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Chapter Sixty-Two

Emmy sat down silently beside Zara, hands gently pressed to her bump, and she listened to the conversation surrounding her. She was at Buckingham Palace, where Elizabeth was hosting a meal to celebrate Beatrice’s birthday the day before. Beatrice was sat beside her grandmother, smiling and remembering to laugh while at the same time looking half asleep. Emmy knew why – she’d heard that Beatrice had at a raucous night at Boujis the night before, and she was sure that Elizabeth would not approve of her married granddaughter acting like a single woman.

“So, how’s Harry?” someone asked. Emmy, who’d been lost in her thoughts, started back to the present to see Peter smiling across the table at her.

“He’s…okay,” she said, nodding. “I think he’s loving Brazil. Every time I speak to him he’s got to go give out some medals or something.”

“Bet he loves that. Mister Important,” Mike said, grinning. “Watching the beach volleyball.”

Peter snickered. “He always did like volleyball.”

“I think he described it as ‘the less clothes, the better’, am I right?”

Emmy finally realised what they were saying, and her eyes widened slightly in horror. Had she really just let Harry fly across the world on his own, where lots of perfect female athletes were waiting for him?!

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Blackbird - Pro Deus Quod Licentia (Pt.2)

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

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As the team sat around the table at Cave Creek Police Department, files were spread across from person to person and a board of victimology was already in place, with the now 4 victims faces on it. 

“Thomas Maddison, assistant branch manager. He was the first to be killed. 40 years old, no wife and no kids. All he did was work and sleep, kinda like us. What made him the first target?” Morgan says laughing at his own joke in the middle of his sentence. Annabelle and Emily smiled at Morgan laughing at his joke. 

“Anne Sullivan, she wasn’t high up in the bank but she was up there compared to everyone else apparently. She was 34 and married with 2 kids, a boy and a girl.” Annabelle said raising her eyebrow at a long shot guess in her mind.

“Adam Parker. He was apparently just under Anne in the works of the bank. He was in a relationship and bank reports say he bought an engagement ring but obviously never proposed by the lack of posts online.” Emily says looking at Annabelle as she quietly scanned everything.

“The newest body is Christopher McLough. He had only been dead a few hours when he was reported missing and found in the same hour thanks to the local police here. He was single like Thomas and the only link so far between every single victim is the fact that they all worked at the same bank.” Spencer says sitting next to Annabelle trying to see what she’s scrawling down on a piece of paper. 

“Can someone call Penelope for me?” Annabelle says pushing her chair away and walking to the board. Even though it’s not like him whatsoever even Spencer couldn’t help but avert his eyes at Annabelle standing with her back to him. As Spencer turns his head back he catches JJ looking at him with a smirk on her face. He immediately avoids her eye contact, embarrassed at what he did. Morgan picks up his phone and dials Penelope on speaker. 

“The cave of all that is mystical and magical how may I help you today?” Penelope’s voice booms through the phone and everyone smiles at her happy greeting even in this awful case.

“Right baby girl you’re on speaker so behave.” Morgan warns Penelope as he places his phone down on the desk.

“Or what, you’ll spank me?” Penelope says without realising what she’s said. Morgan rubs his temples while laughing and everyone else just stifles a laugh as Annabelle turns around and walks to the desk leaning on her hands, Spencer once again stealing a look at the beautiful brunette. 

“No but I might.” Annabelle says with a smirk on her face. Penelope gasps behind her screens and laughs at the confidence Annabelle already has.
“I love her already.” Penelope says clapping her hands before settling her hands back down on her keyboard. “What can I do for you my BAU-tiful brit?" 

"Right Penny, I need you to go to the banks website, is there a page for reviews or anything like that?” Annabelle questions sitting down next to Spencer, a bit closer than she was before. Annabelle didn’t notice but Spencer did. 

“It indeed does my lovely, I’ll send you a copy of the whole page for the past few weeks.” Penelope says as Annbelle’s tablet dinged and she skidded her chair over to her tablet then over to the board still sat down.

“Thank you baby doll.” Annabelle yells to Penelope as she scrolls down the banks website.

“You’re welcome my lovely, Garcia out.” Garcia’s voice stops and Annabelle starts to scroll on a lower part of the board. Spencer walks over to her to see what she’s writing and he kneels next to her. The rest of the team hang back knowing Spencer needs to get used to Annabelle to be comfortable around her.

“Do me a favour pretty boy, scroll down this and look for either the sentence, ‘I am a man of my fortune and I must seek my fortune’ or 'Pro deus quod licentia.’” Annabelle says handing Spencer the tablet and continuing writing. Behind them Derek is about to burst out laughing at Annabelle calling Spencer pretty boy, and how embarrassed Spencer looks about his new nickname.

