annapmackay replied to your post: that question was RUTHLESS. just the thought of losing Bobby Ryan is too much to bear. What would you do if Cam Fowler got traded? Or any of the young guys for that matter. ps. I used to live where Cam Fowler was born, woo Canada.

wouldn’t we all, the team needs some new blood. Bonino and Palmieri were my favourite young guys this season I think. If Getzlaf is traded who would you want to see as captain?

Teemu. So he HAS to come back. lol jk I think Beauch would be a great captain in my opinion. Just signed a 4 year deal, led the team in ice time, and always is a force on the ice, and has great qualities as a leader. If not him, probably Perry or Hiller or Lydman if he stays next year

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You're clever for using my own words against me... She wasn't calling you a bitch, she used a gif to describe how she feels in general. Second of all she didn't ask me to message you, I messaged you on my own. Finally, you're the one who took that post personally and seriously. Take it easy..

The thing is, I really don’t give a shit either way. This whole thing is completely pointless. I don’t know why I waste my time on it.

You're not friends because you sit together at lunch, or talk on the phone, or have matching flip-flops, or can recite each other's wardrobe. You're best friends because when she smiles, a grin forces itself across your face. No matter how mad you are, when she cries you instantly feel her pain and want to cry with her. When you look her in the eyes you know there's no one you could ever trust more..regardless of how many broken hearts you've had. That's what it means to be best friends.


The last 8 months. So much has changed for both of us, you've been in a relationship and gotten out of it. I've had a summer thing with someone who ended up breaking my heart. You started your second year at Guelph, I started senior year at Paris. Your gramma died, I celebrated 1 year at McDonald's. I found someone who makes me happy. We both "lost" friends or drifted away from friends I guess. But we have done it all together, no matter what's happened or who's left you've been there supporting me, and holding my hand. You never turned your back in me once, and I'm so grateful. Xoxo ~am

Love her

you see this girl. shes my other half, honestly my sister. I’ve known her for 14 years and she’s the only one who has never changed. Summer 2011, brought us so close and honestly i am forever grateful for that. Through everything thats happened recently shes the only who has stayed true to me, and held my hand through it all. Honestly. shes my SOS. shes the only one who knows EVERYTHING thats been going on. nothings changed, not her opinion on me, not our friendship. Its when the hard times hit that you see who your friends are and honestly she is my BEST FRIEND. i will never be able to thank you, for being here and being real with me. and loving me all the time. For helping me and holding me up. For making me laugh when i thought i lost my smile, for wiping my tears. for being everything i need in a friend. It is a blessing to be able to have you for a best friend.

~ she’s more than my best friend, shes my other half

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If you had to move to another country, where would you move? (found some random "ask" post. enjoy)

Canada. 1. Hockey is the #1 sport, and they have great fans. 2. It’s usually cold. 3. It’s near America just incase if I can come back haha


Germany. I am part German, and I always thought of going there…

“the most memorable people if life will be the friends who loved you even when you weren’t very loveable.”

This girl, through it all. Thick and thin, high and low. We’ve been through it all, together. I am so blessed to have her. She always knows what to say even if it’s not what I want to here. She truly is my best friend. So grateful. Summer 2012 hurrry. Love yooou