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Everyone should go see King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. It was fantastic!
Just a fair warning, it’s an action fantasy, not historical, but boy was it epic. 
Guy Ritchie never disappoints. The cast was amazing, especially Charlie Hunnam and Jude Law, and the soundtrack was absolutely flawless.
I went to see it in 3D and I had chills all over my body.  If you’re a big fantasy fan like me, you should definitely go see it.

What really hurts is that I know the words she didn’t finish were “I’m sorry”

the last two chapters of Lord of Shadows a summary:

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Annabel Theory

I don’t trust Annabel, like I can understand how she maybe lost it in the council hall given her past. But I don’t think it was a side effect of being brought back. Isn’t the spell supposed to bring you back the same way you were with no side effects?
HOWEVER what if she made an agreement with the unseelie king? We know the king wants a war and I’m willing to bet that if the king can summon her (the smoke with his symbol on it) and since she talks to pixies, he could have told her to kill the inquisitor. I know we’re going to get a shitty inquisitor next book (cc confirmed it) and maybe the unseelie king will use something the inquisitor does to start a war. And if the unseelie king knew somehow that the seelie queen told Julian to bring her the black book then he could have told Annabel to try and kill Julian (but she couldn’t get to him so she stabbed Livvy instead).
We saw that Annabel had a mostly clear mind, keep in mind that she could have been acting to make them let their guard down, and while the stress of the council hall may have frightened her, I don’t want to believe that she would kill senselessly without there being some plot (especially with the unseelie kings’ symbol, can it really be a coincidence that he can summon her but not anyone else?)

Lord of Shadows: Thoughts and Theories

This book broke my heart, Everything was fine then it went to shit, then it was fine again and then it went to shit again, and then everything was fine, and I thought things were going to turn out really well, then everything went to ABSOLUTE SHIT. I’d give this book 5/5, because it was so jam-packed with so much action and different character and plot twists, whereas Lady Midnight was basically the Emma and Jules show.

I felt that Lady Midnight, though it was a good Book, wasn’t Cassie Clare’s best work. The first half failed to really draw me in, and I had to push to really get into the book. It was also just constant Emma and Jules, though I understand she was setting the scene and setting up their relationship, it just got a bit dull. The whole book was kind of a ‘meh’, but with Lord of Shadows, it was fast-paced right off the bat, with loads of plots and different POV’s and characters drawing me completely into the book. This book, in my opinion, was a huge jump from LM, in terms of success for me, personally.

I was getting a lot of asks on why I spoil myself for things, the reason is a) I can’t help it, and b) when something major happens in a book that I wasn’t expecting, I get really hyped up for a few days and can’t really concentrate on anything else. Sounds kinda weird, but spoiling myself works. Except some people gave me fake spoilers, so…

Anyway I’ve tried to organise my thoughts into sections, but it’s all a bit all over the place, here are my thoughts and theories!

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  • things i'm excited for in lord of shadows: kit and ty, kieran finding happiness, cristina, reformation of the clave, magnus bane, mark blackthorn, cute little tavvy, finding out diana's story, what's going to happen with annabel, meeting the unseelie king, finding out more about the faerie courts
  • things i'm not excited for in lord of shadows: julian and emma's straight people bullshit
Let me tell you an anacdote

About being a teenager (or better said a highschooler) in a world full of pretentious fuckers &adults who think you know nothing about life 

So I had one of my music final exams on Thursady. Therefore I went to school… 

Anyway, so I’m at school. I walk with my friends to the class, and suddenly I hear someone saying “Do you know what’s on your bag?”

Pause !!

My schoolbag, if you didn’t know that, has the In the Court of the Crimson King album artwork printed on it. A wonderful finding; I received compliments and impressed looks for it already many times. Even my english teacher stopped me one day in the hall and started a conversation with me about them - it was so cool!! She said she likes them a lot and watched them live several times &it was just *0* *0* *0* !! !! !! !! 

So back  to Thrusady !! Sorry I slipped off to an irrelevant topic x_x  

So anyway, that lady stopped me to ask if I knew what was the picture printed on my schoolbag. 

Oh my god.  

She looked at me with that face of victory, that face of “huh I know better than you” that face of “you teenagers know nothing about art and quality music!!!” 

I beg your pardon? 
“Uhm ,, “ I said, “It’s ….. King Crimson …. You know ………….” I tried so hard not to roll my eyes up or to look too “bitch please”.

Huh. Her face. 
“How old are you????” she asked, pretty much shocked. 

I told her I was 18 and a half, closer to 19.She looked impressed &kinda beaten….. So yeah, dear adults, we’re not always clueless and have no idea about good music just because we are young and not like …. 70 years old T___T 

Jfc man I’m pretty sure she’s one of those who know only this album &don’t even know who Robert Fripp is….. 
Bitch please *sighing tone* I can lecture you for hours about King Crimson &I’m pretty sure you don’t even know who Greg Lake is or Bill Bruford or John Wetton………….. 

Sorry for the long rant I had to take it off of my chest. It felt so good to prove her wrong, that I am not a clueless idiotic fuck but at the same time it was annoying bc she was trying to show off and I don’t like when people do it.  

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