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Annakoot Recipes – Annakoot Goverdhan Reicpe

by sean dreilinger Annakoot recipe for Goverdhan puja video

Indra's Eulogy (from Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10, Chapter 27)

1 When Mount Govardhana was held up and Vraj protected from the rainstorm, Indra, along with Surabhi, and the divine cow from Goloka, approached Krishna.
2 The offender, ashamed, appeared in a private place and touched Krishna’s feet with his helmet, which was as brilliant as the sun.
3 Krishna’s potency is without limit, and His power had been witnessed and reported. Indra’s pride at being the ruler of the three worlds had been destroyed, and he approached with folded hands, and spoke as follows.
4 Indra said: “Your dhama (form) is unchanging and pure sattva, composed of virtue, and devoid of rajas and tamas. This flux of gunas, composed of maya and bound in ignorance, is not to be found in You.
5 O Lord, greed, and other such negative qualities, the symptoms of an ignorant person, are undoubtedly the causes of this entire world, and the products of it. In any event, Bhagavad dispenses discipline for the protection of Dharma, and the supression of miscreants.
6 You are the Father, the guru, and the supreme Lord of the universe. You are insurmountable time, and the dispenser of discipline. Moving about in the forms that You assume at will, You occupy Yourself with good works and with the supression of the pride of thsoe who fancy themselves lords of the world.
7 Foolish people like me who consider themselves lords of the universe quickly abandon their pride after seeing You fearless in the face of fate. They then humbly honor the path of the Aryas. Your activities are for the control of wrongdoers.
8 You should therefore forgive me, O master. Deeply intoxicated by sovereignty and ignorant of Your power, I committed an offence. My mind was bewildered; let my mind never become impure again, O Lord.
9 O Adhoksaja, Your incarnation in this world is for the well being of those faithful to Your feet, and for the destructition of the warlords. These latter are burdens whose birth has bee a great strain on the earth, O God.
10 Homage to You, Bhagavan, supreme being, great soul. Homage to You, Vasudeva, Lord of the Satvatas.
11 Obeisance to You. Your form is pure knowledge, and Your bodies are assumed for the delight of Your devotees. You are the seed of everything, as well as the soul in all beings. You are everything.
12 Arrogant and in a blind rage, I attempted to destroy the cowherd community by rain and wind when my sacrifice was abandoned.
13 Be kind and show Your favor to me, my endevour was in vain and my pride is crushed. You are the Lord, the guru, the Self, and I have approached You for shelter.”

Annakoot at Gaudiya Math in Allahabad, UP. Annakoot — Mountain of food — is celebrated in observance of the episode in Sri Krishna’s childhood, in which He gave protection to the cowherd clan of Vrindavan from the wrath of Indra and humbled Indra in that process. The cowherd, their wives, children and cattle jubilantly surrounded Sri Krishna. They were awed by His superhuman accomplishment and celebrated Sri Krishna’s feat with a sumptuous feast. Thus began the tradition of Annakoot.