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13, 22, 25. Off topic, but I finally read your Annie/Finnick rope porn and OH MY GODDDDD. So, so good.

EEE!  Thank you!!!  :D  <3

13 - I would like to be published someday, yes.  But before that happens, I have to actually finish something original.  :P  I started a novel a few years ago, but got sidetracked.  I still like what I wrote of it, so maybe I’ll get back to it.  When I do, though, I have to make sure I actually write down my plot ideas, just in case I get sidetracked for another 3 or 4 years.

22 - Music is probably the biggest inspiration.  I’ll hear a song and images start to play in my head and then snippets of dialogue.

25 - This is a snippet for the opening scene of the last chapter of Treading Water.  And yes, I really did write it just now.  I’ve had notes for ages, but I keep doing other things instead of writing, so thank you for giving me that push to finally start it.  (I think my brain is shying away from finishing it because then it’ll be done and I will be adrift.  :P)  This is subject to change in the final edits, of course, but..


“So what did Volts have to say?”

Johanna drops down to the sand beside Finnick and tears a chunk from the roll she holds in her hand.  A light breeze ruffles the short strands of her hair as she offers the bit of bread to him.

Shaking his head no at her offer, Finnick returns to working knots on a bit of Annie’s rope.  He has no need to watch what he’s doing or to pay attention to it in any way, his fingers know what to do, still he looks down at his hands when he whispers, “We’re still on for midnight.  We need to have the trackers removed or disabled before the lightning strike.”  As recent as five minutes ago, Beetee advocated for a less bloody solution than the one Finnick had earlier mentioned and Finnick isn’t sure whether it’s because he legitimately thinks shorting the things out is a better option or if he’s worried about Finnick using a knife on him.

Finnick smiles grimly when he continues, “We need to rig the tree with Beetee’s wire.  Beyond that, he’s waiting to let us in on the whole plan until it’s too late for Katniss to argue against any of it.”

“Are you so sure she’ll balk?”  Finnick glances down as Johanna stretches her legs out in front of her and leans back to rest on her elbows.

“She doesn’t trust anyone but Peeta.”