annas vegan cafe


Anna’s Vegan Cafe in Sacramento, CA

This small, bright, all vegan restaurant was a really exciting find. It’s a bit of a hole in the wall in a slightly rougher neighborhood, but it has a wonderful atmosphere once you walk through the door. The folks who own/work there are very friendly, and their little daughter (Anna) is precious. This place used to be a Loving Hut, so it’s still got some of the Ching Hai propaganda on the walls, but no big deal.

What this place really has going for it though is big portions of good food for SUPER CHEAP prices. Appetizers $3-4, entrees $6-8.50, and a $4.95 lunch special. I love it.

We went for dinner, and started off with Thai iced tea and the “Golden Drumstick”. Both delicious. It’s pretty much impossible to get vegan Thai iced tea because they always make it with half and half, so I couldn’t pass the opportunity up. The drumsticks were nice and crispy and had a good, dense mouth feel. Perfect for anyone with lingering meat cravings.

The three entrees we ordered were the Pineapple Fried Rice, the Pan-Fried Chow Fun, and the Kung Pao Spicy. The fried rice was nice and mild, and was complemented well by the flavorful kung pao. The chow fun, however, was pretty bland and disappointing. Not unpleasant, just really boring. 

Our bill came to just about $30 even, for drinks, an appetizer, and 3 entrees. Portions were pretty generous and there were leftovers. Service was really quick, so if you need to make a brief pit stop in Sacramento or have a short lunch break this place wouldn’t make you wait.

I’m planning on dragging my housemate here sometime this week. You should drag someone you want to stuff with food here, too.