MBLAQSide-to-side's Follow Forever

Hello everyone!  

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and wanted to do this for when I hit 500 followers but now I’m up over 600…oops…

Anyways, I’m doing it now.  So first off, if I follow you, you’re awesome.  Even if I didn’t put you on this list, know that I love you.  In fact, anyone that follows me as well and I don’t happen to follow back, I love you too.  Trust me, I’d follow every blog if I could but I actually go through all of my dash and well.. I’d never leave my computer.  My inbox is always open if you want to chat or anything, I promise.

I’m simply going to list 15 blogs that I will never stop following.

Mostly MBLAQ Blogs:

Her blog is a mix of MBLAQ, Jongkook and Rain.  She was one of the first people I ever followed on here and I thought she was one of the elites.  I still think she’s totally awesome.  We only started messaging eachother lately but seriously I followed her in awe for a long time.  

Mir biased for sure, always posting hilarious things and putting in her own thoughts.  She’s quick to defend the guys and has a great way of putting that out there.  Sometimes she posts the unpopular opinion and I respect her for that.  Not to mention she’s a sweetheart.  

Speaking of hiliarousness, yeah I started following this because I’d see other people reblog from her.  It shows all the sides we love of Joon with a funny way of doing it.  Seriously if you’re Lee Joon biased, this is a must follow.

I started following her when “Smoky Girl” came out and boy had I wished I found this blog before.  She makes gifs and is always open to chatting and sending a message.  She’s Cheondung biased for sure.  

Seungho biased.  Follow her to read her tags because they are fantastic.  She’s become someone that I message daily.  She always makes me smile no matter what and she’ll happily make anyone else smile.  

An unnie to me!  She was another one that I started following and thought she was super big time.  I met her through a chat night I held and really I just look up to her now.  Also Seungho biased and she ships me and Joonie so bonus points ^_^.

Her scenarios are beautiful.  I believe she’s G.O biased.  If you need a good read, definitely go to her.  Her short fanfictions are enough to keep you drowning in MBLAQ feels.  

Life long A+ = Life long friend.  I think she wins the award for cutest theme.  Cheondung biased.  She’s been a new friend as of recent too always sending sweet messages and smiles.

She’s a fellow admin on the A+ project, but she’s also been on my dash for a long time.  Obviously Seungho biased.  She’s also really cute and really good at artistic esk things.  

We were first friends on Asianfanfics and now we’ve become tumblr friends.  She actually wrote a Joon story for me :3. She’s been busy in life recently but she’ll be making a comeback soon.  Please follow her and be prepared for the greatness.

Other Kpop Blogs:

Hakssi - VIXX
She’s seriously achil achil fantastic.  She’s my introduction to the Starlight fandom and boy is she the best representative.  If I can’t talk to her for a few days my life just feels empty.  N biased, please torture her with cute N anons.  She also writes stories, creates gifs and can read/translate Korean.  

Himjongs - BAP
She’s been a friend since AFF as well.  She writes BAP scenarios and is one of the best fanfic writers I know of.  I actually found her through a Joonmir story that I fell in love with.  She’s Jongup biased.

La-Marseillaise - Mostly U-Kiss, some MBLAQ/other
I could technically count her as an MBLAQ blog but I usually see her as the U-Kiss on my dash.  She’s Hoon biased I believe.  She’s helped me through some tough times as well and her reblogs are wonderful. 

Aeternamveritatem - Super Junior, a bit of everyone else
I’d call her my SM blog for the most part but she does a bit of everything.  She’s another sweetheart.  She had messaged me a number of times before I started following her and I don’t know why I waited because she’s another just ball of greatness on my dash.

OppasofKpop - SHINee but also everybody else
She’s an admin of a huge SM page that I used to help admin but she’s become a lifelong friend as well.  She’s been flailing over the Joomi kiss lately and I laugh to myself.  Go follow her if you need a bit of variety.

There’s so many more I’d love to list but I’d be here all day.