“Pro deus quod licentia… that’s -” Emily starts but she’s cut off by Annabelle
“For god and liberty. Correct.” Annabelle spins around and winks at Emily. Emily laughs at Annabelle and Hotch, who has been at the ME’s office all afternoon, walks in to see everyone surprisingly far with work.

“Any leads or theories?” Hotch says sitting down in Spencers old seat meaning Spencer needs to remain kneeling to stay near Annabelle.

“Okay my theory is a hella long shot but I think someone is trying to recreate an old Legend called Libertalia. You see the manager of the bank is called Henry and the legend of Libertalia was a pirate paradise ran by a pirate called Henry Avery who pulled off one of the greatest heists ever recorded in those times, the gunsway heist. Henry Avery then recruited Thomas Tew,” Annabelle says pointing at Thomas Maddison the first victim, “Then they recruited 10 more pirate captains to make the founders of Libertalia. Anne Bonny, Adam Baldrige, Christopher Condent, Richard Want, Joseph Farrell, William Mayes, Tarik bin-Malik, Yazid Al-basra, Edward England and Guy Wood. My theory is that whoever is killing these people is doing it in a way you would kill a traitor or a thief back then in the 1600’s you’d hang them up and let them starve. He thinks that the bank manager and the other people at the bank are trying to create the modern day Libertalia hence this comment, pro deus quod licentia. It was the motto for Libertalia, For god and liberty.” She’s not paying attention but when she looks up she sees everyone, even Spencer staring at her with wide eyes at her extensive knowledge. 

“Seriously! Another genius?” Derek says throwing his hands up in defeat. Annabelle goes bright red realising she just sounded more intelligent than she actually is.

“Actually it’s the premise for a video game.. I replayed it recently.” Annabelle says twiddling with her thumbs realising how nerdy she sounds. Emily smiles at her friend proud her her deduction and also realising she’s still the nerd she always has been. Spencer just looks at the magnificent woman sat near him and he’s baffled at how many different and opposite hobbies she could have. He couldn’t wait to discover more about her; it almost makes him forget about the case at the moment.

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Reader is pregnant with Michael’s baby

Reader marries Michael Part Two

“I’m pregnant.” You said to yourself in the mirror of the bathroom. You didn’t know why you were so scared to tell Michael, probably because you were petrified yourself. You paced around the bathroom and then gripped the sides of the sink, washing your face with a bit of water you tried to breath slowly.

You had gone to the clinic yesterday because you had missed two periods and you knew something was wrong. They said you were roughly 2 months and about 2 weeks. They also said that it was good I had come early because most people go too late to have control over the situation.

Walking out of the bathroom, you could see into the bedroom, it was open a little and you could see Michael reading a book in bed. Walking in, you shook like a leaf in the wind and Michael put down his book.

“Y/n. What’s wrong?” He asked standing up and walking toward you.

“I. I’m not sure how you’ll react, but I need to tell you something.” Michael looked worried now.

“What’s happened?” This time he sounded a little more angry.

“I’m pregnant.” You said with a worried face.

Michael’s face lit up and he picked you up and span you around and cheered. “A baby!!” He yelled. “You don’t understand how happy I am right now! We’ll have children running around here and we’ll see them grow up and-” You kissed him to stop him saying any more and fell back onto the bed.

“I love you.” You whispered in his ear. He smiled at you and hugged you close.
Two days later. The two of you travelled to Birmingham and asked Tommy to call a family meeting. You and Michael stood up in front of everyone and Tommy spoke first.

“I’ve called this meeting because. Michael and Y/n have some news.” Tommy said leaning on a wall. Everyone was there and they looked at both of you.

“Well-” Michael started.

“We’re going to have a baby!” You blurted out with a smile. The whole family either smiled or cheered. Polly ran toward you and embraced you in hug, then hugged Michael.

Later that day, there was a party at the Garrison but you didn’t drink in fear of hurting the baby. Esme walked up to you and rested her hand on your stomach before looking up at you and smiling broadly.

“I sense more than one.” She told you.

“I’m going to have twins?” You asked.

“I can’t be sure this early. But I’m sure there’s more than one in your belly. I can usually tell with babies.” She hugged you and you could smell the tobacco on her breath.

But that was 7 and ½ months ago. Now you felt like you were dying, your vagina felt like it could explode at any point and everything was tense. You were crying, shouting and pushing with all your strength.

“Where the fuck is Michael!” You screamed with sweat beading on your forehead.

“He said he’s on his way! Ugh. Where the fuck is he?” Polly muttered standing by the window.

“Oh my God! The baby is crowning! I can see the head of the first one. Polly come here.” Esme said sitting at the end of the bed. Polly ran over and smiled.

“She’s right. Y/n I need you to push for me. As hard as possible. This is the hard bit. But it’s all easy after this. I promise. Ada go and get some towels and hot water now. Esme go with her!” At that moment. Isla came through the door and sat at your side holding your hand.

