an untrue love’s kiss | a hansanna fanmix; for their first meeting, to the last, and everything between (listen)

01. ten minutes ago - rodgers + hammerstein’s cinderella | 02. all i ask of you - phantom of the opera | 03. come what may - alfie boe | 04. once upon a dream - jekyll and hyde | 05. past the point of no return - phantom of the opera | 06. landfill - daughter | 07. paradise circus - pawel osmolski | 08. your ex-lover is dead - stars 09. dead things - philip glass | 10. you and i - chess

HansAnna Artists Directory

I have always marveled by fanart. How each artist interpret the characters in so many differents way, and however, we still can exactly say/see what characters are they talking about.

So I did this to gather and honor all the amazing artists we have in the HansAnna fandom. All of them who work constantly to bring us joy with their work.

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … .
I also thinkg this can be an initiative to fight stealing. I put some examples of their work that way we can easily recognize the art, so IF we see a repost, we can inform to the corresponding artist.

I just made the list with the artist I know, but everyone can be here. Feel free to send me an inbox if you have suggestions or if you’re a HansAnna artist and want to be added. As this is a HansAnna’s list, it would be ideal (but not requested) if you have a exclusive tag (in your blog) for your art of this gingers dorks. Also it would be ideal if you at least have three pieces, because that help more to give an idea of the artist style.


Bastafunk - (nsfw blog)


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Frothystars - (nsfw blog)



Naomi - (nsfw blog)