I have never in my life met anyone who is transgender. But if I ever do, I’m going to give them the biggest hug possible. I have the utmost respect for them and think they are absolutely beautiful no matter what. They are putting aside what society wants them to think is best, and doing what THEY feel is right; they’re so inspirational. More people should think this way.

If you are transgender and are reading this, know that I think you are beyond beautiful and perfect and I support everything you believe in. Even though times might get rough (and I’m sure they do), stay strong.

You’re amazing and even though I don’t know you; I love who you are.


I wish people would stop being so technologically dependant.

As if they can’t live without their phones, iPads, iPods, FaceBook accounts, cars, etc.

I can live without all these things.

People should get out and see the world for themselves- stop depending on materialistic things or on other people to be happy (or at least what you think happiness is). True happiness lies in yourself.

Enjoy some time alone,  read a book at a park, treat yourself to some ice cream, disconnect yourself!

You’re so busy looking through your News Feed that you don’t stop and appreciate the world you live in. You only disconnect yourself when something negative occurs and then you complain or rag on life. Stop. Stop noticing the ugly, I promise you that when you do; you’ll see the beautiful.

Believe me, it’s a wonderful world.

Haven't written a rant in a here goes

I think this world is a beautiful place. Yes, I am fully aware of the corrupt society in which we are forced to live in. But, I refuse to let the ugly distract me from the breathtaking. That’s how everything should be in life, in my opinion..focusing only on the good. Has anyone else noticed that we are so busy looking at the negative,and the ugly..that we don’t even take time to notice the good, and the beautiful?


I feel as if it’s all everyone is focusing on. This creates problems such as tension between countries, low self esteem, broken up relationships and other scenarios. Nothing in this universe is perfect. nothing. why do we tell ourselves that perfection is necessary to be happy? perfection is boring. thats why the universe is so intriguing. Yes, it’s raining outside when you rather be at the beach but that rain might be giving water to thirsty dying animals. Maybe you didn’t get an A on your Chem final, but you now know at least one new thing about Chemistry. You didn’t pick up your room that looks like a pigsty, but now you can pay for your bills since you’ve been at work. 

Why are you only looking at the negative?

This is especially true in relationships. Why do people pick fights with each other? Why do people start drama? Just because your boyfriend wants to have a night out with the boys does not mean he doesn’t like you, or is off with other girls; it means he wants some space to do his own thing. You don’t have to start a fight with him picking at every bad thing he’s ever done. SHUT UP. Be grateful you have a boyfriend. Stop and think of all the good times you’ve had together and how he makes you smile and all the good you have in your relationship. The good will keep you going strong. I don’t understand how people can pick fights so easily about the stupidest things. Why should ONE little thing bring down all the good?

You’re not guaranteed to be alive 1 second from now.. so don’t waste it looking at the bad in others, in yourself, nor in the world. Bad and Good are parallel, where one is- the other is guaranteed to be there. So instead of facing bad, turn around and face the good.


I think you should be in school. but really be there. mentally, emotionally, physically. dont look at the bad- like how crummy your professor is or how that girl next to you keeps coughing. pay attention to the knowledge being fed to you. the universal truths. the facts of life that people before you have lived for and have loved. it seems like a drag. but everything is connected in this world and if you’re going to be stuck in a classroom when you’d rather be out in the real world; might as well embrace it and find the beauty in it. find the connections. find out who you really are. stop staring at the clock- it’s going to keep on going. and by staring at it you’re wasting seconds of your life. seconds you will never get back.

stop whining about all the studying you have to do, you’re blessed with the opportunities you’ve been given. 

that book you’ve been dreading to read for your literature class meant the world to someone. they took time to write it. they poured their heart and soul into it. dive into the pages and immerse yourself. meet a new person.

math? can you believe mathematicians came up with all those crazy formulas on their own? when google didnt exist? when they didnt have the answers given to them if they asked? its crazy.. now you’re given those formulas. you’re being given the opportunities to see the world as they did. it might be frustrating, but its beautiful.

science,government, history, a language, etc. it all MEANS SOMETHING. whether you believe it or not, whether you pay attention or not; it affects your life.

look how far we’ve come as humans. you have the power to take us even further and you’re being fed the skills. why not take advantage of it?

go to class tomorrow with an open mind, stop staring at your watch, enjoy what youre being taught because no matter what subject it is- you’re being taught about life. what else could you possibly ask for?


My house is haunted.

Log of hauntings.

8/23/2009- Doorknob turns and mysteriously bursts wide open (even hit the wall). Everyone was sleeping.

9/11/2009- Light turns on by self after I stepped away for 2 seconds.

Date Unknown- Woken up during nap by mysterious grabbing and firm tugging on the leg.

Date Unknown- Home alone sleeping, something hits my door hard. Makes giant noise.

1/29/2012- Light switch turns off by itself while I’m in the shower showering. Door was locked.

2/28/2012- Door opens by itself again while I’m in the bathroom. Everyone was sleeping.

Everyday my dog literally comes in my room, sits down (not even lays down) and for hours at a time just stares around my room as if he’s looking at something.

I’m not even creeped out anymore. Me scared? Bitch please. Not anymoreeee. Bitchez will be bitchezzz. dey just gotta start payin’ rent doe, ya feelz me? and letting me get my beauty sleep.

I love to laugh.

I love to laugh at the little things, the big things, and everything in between.

don’t get me wrong, I know when to be serious but the way i look at it is; you’re alive. you’re a child of the universe. you’re here for a reason. got problems?we all do. laugh at them. laugh at every mediocre thing that comes your way. 

laughing is putting aside your problems; letting them escape from your mind and living in the moment,carefree.

tilt your head back and laugh.

its wonderful.