“Where’s Michael.” She asked Polly. Polly shrugged and looked back at you.

“Come on Y/n! You can do it, I know you can! The baby has crowned. It’s the easy part now!” Polly yelled. You screamed and gripped the duvet and Isla hand. Your muscles wanted to contract but you couldn’t. You wouldn’t. You carried on pushing until you heard a crying sound. The pain stopped for a moment. Polly smiled and Isla grabbed a blanket and a towel, giving it to Polly.

You heard the snip of scissors on the umbilical cord and watched Polly wrap up the baby. She handed the baby to Isla and she handed the baby delicately to you. Just as Esme and Ada entered the room, you looked at your baby and smiled . You held the bundle to your chest.

“A green blanket for your first born.” Polly said, but you still felt the pain.

“Get ready for another. I did tell you. I can still sense more than one still in your belly.” You stared at Esme and wanted to cry. She gripped your hand.

“Do you mean… I’m having triplets!“ You looked from Polly to Esme and they nodded. You gave the baby to Isla. Ada rested the towels and hot water near the end of the bed. “Naming later.” You muttered.

At the birth of the second child there was a banging on the front door. Ada ran downstairs. Her speed down was matched by someone running up the stairs, who seemed to fall over half way up.

“Where is she!” It was Michael.

“In there.” Ada told him.

Michael ran in and saw Isla holding a green bundle and Emse holding a yellow bundle and then you. Your hair was plastered to your head with sweat and your clothes up around your waist. Your knees up and legs open, breathing quickly.

“Twins hey?’ He smiled at you.

“No. We’re not done yet.” Polly said.

“So I actually am having triplets. Oh Esme why did you have to be right.” You half cried half groaned. Then you let out a scream from the back of your throat and gripped Michael’s hand. He looked at his mother with worried eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Michael said.

“She’s in labour for the third time.” Polly replied. Rolling her eyes she focussed on you.

“But she’s alreadly had two! It’s going to hurt her!” Michael yelled looking at you.

“If you don’t shut your fucking mouth you’ll have to leave. Your making her too tense and she can’t relax her muscles enough.” Polly told him.

“It’s dangerous for the baby so shut up.” Esme told him.

The last baby took about an hour to be born and Polly wrapped the baby in a faded pink blanket. Michael held the bundle first before handing the baby to you. You started to cry again and handed the baby back to Michael.

“There. Two handsome baby boys.” Polly nodded to the green and yellow bundles that Isla and Esme were holding. “And one beautiful baby girl.” She looked to Michael holding the faded pink bundle. You were exhausted and couldn’t keep your eyes open.

“Naming later.” You muttered before falling asleep.

When you woke up, it was morning. Looking around you saw Michael sitting up against a crib with his head bowed. Through the wooden bars you could slightly see three bundles. Your children, yours and Michael’s actual children.

“Michael.” You said a few times before he woke up and walked to your side.

“You’re awake.” He crouched by you. “They slept all through the night.” He said kissing you on the cheek and looking toward the crib .

“Can I see them please?” You asked and Michael nodded. First he picked up and a green bundle and brought the baby over.

“This is our first born. A son.” Michael smiled and handed you the baby.

“What shall we name him?” You asked and your husband looked back at you.

“What about James? He’d be Jamie to us. But it sounds just respectable enough to pass as a businessman’s name.” You smirked and looked down at the sleeping dear.

“He has Tommy’s eyes.” Michael remarked before getting up again.

“He’s the only one that is awake as well.” You smirked down at the baby.

“This is our second born. Another son.” Michael said bringing over a yellow bundle. You rested him on your other arm and shuffled into the middle of the double bed.

“You name him. It’s only fair.” You told Michael. He looked at the child and tickled his cheek.

“What about Edward. Ed to us. I’ve always wanted a son called Edward Gray. It’s a grand sounding name isn’t it.” He smiled and so did you.

“So who’s left?” You asked looking at the crib. Michael stood up and then returned with a faded pink bundle. He sat opposite you on the bed and showed you the babies face.

“A beautiful little girl.” He said with tears in his eyes.

“Oh Michael.” You said and he kissed you. “I think we should call her Annabelle. Anna for short.” Michael looked down at the baby and just nodded with tears streaming.

Michael shuffled round so he was next to you and you looked down at your daughter.

“Hello little ones.” Michael said to the babies. “I’m your father. This is your mother and we’re going to do our best to raise all three of you. Even though it will be a ridiculous task.” You laughed and leant on his shoulder.

Then in through the door came Polly, John, Tommy, Arthur, Finn, Ada, Esme and Linda. The whole Shelby clan. You and Michael shushed them all as they stared in wonder at the tiny little things that were only a day old.

“What are they called?” Finn asked perched on the bed looking at baby Annabelle.

