Crime Prompts

They aren’t romcoms, but they are definitely prompts ranging from the dark to delightful.  Thanks to annarosenfeld.  Hope you enjoy!

1. I am super sleep deprived and you’re the worst thief ever.  No, don’t rush on my account.  Take your time sliding down that rope of yours, so ahead.  I’ve got all night.  Did you even get that window open or are you just hanging out on the side of a building?
2. I’m the private detective trying to solve a serial murder case based on the twelve dancing princesses.  Where do those girls go at night?
3. I had this plan to kidnap your dog and ransom it, but it’s really old and cute and now I feel bad and also want to keep it.
4. There are twelve thieves trying to steal this necklace with varying degrees of success.
5. I’m the PI with gumption and you’re the cop that thinks I’m in it for the glory, not the justice.  We don’t even know if we’re racing to find the killer before they off Mrs. Whoever or if we’re just trying to show off to each other now.
6. I work for the mafia and was almost shot down, you’re somebody who rescued me because you thought I was being attacked.  Now we’re driving around trying not to get shot at.  On one hand, I’m not really ready to die tonight.  On the other, the present car seat – though the absent baby – in the back seat is an indication you’re probably a parent, and also what sort of good Samaritan risks life and limb to save someone.  I’m not really used to moral dilemmas.
7. I left a necessary textbook in somebody’s house after a wild party and had to break in to get it back.  I am both surprisingly good at this and a poor college student.  Goodbye college loans.
8. You’re an assassin and I didn’t realize that growing up with five brothers obsessed with water guns would be of so much help.
9. You’re a serial killer, but the people you kill kind of deserve it so now I’m torn.
10. You’re a serial killer and so am I, this is my turf!  Go away.
11. These drug lords are killing my neighborhood so I turned them against each other and now I’m in charge of everything.  By the time they realized it was a set up they were the last men standing.  .  
12. I was just carjacked and I don’t know what to do because I’m also a kidnapper and my latest victim is in the trunk.
13. I just carjacked a car and there’s totally someone in the trunk.
14. You’re part of the neighborhood watch and you keep coming up to me to discuss whistles and avoiding being mugged every time I come here to burgle.  I’m not sure if it’s on purpose yet.