Warrenpoint to Killough (Northern Ireland) Part 1

Today J and I made our first trip into Northern Ireland. When we just started we went up to Carlingford but never made it further. So today we started out by driving to Warrenpoint.

Our first real stop was at Green Castle which is between the Carlingford Lough and the sea. There is a castle there (that you can’t reach), a nice beach with a jetty and lighthouse. We absolutely loved it!

The next stop was at Annalong where we ate some lunch on the beach. In the little harbor we discovered really cool birds. They are completely black with partly white wings and very red feet and tongues. They are called Guillemots and apparently they go completely white in winter and are related to Puffins. They come to Annalong to breed only and they do that in the cracks in the harbor walls. They are incredibly fast swimmers under water.