“This is James. This is Edward and that’s Annabelle.” You looked at Polly and she smiled. Coming to your side and kissing your forehead.

“I struggled with one. You just wait. It won’t all be sleeping lions soon .” Ada said to both of you.

Finn held Annabelle and he rested her head in the bend of his arms and slowly rocked his arms back and fourth to keep her sleeping. Arthur sat on the bed and held Edward. Whispering things too him and smiling down at him.

“Tommy. Come here.” You smiled at your cousin. He walked over to your bedside and sat next to you. “Look. He has your eyes.” You showed the baby to Tommy. James was the only one that was awake and he stared up at Tommy. You gave Tommy James.

“Hey, so your day old James Shelby eh? I bet you’ll grow up to be like your father. Or sensible like your mother. I suppose we can’t tell.” Tommy grinned and handed the baby back to you.

“I’m happy for you both. I mean it, I’m glad you didn’t ruin your lives with a stupid pregnancy or some rush of blood. You thought about it all and I’m glad this is the product.” Tommy said gesturing to the room of happy family members looking down at babies.

“I think we’re going to be just fine.” You said to Michael and he kissed you.

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@E, can you give us a peek on covy on their first day as parents (the day when Galaxy and Annabelle were born)?

Nova pursed her lips thoughtfully as she stared at the twin cribs of her two beautiful baby children Annabel and Galaxy. 

Connor let out a tired sigh, wiping the sweat off his brow created from moving the couch closer to the children. He glanced about and upon seeing his wife thoughtful face, broke into a frown.

to anyone else, Nova was simply lost in thought. In a far off place within her mind. 

Connor was not other people and he knew she was circling one thought in particular.

“Nova.” he said simply 

“I know….I…I can’t stop thinking….” Nova couldn’t help but stare at her babies clear cheeks, no sign of any magical birthmarks gracing their faces

“You are the princess of Mewni, one day queen. If anyone questions their validity of their rule and claim to the wand, then we’ll sic Rocky on them”

Nova raised an eyebrow at her husband’s solution

“fine” Connor replied with a smirk “You’ll sic Rocky on them. I doubt she’d even let me pick her up”

Nova gave a small smile. This thought would plague her again until her children’s magical marks appeared or didn’t but for now she was content. Sol’s marks never came but he was still crowned and well loved prince of Mewni though she was surprised he was willing to stop breaking hearts and finally settle down. well who knew the 16 year old attention stealing would finally find the one. 

Connor wrapped his arms around his wife and Nova let out a breath of relief, sinking into his warm embrace as the two made their way to the couch, vowing to catch up on their backlog of Netflix shows they had missed while in mewni. 

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My younger brother and I used to play with baby dolls together when we were little. Once we pretended the babies were in a band and held an interview and I asked one of the babies what her biggest dream was. My brother said, in the baby's voice, that it was to become completely pink one day. (It was a Baby Annabel doll that had a pink blouse.) Nowadays I kind of use that as my motto - "my biggest dream is to become completely pink". Thanks for the blog, I like it a lot :)

thanks for the story… i guess…

Jessa Appreciation Week: Day 1 >> Favourite Quote

Forty-nine thousand, two hundred and seventy-five days since I last kissed you,” he said. “And I thought of you every single one of them. You do not have to remind me of the Tessa I loved. You were my first love and you will be my last one. I have never forgotten you. I have never not thought of you.” He was close enough now to see the pulse pounding in her throat. To reach out and lift up a curl of her hair. “Never.” x

After having the day off and spending most of it pampering herself by getting her hair and nail done it was time to head to the pre-school to pick up Kolby. She was a few minuets early but she wasn’t the only parent waiting outside. Mostly keeping to herself, she pretended to be distracted by her phone as she wait and scanned over the parents silently judging each one. When her eyes landed on a tall, muscular man she tried to hide a small smile as she checked him out from head to do. He was definitely the most attractive person there. However, her gaze was broke when she heard Kolby running towards her. “Mommy! Mommy!” he shouted as he ran right into her arms. “Hey, baby!” Annabel gushed as she wrapped him up in a hug and lift him. “Mommy missed you today.” She smiled as she continued to love one him. “Can we go to the park to play with Sophie?” He asked as he leaned back in her arms to look at her and she pursed her lips as she sat him on the ground and crouched down to his level. “Mm, I think that would depend on Sophie’s mommy or daddy. Which one is Sophie?” She asked. When he pointed to the girl, Annabel lowered her head and let out a soft laugh. Of course she was with the man she’d just been checking out moments before. “C’mon.” She smiled and took his hand to begin walking over towards them. “Hey,” Annabel began, uncomfortable dealing with other parents she didn’t know. “Are you guys busy right now? Kolby would love to go to the park and was wondering if Sophie could join.”