Goodbye for now,


Follower Appreciation Letters: Part 1

That’s it, I’m going to thank every single one of my followers.  All have you have been there with me through some tough times and I really appreciate it.  If you’ve ever messaged me, sent me an ask, reblogged or left notes, even if you’ve just followed, you deserve appreciation.  I’m going to keep each little note short but I hope it will help your day.

Keep in mind I have about 640 followers so it may be a while until your name is mentioned.  I’m going to post a note for about 20 people a night.

Also note I am starting from my very first follower and going from there.

1. Guppieno
How many times have you changed that username? Well in any case, you’ve been with me the longest.  You were my first true friend on AFF and I love you dearly.  

2. Annabf
Do you know how awesome you are? You’re a little inspiration to me.  I still get excited when I see you reblog my things.  You’re daebak!

3. Taosprincess
I hope one day you can be his princess for real.  I’m so happy I got to start following you back from the beginning and it’s all because you found me.  Thank you.

4. Hanamyeon
I know you’ve messaged me before, if it’s been for an ask or a message I can’t quite remember :/ but I know you’re an angel.  Please stay the way you are.

5. Cutewookie143
If I ever meet Ryeowook, I’ll tell him to look you up.  Seriously, you deserve a man like that.. actually more so, you deserve the best in the world.

6. Onedaymblaq
I wonder if you’re around on here anymore :’(.  I know we can still speak on twitter and perhaps I’ll message you this link, but know that you really helped me through some tough times in the beginning.  You’re beautiful and an inspiration to me.

7. Zombiepuppets
You are one of the few anime based pages I’ve come to follow.  I hate when people say bad things about you being gay because you seem super awesome.  I’m happy you’re a part of my dash.

8. Jinky-winky-dinky
I really like jinky, but not as much as I like you.  Your theme is really cute and I like the little cup >_<.  It makes me just wanna give you squishy cuddles.  I bet you’re just as cute.

9. Sweetiecookies58432
You are sweeter than cookies, for real.  You have graced my dash with your sugar ^_^.  Can I pinch your cheeks please?  I’m so happy that you’re a fellow A+.

10. Do-what-you-love-xo
You have such a unique style and I truly love it.  I love the motto you have on your blog to ignore the critics and be yourself.  It’s really cool to have a follower like you!  I feel so honored.

11. Justineeguyen
I think you’re slowly turning me into a slight Blackhawks fan but I can never abandon my Pittsburgh Penguins or I’ll never live it down.  You definitely bring a different flavor to my dash.  You’re really pretty as well.

12. Kaishkako
You wrote the absolutely sweetest story about me that brought me to tears.  Seriously, it was the kindest thing anyone could do for someone that’s still a ‘stranger.’  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

13. Imgabegom
You’re a graphic designer? That’s so cool!  I can tell that you are definitely a very creative person.  I really find that passion amazing and I hope one day I can get that passion back in my life.

14. Aurelia-Raine
Is that your real name? If it is it’s completely gorgeous.  I also see that your name means “Golden Queen.”  I definitely believe you live up to that.  I may not know your dreams but I hope they come true.

15. Aarinai
Hello Miss Gamer ^_^.  I’m sure you’d knock Kyuhyun off his feet.  I’m sure your writing is beautiful even if I haven’t had a chance to read.  You seem to be very multifandom and that’s the best to see.

16. Essenceofashes
You started following me back when I blogged groups other than MBLAQ yet you’ve stayed even though I’ve turned into a completely MBLAQ blog.  Thank you so much because that means a lot.  *hugs*

17. 123Fairy
Your theme is so full of good feels!  Wow it really brightened my night just seeing your blog.  If you’re half as adorable as your blog, you must be made of sugar ^_^.

18. Zaneta2013
I don’t know you very well, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you.  Even if you just watch my blog I hope that it can make you smile because you deserve it.  

19. Momo-vvvs
Hola!  Tu es muy bonito ^^.  I hope I said that right :/.  It’s been a while since I took Spanish.  In any case, I think you’re quite amazing.  I see you’re a Homestuck fan and that’s super neat :D

20. Pika-cuuu
Omg you play Epica on your blog? You just gained life points with me!  Of course your username is very cute and I love the Infinite mouse clicker.  I see you have JGV reblogs too keke >_<.  I love you.