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Do you have any regrets? What are you like when you’re by yourself? What’s one thing you can’t live without?

I don’t have any regrets. I do feel bad about some of my impulses but apart from that, nah. When I’m by myself, well, I’m usually thinking a lot. And listening to music. And crying because everything seems so complicated and so beautiful. 

And I can’t live without some kind of music player. Music is essential for me, it relaxes me and rejuvenates my mind.

@jaded-mandarin answered: the life aquatic, poltergeist, zelig

Never heard of Zelig, I’m really interested in it! (Seen the first two)

@enfantdusiecle answered: Weekend

@endymion- answered: weekend with tom cullen

Seen it a bunch of times, it’s my favourite.


@annaeder said: Show Me Love - Fucking Amal.

Might end up watching this

@lundora said: Christopher and his kind

Seen it, wasn’t really my thing.

@tanglebones answered: Paranorman

Really want to see this one soon enough!

@heartcramp answered: The Heat

Not very sure about this one :(

@poonjob answered: gay drama? bruno

quality family movie

@everydayweirdo answered: Lord Of The G-Strings, White Men Can’t Hump, Oceans 11 inches,American Booty, Pulp Friction, Swollow Hal , Spankenstein, Sperminator

Thanks, it’s what i’ve been looking for, i am home alone for 2 days after all!