annabelle baby

One of the child OCs between two of my OCs.

Andra and Annabelle’s kid, Alice. I’ll have to draw her older at some point but for now, here’s her as a lil baby.

Alice is unique in that she was formed with a spell that allowed child between two mothers. 

As such, she is part harpy and witch. A little bird girl with an inherent gift for magic. 

Once Alice lost her fuzzy baby feathers, Annabelle helped teach her flight. And Andra helped teach Alice how to use magic. Alice can’t fly as agile or high or, cast spells as skillfully. But she develops an average handle on them, and her mothers encourage her every step of the way. 

The other part of her family, Ollie and Joshua (Boyfriends. Andra took them into her care. Lived with Andra before Annabelle. Long story.) support and love Alice as well.

Her nickname is “little blue bird”

Wtf Junior he created a Grim Reaper snowman and then just casually made a snow angel like it was no big deal. Played some more Sims 3 tonight because I was trying to install a world again (it didn’t work again). Scott and Louisa had another child, their first baby Annabelle grew up and went off to boarding school, and Valdemar was walking around scaring everyone so I sent him outside to do laundry.