Pitch Perfect 3 wishlist

most of the things I’m listing are Chloe related because I am somewhat biased, she’s my favorite character.

  1. BRITANNY SNOW IS IN IT. This is the most important.
  2. I would love to know about Chloe’s family life because in her fight with Beca she sounded so fragile and emotional, especially when she said “this has been my family for the past 7 years,” why is she so attached to these girls. Just makes me think that she feels alone, maybe doesn’t have a family or the one she has isn’t very loving or supportive? I would just love to know more about Chloe. 
  3. I hope that Beca finally realizes her feelings for Chloe. I feel like one of the reasons Beca is a little short (mean) with Chloe at times is because she’s in denial about what she feels, not just because she was stressed out about life after college. She was so frustrated by the fact that she couldn’t contain her infatuation with Komissar that I can see her feelings for Chloe being a reason why she was rude to her at times (I mean she did it to Jesse so it’s not unreasonable). I just don’t want her to be mean to Chloe again :(
  4. I want more focus on the relationships between the Bellas because PP2 lacked that. I feel like the sequel focused more on the music and the plot than on the girls.
  5. This might be an unpopular opinion. I love fat Amy but I’d be okay with slightly less of her in the next movie. Maybe give Stacie, Cynthia Rose, or Lily some of that attention. Stacie had like one or two lines in PP2, that’s not okay imo. 
  6. Let Chloe sing more, she’s got a really nice voice. Let her show it off a little more. 
  7. Give Beca and Chloe more meaningful moments. Not just because of Bechloe but because we are supposed to believe that they have a bond. Like, let them have a sweet and touching conversation (similar to the one Beca had with fat Amy in PP2). 
  8. Can Chloe be a middle school or high school choir teacher. She helps kids build their confidence, she helps the oddballs because she sees herself in them, and maybe in the final musical performance we can see her kids be a part of it. (this is very headcanony but I really want her to be teaching kids to sing like she said she wanted). 
  9. Beca is a DJ part time, and working at the record company.
  10. Bumper and fat Amy are married.

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Watching "Up In The Air" Like:
  • Me:Where's Anna Kendrick?
  • Me:No seriously, you're great George, but where's Anna?
  • Me:Oh my god you're a cute little fireball. YASS!
  • Me:Don't you patronize my little puppy. I will cut you.
  • Me:Oh my god you're so adorable.
  • Me:Damnit Anna.
  • Me:I love you JK Simmons, but don't you ever tell her to go fuck herself again...
  • Me:You sass ball, you.
  • Me:Aw, baby don't cry but it's kind of really funny.
  • "I should just date women." Me:*cough* Chloe Beale *cough*
  • Me:Omgggg you're so funny!!! Stawp it!! Jk don't stop...
  • Me:Aw, I just wanna hug you.
  • Me:Yeah, you do you boo boo. You do you.
  • Me:You're so cute. I fucking love you.