Official DOAB Tour set list/what happens

What happens:

• To begin, a countdown clock of ten mins is displayed on the screen
• The screen changes and Brendon comes out wearing the gold suit jacket and gold confetti is flustered everywhere
• A big moon is shown on the screen during Vegas Lights
Sparks are flying everywhere during Golden Days
• The stage opens, where Brendon is now seated on a grand piano playing Nine In The Afternoon
• While Miss. Jackson is playing, fire is being spewed from different areas of the stage
• Brendon is playing a spinning glittery piano for This Is Gospel
• After Gospel, and in the transition to Death Of A Bachelor and during so, Brendon is making his way through the audience hugging fans and taking selfies while singing and making his way back to the stage
• Brendon has now changed outfits to a black sparking suit
• Fire is used again for Emperor’s New Clothes
• Crazy = Genius involves fire as well
• Brendon is now drumming to Bruno Mars and Rihanna
• During G/G/B, pride icons/flags are being shown on the screen
• During the Rhapsody, Kenny jumps on the piano for his solo
Fire is used again for Victorious
White and gold confetti is dropped everywhere
• The boys bow to House of Memories


Set list:

1. Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time
2. LA Devotee
3. Ready To Go
[jazzy funk intermission]
4. Golden Days
5. Vegas Lights
6. The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage
7. Camisado
8. But It’s Better When We Do
(AFYCSO Medley now with Nails For Breakfast, Tacks For Snacks)
9. Hallelujah
10. Nine In The Afternoon
11. Miss. Jackson
[transition where pete wentz (he’s not there, it’s a video shown on the screen) electrocutes brendon]
12. This Is Gospel
13. Death Of A Bachelor
14. The Ballad Of Mona Lisa
15. Cover of Billy Joel’s ‘Movin’ Out’
16. Emperor’s New Clothes
17. Nicotine
18. Crazy = Genius
19. Let’s Kill Tonight
20. Drum cover of Bruno Mars’ ‘24K Magic’ and Rihanna’s ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’
21. Girls/Girls/Boys
22. Cover of Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’
23. I Write Sins Not Tragedies
24. Victorious
[closing speech // end]

other useful facts:
–> the house of memories opens at around 5pm. this gives you at least 2-4 hours there for everyone (around 100 people) to take pictures, explore and meet people
–> the countdown timer starts at 20:50pm wherever you are. after that timer, they officially start the show at 9pm. i advise finding your seat at around 8pm to get comfortable. this leaves you lots of time to buy merch beforehand
–> the concert lasts about an hour

I think it’s really bizarre that there’s a certain subsection of Newsies fandom who likes to really take offense to queer readings of the material in defense of ~pure hetero friendship~ as if this is not a musical written by a gay man (Harvey Fierstein), directed by a gay man (Jeff Calhoun), with lyrics and choreography by gay men (Chris Gattelli and Jack Feldman), all based on a movie directed by a gay man (Kenny Ortega). And that’s not even getting into how many LGBT+ performers have been in Newsies. 

Gay artists interject their worldview into their art, even when it’s not something we would consider explicitly gay. Things resonate with LGBT+ fans in a way that is not apparent to straight fans because they view it through a different lens. Multiple readings of a text should be encouraged, not censored. 

Although, let’s be real, none of this was really about ~protecting friendship~ anyways. 

Do you ever just feel kind of empty like nothing is really wrong, but you’re sorta sad. And you really want to talk to people, but if people were to ask you what was wrong there wouldn’t be anything to tell them. It kind of just feels like you’re floating in a gray cloud.

sofia-altin  asked:

Ahm hey. I am just a girl, nobody. My favourite colour is blue, but just dark or light blue. I don't have a favourite ship, I have many. But otayuri is one of them. I have many favourite ice cream flavours, too, which is because ice cream is the best thing in the world even before chocolate. But just barely. NO I don't have a cat. And I am very sad about that. I have a dog though. And I would go onto anon, but I can't. Sorry.

First of all, darling, you are NOT a nobody!! <3 I love that you RP Otabek’s little sister (just based off of what I see on your blog - it’s super cute!!) and *high fives* I’m a Pisces and a Ravenclaw, too! :D Blue has been my favorite color for most of my life, though I’ve been leaning toward purple a lot more lately. 

Otayuri is an awesome ship, I absolutely agree. I also love Drarry (Draco & Harry) and Asanoya (Nishinoya & Asahi from Haikyuu). You’re making my ice cream/chocolate craving so much worse!!! I’m drooling…haha! I don’t have a cat either, but I have a pug and she is the sweetest babygirl ever. <3

Also your last bit made me realize that anon was turned off for my blog, so hey thanks for making me realize that! Loves and feel free to message me any time you want!!

friends, i really try to talk as gender neutral as i can in most occasions, sometimes i slip i think anyone’s hand could be warm and all love is the same we’re all the same, and eventually we’re all going to the same place, why do people not feel comfortable enough to come out. why is there so much hate. it hurts me. please don’t think i am not aware. i don’t know how to word it. i love you guys. i try to answer questions just how they are asked because i get a lot of asks it’s overwhelming i don’t want to spam post anyone but i feel like i need to answer you guys too and i’m sorry i try to make it easier on myself a little too. SORRY 4 THE ASK SPAM! LET ME KNOW WHEN IT STARTS TO BE A BOTHER.