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I saw an article that says Anna might not come back to PP3 omg is this real I am freaking the hell out help me mama trash

Hi anon. I did a quick search, and it seems to be just rumors for now.  until we get official word from a trusted source, i wouldn’t be too worried because it seems to be only speculation (which I’m guessing was fueled by the ever-changing release dates and the cast seemingly being kept in the dark).

here’s a prayer circle, nonetheless. hopefully the aca-gods will be kind to us soon and give us confirmation (via a tweet or instagram pic) that PP3 has started production and AK has returned.

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  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she thinks:What happened to Cathy at the end of The Last Five Years? I mean Jamie said that he closed the bank account, he left her in an house she couldn't afford, he pushed her to quit her job, she probably had no one in the city and she had no help nor money. What did she do? Did she quit her dreams and went back to her family? Did she find another shitty job in the city? Did she find someone better to love? Did she become an actress?