I can think of 4 celebs that have openly supported fans of femslash noncanon ships(and even supported the ship itself in some cases).

Anna Kendrick- Bechloe(Pitch Perfect Trilogy)

Katie McGrath- Supercorp/Karlena(Supergirl)

Lana Parrilla- SwanQueen(Once Upon A Time)

Jameela Jamil- Teleanor/Elhani(The Good Place)

Your fave could NEVER.


“I’ve already picked up a few Anna-isms, like anytime we’re like supposed to kiss, like in the rehearsal process, she gets like shy, so she’ll go [kissy noises], and I’m like ‘Ok ok, you know, you can just, just do it.’ but she’s like ‘No!’ She’s just got like this sort of cutsie, goofy personality.”

anna kendrick and aubrey plaza answering the question that pisses every actor off
  • interviewer: what would you do if you werent acting?
  • anna kendrick: porn
  • anna kendrick: i mean just watching a lot of it, maybe a porn review person
  • aubrey plaza: i'm gonna go one step lower and say prostitution
  • anna kendrick: i think i would also review prostitutes, i would be like "at the top of her game as always!!!"