Please help me find my dogs! 

As of today, they are one day missing and have escaped from my yard, in Annapolis, Maryland. One is a Female Pit Bull / Lab Mix with a Brindle coloration named Mica (pronounced Mee-kah), and the other is an Australian Terrier with mostly brown coloration named Jaffa. They may have slipped their collars and do not have tags on them. The Pit/Lab mix has an RFID chip, but the Terrier does not.

If anyone has seen either of these two or knows where they are, or has managed to take them in, please let me know ASAP! And if you don’t live in the Annapolis area, please spread the word! 


This is a video of my best friend’s boyfriend, Christopher.
He’s been gone for months at the Naval Academy in Maryland and this weekend, Andrea and a few other friends drove up to surprise him all the way from Florida.
He had no idea they were coming up and they all surprised him at dive practice.
This was his reaction.

Christopher and Andrea make me so happy and they’re so cute and in love and I just can’t wait for them to marry each other and have a thousand babies and let me love them with everything in me.
Forever crying because this is all so beautiful.

Awesome First Date

I get off work and we met up at Annapolis mall. We go in and get food, sit down and talk for a good 4.5 hours. Then we went to the Annapolis Harbor and walked around Annapolis for 2.5 hours. Then towards the end of the walk we’re standing on the pier and he just comes into kiss me! So of course me being who I am, I lean in to kiss him. We walk back to my car and I drive him back to the Annapolis mall to get his car and then we kiss goodbye (: