And Meryl - God, everybody says such nice things about her but I was really just expecting her to be scarier than she was, so I wasn’t thinking we were gonna be friendly even. I was just like, “Don’t make her mad. Just don’t have that moment where Meryl Streep says something to you that crushes your soul and stays with you forever. Just try to avoid that.” And then, you know, she’s just like - she’s like a bloke, you know? She’s just cool and wants to hang out and she’s like - she was like, “Hey, did you watch those MTV Movie awards? Oh, it was crazy.” And you’re like, “What is happening?! Why are you so normal? How are you so normal? You have every right to be the craziest diva on the planet,” and she’s just like the coolest.
—  Anna Kendrick on Meryl Streep

Bechloe - Jesse’s Girl (Mary Lambert cover)

This got deleted on youtube so I’m trying again. This song is so perfect that I had to make this!