when percy gets riptide
  • Movie Percy:but how does that pen turn into a sword? Doesn't that defy the laws of physics? How is that humanly possible? A pen? A sword? What is it? WHERE is it?
  • Book Percy:lol gimme it
percy throughout the books
  • lightning theif:*complains about being a demigod*
  • sea of monsters:*blows up everything*
  • the titan's curse:*liTERALLY TALKS ABOUT ANNABETH 24/7*
  • the battle of the labyrinth:*is she cute or nah*
  • the last olympian:*blows up everything prt 2*
  • the lost hero:*sleeping beauty*
  • son of neptune:*cue the flashbacks*
  • the mark of athena:*fighting* *annebeth's really cute*
  • house of hades:*casually riding on the highway to hell*
  • blood of olympus:*nose-bleed* *oh shit*

Okay, but I want to see a kid from the Athena cabin with an unhealthy obsession with growing olive trees. You’ve got the architects, and the strategists, but I want that one nerd growing olive trees behind the cabin and tracking their growth with graphs and water to sunlight ratios, who’s always bothering the wood nymphs about the best ways to grow the trees. 

Two hundred Romans, and no one’s got a pen? Never mind!“

He slung his M16 onto his back and pulled out a hand grenade. There were many screaming Romans. Then the hand grenade morphed into a ballpoint pen, and Mars began to write.

Frank looked at Percy with wide eyes. He mouthed: Can your sword do grenade form?

Percy mouthed back, No. Shut up.

—  Heroes of Olympus (The Son of Neptune)