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What is Piper's mbti type?

thank you anon and other anon who said “DO IT” i appreciate you

I type Piper as an INFP.

Internal Feeling (Fi): Piper’s dominant function is by far the most obvious out of all of the characters—everything, everything, e v e r y t h i n g Piper does is determined by her personal convictions. In fact, her entire character arc is about learning how to use her Fi in a healthy way. Piper is always completely aware of how she’s feeling and is able to neatly summarize it and put it into words. She makes her own morals and judges everything by her own personal standards— “no matter how guilty I feel about lying to my friends, I’m going to save my father and if I have to lie, then so be it.” (Jason and Leo, both external feelers, are chiefly concerned with how Piper is feeling rather than how they feel about being lied to, and thus respond very well to this news). She doesn’t go by society’s rules or standards, she makes her own— “I’m a vegetarian because I, Piper McLean, hate the meat industry.” She even applies this to her relationships, particularly Jason—she literally says: “He might now know it yet, but he’s mine.” which translates to “I, Piper McLean, have decided that we are going to be together and anyone who tries to tell me otherwise, even Jason himself, is wrong.” She takes over the cabin because she has determined for herself how the cabin is supposed to run, based entirely on her own personal beliefs. She shoplifts, not thinking about the negative impacts that it’s going to have on the businesses and her father, because the only thing she is thinking about is how she wants her father to pay attention to her (can you imagine how absolutely horrified Percy, a dominant Fe, would be if you suggested he steal a car so that Sally would stop living out her life’s passion and pay attention to him). Later on in MOA, Piper continues to use her Fi in a negative way by complaining about how she feels useless because she doesn’t like feeling useless. Her Fi is going, “hey, I don’t like feeling this way, I need to be better so that I can feel better.” (while Percy and Leo’s Fe is going, “we’re worthless we’re worthless everyone hates us we’re failures our friends need us and we’re letting them down hel p what do w e d o he L P”). She becomes insecure when she suspects Jason might have feelings for Reyna and worries that he’ll go back to the Romans, rather than stopping to think about how Jason is feeling about the whole situation. She is seriously tempted at one point to let Percy die because then she’ll get what she wants, and she decides against it not because because she personally decides that it’s immoral (Fe’s are more  like “yOU cAn T LET A SINGLE PERSON DIE e V E R????!!!!!???!!!”) . She has compassion for other human beings, she’s certainly not heartless in the slightest, but when she gives advice, it’s because of what she thinks is best. And then gradually, she begins to learn how to use that Fi in a constructive way. She embraces her love for herself. She masters her own emotions, even fear, even love. She begins to relate to people in a way they understand—most notably with Annabeth in the temple of fear. There’s even the moment when she’s underground with Percy and Annabeth where she self-reflects that she should’ve been more tactful in her question about their family lives, because she doesn’t want to dredge up bad memories for them before they’re about to go fight a battle. She uses her complex understanding of her own emotions to teach other people about their emotions, to the point where she’s able to harness and translate that complex understanding into her voice.

External Intuition (Ne): Piper knows what’s up. Piper always knows what’s up. She is exceptionally skilled at picking up on the things that go unsaid in a conversation, reads between the lines constantly, instantly learns the body language and mannerisms of complete strangers, and leads by instinct. She is, in fact, usually several steps ahead of everyone else, although she won’t talk about it because her Fi makes her very insecure about possibly being wrong. Granted, a lot of her info comes from having a magic knife, but if her Ni was further down the function list, then she probably wouldn’t be able to predict and understand the meanings as well as she does. Jason, who use Ne as his last function, would both be like. What the fuck do I do with this object. Annabeth, who also uses Ne last, would be like hheeeYY so I know this thing is really important but I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT AND I HATE IT SO I’M NEVER USING IT AGAIN WHY IS IT SO VAGUE bc annabeth leads with Si-Te and she needs useful information that makes sense. Piper’s mind has a much easier time grasping the nebulous concepts and understanding the importance of the visions she sees. Piper is like, “listen, we’re all headed toward this inevitable outcome and none of y’all seem to be paying attention to it, but I’m not going to call you out on it because my Fi makes me really insecure and I don’t want to sound like an idiot but……. I knew this was going to happen like five days before it happened.” The only person who can one-up Piper on the intuition scale is Leo, because Leo is also a secondary Ne user and uses his Ne much more often. Percy is usually about half a step behind piper on the intuition scale because he uses it third, so he’s more of a “uuhhmmm i have this feeling that someone is going to have to go into tartarus to close the doors but it makes me uncomfortable so i don’t wanna think about it” while as if Piper ((and Leo)) were in that situation, she would be completely incapable of thinking about anything else. And then there’s Annabeth, who literally doesn’t realize until she’s hanging over the pit of Tartarus that she’s going to have to fall in despite the fact that Arachne has been talking of literally nothing else for like a full hour, and even then, Percy literally has to tell her that they’re falling in, because her Si-Te mind is way too caught up in the little details and screaming about how THIS WAS NOT THE PLAN to see the bigger picture. Jason is even worse than Annabeth, he lands on the ground and is like Tartarus??? What’s that???).

Internal Sensing (Si): Piper’s last two functions are barely visible at all because her dominant and secondary functions are so overwhelmingly prevalent. The last two hardly ever come out, unless she is in extremely stressful situations that really send her reeling. She’s a nostalgic person who cares about the past, and it comes out a bit as she mourns her fake memories of Jason (although, as I said before, that was mostly about Fi). She’s nostalgic for her father and grandfather and reflects about her childhood from time to time. She’s nostalgic for Leo (but only after he’s literally dead). She likes things that remind her of her childhood, feels comforted by memories, but she really only thinks about it when something shocking and disturbing is going on.

External Thinking (Te): There’s barely anything, like we are down to the bare bones of Piper. She likes being in control over her environment, which is a Te trait. She admires people who use Te—namely, Annabeth, who uses Te near constantly, and wants to be more strategic and organized like Annabeth is, but she’s got quite a long way to go.