No matter how subtle a scene in Pitch Perfect is, Beca and Chloe always are so gay for each other xD

My previous Bechloe gifsets:

Bechloe modes

Chloe gives Beca hints to let her know she wants to move in with her

Aubrey knew Bechloe is real. They can’t hide it.

Bechloe & Staubrey presents: Wonder Sofa

Amy and Aubrey plan to help Beca and Chloe getting together.

In which Beca and Chloe show their support to Aubrey and Stacie, but they can’t help it and so they tease Aubrey

Even Aubrey (and her blind cat) can’t deny Bechloe is real

There are certain things Emily really doesn’t wanna know about xD

Waiting for Bechloe to happen in PP3 like

PP2 Bechloe appreciation

Bechloe – You Found Me

Bechloe - Just kidding… or not

Teasing Aubrey

Chloe’s Confession – Part 1

Chloe’s Confession – Part 2