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wip snippet - lardo wakes up in jack’s bed

Lardo wasn’t entirely sure how she ended up in Jack Zimmermann’s bed in her underwear, but it wasn’t the strangest thing to happen after a kegster.

“Oh, Jesus, my fucking head,” she grumbled, rolling over-

-straight into a large, warm lump.

“…mmthe fuck?” Jack grumbled. “Oh, hey.”

“Did we fuck?” Lardo asked, more incredulous than anything. It wasn’t like she’d say no to that ass, but she’d also never pegged Jack as the kegster hookup type.

“Hell no,” Jack said immediately. “You could barely stand when you crawled into my bed last night. Thought you were gonna puke on me.”

“Why didn’t you kick me out?” Lardo asked, laughing a little. “And where are my clothes?”

“Someone spilled tub juice on them,” Jack said around a yawn. “And you wanted to snuggle. You take up so little space, I didn’t see why not.”

“Too early for your chirps, Zimmermann,” Lardo mumbled, kicking at his stomach. She flopped back onto the pillow she’d commandeered and groaned. “Please never let me drink again.”

“Like any power on earth could ever stop you,” Jack retorted. “C’mon, Bittle will have brunch going. You’ll feel better.”

“Okay,” Lardo conceded. “But you have to explain to Bitty why I’m about to go steal his clothes.”

“Deal,” Jack said, rolling his eyes. 

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