood that had been carelessly flicked across the way.  The victim’s wounds appeared like a series of claw imprints, not unlike the kind Selina would fancy.  Selina didn’t have this type of M.O., though.  Batman caught sight of another blood sample, this one on a rung of the fire escape ladder.  It seemed the killer had made a swift escape upwards.  Batman shot his grappling hook and followed the trail up onto the rooftop.

He’d hunt down this mystery murderer; with any luck that would lead him straight to Dick.


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