The 7's Plans For Valentines Day

Percy & Annabeth: Percy is probably going to put in another favor with the gods and bring Annabeth to Paris or some shit again this boy is insane and Annabeth loves it 

 Jason & Piper: A nice, intimate dinner alone, then a movie marathon snuggled up together under a blanket. They fall asleep together at 2am watching either a sappy romance or an action-packed thriller 

 Frank & Hazel: Frank probably gets Hazel a bouquet of flowers and chocolates, then they go to the botanical gardens and have a romantic picnic in the park

 Leo: Plays video games & half-jokingly regularly calls to see how the others’ dates are going.

hey guess who found the Magnus Chase headcanons she wrote in July

• When Magnus visited Annabeth, they would always get into long, heated conversations about the books they were reading, and his mom and Frederick would just be watching like “who gave our six-year-olds copies of To Kill A Mockingbird and how did they understand it so well”
• He never used to like falafel but it was his mom’s favourite food and one of the only things that he could eat after he ran away, so he ended up eventually liking it
• He’s obsessed with chocolate. Obsessed. It’s the only thing he steals that he doesn’t absolutely require.
• He was an absolute pest in school. He would get the work done in 0.2 seconds and annoy the hell out if the teachers afterwards.
• He hated Norse myths. His mom tried to teach him about it because she knew who his dad was, but he always associated it with the creepy statues at Randolph’s.
• He met Leo Valdez when he was thirteen, and thought he had actually found a friend his age in the scrawny runaway, but Leo never stayed anywhere and they never exchanged second names.
• The first time he met Percy, he was all ready to give the “hurt my cousin and I’ll hurt you” before Percy pointed out that they’d been fighting monsters together since they were twelve.
• Magnus is bisexual. It got a lot of teasing with comparisons to a certain warlock when he came out to Piper. (Piper’s TMI trash fight me)
• Magnus came to Camp Half-Blood for a week after Annabeth eventually tracked him down
• Of course the seven made him sit down and watch all the Marvel movies that involved Loki and shit
• Then Annabeth made him let a couple of Aphrodite girls cut his hair, and let’s just say it turned out that Annabeth’s mysterious homeless cousin is hot

The Seven and Babies

(because all of my parents’ friends have just had kids or are about to have kids and I have babies on the brain)

  • frank is adored by children, because he’s not afraid to make silly faces or baby-talk to them literally constantly.  the younger demigods/legacies absolutely love his shapeshifting ability because what’s more exciting to a kid than their best babysitter friend, who can change into a puppy, who can change into a pony, who can change into a fire-breathing dragon
  • hazel loves kids too, and even though she’s not as lively as frank is around them, she’s something of a calming presence to them.  they feel really safe around her, and if you ever need someone to put down your screaming baby, hazel is the person you go to
  • jason doesn’t know what to do with children.  he likes the idea of an innocent small human, but he was never really babied growing up so he isn’t quite comfortable around them
  • piper loves kids and is a great babysitter (she used to watch kids for her dad’s actor friends while they were on set, so she knows how it goes).  she’ll play tag, dress-up, pirates, anything, and she always lets the kid be the hero
  • annabeth likes certain children.  they need to be respectful, a little hyperactivity is fine, but if your child runs the house, if your child is spoiled, if your child thinks the world caters to them?  nope.  that’s going out real quick
  • percy not-so-secretly adores all children, but he never asks to hold them.  he knows how, he knows to support the head and to keep them kind of tightly held, but he doesn’t trust himself to hold something that fragile for long.  older kids, though, toddlers and preschoolers?  he’s all over those guys, and as much as he doesn’t like to admit it, he’s their hero
  • leo doesn’t know how babies work whatsoever, but they always have an intense reaction to him.  he just stares at them for a little bit, watching their eyes bounce around his singed hair, sooty face, crazy wild eyes, and then he makes a face.  they’ll either laugh or scream, but whatever it is, they’re not going down for another half hour
Heroes of Olympus High School Marching Band AU
  • Annabeth is the drum major
  • When she’s conducting, she’s super focused and intimidates the freshmen
  • She’s dating the center snare, Percy
  • He’s really talented and also he looks so good in uniform dammit
  • During band camp Percy won’t stop bothering the BD until he gives them a water break
  • Leo plays trombone
  • He’s always slightly out of step and about a yard off from his dot, and is constantly eating in uniform 
  • Seriously Leo stop you’re going to ruin your uniform
  • Jason’s the trumpet section leader
  • Piper’s the clarinet section leader
  • Everyone in the marching band ships them
  • Frank plays trumpet, but he also plays like every other instrument
  • Leo walks into the band room one day and sees Frank playing the flute, and Frank just sort of sheepishly puts it away
  • Hazel plays tuba and everyone’s sorta confused as to how she manages to lift it because she’s so smol
  • Nico is a freshman this year, he plays percussion
  • He’s got a big crush on Percy because have I mentioned Percy looks hot in a shako
  • During band camp all the freshman complain about how hot it is and how tired they are, but Nico never complains
  • During water breaks he doesn’t even drink any water, he just keeps practicing roll stepping until he’s the best marcher in the band
  • Besides Annabeth, of course
  • Reyna is the saxophone section leader
  • She’s the only girl in her section, and on the first day some of the freshman boys give her crap about that, but not for long
  • She’s the kind of section leader that yells at everyone a lot

would anyone be willing to start an ACTIVE Percy Jackson rp group with me on kik? if so message or inbox me.

I’ll either be Percy or Nico but that will be figured out after we have a certain amount of people. all main characters and side characters will be accepted. ☺️

One Race Away (From You)

A/N: This fic is dedicated to @siriuslysolangelo who won the giveaway, congrats! They asked for a percabeth college AU. We plan on having another giveaway fairly soon! Here it is…

The cheering only got louder as Percy stepped onto the starting block. He took a deep breath, pulled his goggles over his eyes, and placed his fingertips on the edge of the block. The crowd’s noise became quieter and less decipherable as he focused. 

The gun went off and Percy was immediately in the water. He made his way to the end of the pool and swam back, one lap turned into two, and two turned into three. On his final lap of his 200 medley race, he could see another swimmer gaining on him in the corner of his eye. Percy grit his teeth and pushed himself. He could not lose this race. His mom had given up so much and Percy had worked too hard to lose now.

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The 9+Thalia(The 9 is the 7+Reyna and Nico) as dogs
  • The super playful dogs that don't seem to understand what sleep is:Percy, Leo
  • The playful dogs that do understand sleep:Hazel, Frank
  • The independent dogs:Nico, Reyna, Annabeth, Piper, Thalia
  • The dogs that jump on and/or off things for no apparent reason:Jason

percy jackson + harry potter lockscreens,  like/reblog (fan arts made by viria)


(gina, annabeth, percy and harry; nico di angelo; gina and harry)