annabeth chase*

  • Percy: So, who are your guys godly parents? Horus? Isis?
  • Carter: Oh, no, we're not actually demigods!
  • Sadie: Just magicians!
  • *Suddenly, all of the campers pop out of nowhere, dressed in Hogwarts uniforms and screaming random quotes*
  • Annabeth: YOU'RE A WIZARD, SADIE!!!
  • Sadie: Jesus CHrist, you guys!...My father shall hear about this! HAHAHAHA!!!!
  • *They all laugh while Carter looks confused*

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Percy was trying to defend himself against a drakon. He was trying hard not to look at it in the eyes as he fought. Annabeth was defending his back. There was no one he rather have defending his back than his best friend. 

“Percy, left side.” Annabeth warned.

“Kind of busy.” Percy grunted as he tried to stab the drakon. 

Annabeth turned and took out the monster. She looked at Percy as he spared. Gathering what energy she had left, she turned to fight with him. 

As they fought, it was getting harder and harder to fight back. She turned and saw Percy unguarded and trying to catch his breath when the drakon spit venom.

“Percy!” She tried to warn before the venom hit his sword arm. 

He pulled his arm back and screamed. It was the most intense pain Percy has felt in his life. His arm was burning ad at the same time it felt like his life was getting sucked out of that one spot. 

His vision was getting fuzzy as he fell to the ground. The world felt like it was spinning and his arm was on fire. 

There was no way to tell how Annabeth was doing. He tried to get up but every cell was on fire. Percy felt useless. How could he protect Annabeth if he was laying on the floor in pain? 

He let out a painful scream as he felt pressure on his arm. 

“It’s okay.” It sounded like Annabeth’s voice but it seemed like she was on the other side of Manhattan trying to yell for him. “You’re going to be okay.”

Annabeth went through her backpack. She pulled out her emergency ambrosia and nectar. Taking a deep breath, she tried to control herself. There was no time to panic or cry. Percy was going to be fine.

She gently dropped some nectar on the burned spot. Percy screamed and went still. Now was the time to panic. She checked for breathing and a pulse; bother were really weak but present. 

“Percy, you’re okay.” Annabeth whispered. She looked at his wound and saw it was slowly healing. “You’re okay.”

Tears started to slowly fall as relief started to wash over her. Percy was okay, she put nectar on the venom right away, probably saving his life. That was good. Everything was going to be alright. 

  • How Percy Jackson Should Have Ended:
  • Percy: OKAY, everyone! We have to prepare to fight Kronos using our strength, swords, and ancient Greek-themed weaponry!
  • Campers: YEAH!!!
  • Annabeth: Wait, why don't we just use the celestial bronze bullets we used at Mount Othrys?
  • Percy: That...that would actually make a lot of sense.
  • *An hour later, the campers quickly plow down the forces of Kronos using the celestial bronze bullets*
  • *At the Superhero Cafe*
  • Percy: And so, we took down Kronos before he could put himself in Luke's body, sent Luke to be imprisoned at Mt Olympus, and everything went great!
  • Superman: Well, that was totally easy.
  • Batman: Yeah, but don't you think by easily defeating these guys, you, in a way, inadvertently prevented some actually good things from happening.
  • Superman: Like maybe, meeting some other demigods, guys from other pantheons?
  • Percy: Who knows, dude? I mean, everything went perfectly!
  • Silena: Yeah, some of us could have died!

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List of aspec characters from television(both canon and headcanons)

Riverdale: Jughead(aroace)

Supergirl: Kara Danvers(panromantic asexual)

Agents of Shield: Leo Fitz(heteroromantic asexual) Jemma Simmons(panromantic asexual)

Marvel: Steve Rogers(biromantic asexual) Peggy Carter(heteroromantic asexual)

the 100: Bellamy Blake(aromantic bisexual)

Percy Jackson: Annabeth Chase(panromantic asexual) Percy Jackson(biromantic asexual)

Star Trek: Spock(panromantic asexual)

I’m sure there are tons I’m forgetting or just don’t know about so feel free to add more!