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notbobmarlie So THIS happened😻 @annakendrick47 super comfy in her seat so I didn’t want to bug her for a picture so instead I slipped her a note (and ran away a mind you). It was about how she’s one of my favorite actresses and super inspiring and honestly, it was hella cheesy.
Anyways! Toward the end of the flight she’s like do you know who wrote this? When I said me she’s like omg do you want to get a picture together? I told her it’s okay she didn’t have to, but she’s like no we’re taking one!! And afterward she gave me a hug. Pardon me while I freak #tf out 😻

Together - Klaus Baudelaire

Klaus Baudelaire x Reader

Word Count: 2619

Warnings: Child abuse.

You were done for. That was all you ever thought. Every thought you had you thought to be your last. It was in your nature. Living in a household alone with an evil man who sings horrible songs and thinks too highly of himself is a nightmare. Basic human nature teaches us to run from the tiger. You had nowhere to run. So naturally when you finally had company it was very hard to get used to. Company almost always meant cooking roast beef and opening expired and ages old very dirty wine. This company was different. It was, instead of the Count’s ugly theater troupe, more children. Their names’ were Violet, Klaus, and Sunny. You knew them to be the Baudelaire children; whose parents had recently died in a horrible fire. You had read the news and heard Count Olaf plotting to take their family fortune. They were interesting children nonetheless, so you decided to help them. You, dear readers, cannot understand the story if you don’t hear it all so let’s back up, shall we?

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Anna - Polly Gray

Request: Hi could you please write about Anna (Poll’s daughter) being actually alive and she needs her family to believe she is dead so she is finally able to come back to Birmingham and she meets all the family and stuff? Thank you :))

Anna - Polly Gray

The fire was not accidental. The police, who were unable to find your body in the remains of your parent’s house declared you dead anyway. They sent word to your parents, who were spending the weekend in London, telling them of the supposedly deadly house fire that had broken out overnight. They cancelled the rest of their plans and took the train back to Manchester but by then it was too late. You, still very much alive, were halfway to Birmingham.

It had been three days before the fire that you’d found a letter in your mother’s desk. It was addressed to you with the return belonging to a man in Birmingham by the name of Shelby. He had written on behalf of his aunt, who he believed was your mother. Though your family had never spoken of your origin you remembered distinct parts of it. Reading through the letter from Birmingham brought back long suppressed memories.  

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Olivia Would Do Anything For Her Daddy. Anything.

I never wanted to be a father.

When I was younger I was a stupid kid with big dreams. I lived in a tiny little shitsmear of a town in the middle of the rust belt, a place where kids unironically hopped on their dad’s tractor to hitch a ride to school in the mornings. I used to gaze out at the endless fields of shoulder-high corn, ridged like green corduroy off into the horizon, and I would think to myself, “Fuck this. Fuck this so hard.”

I’d always been a horror movie geek, and in my junior year of high school I scrounged together enough cash to buy a cheap video camera off eBay. I got my friends Anna, Kevin and Dylan together, and, from sundown until curfew, we’d be out in the woods shooting our own homemade horror flick. We didn’t know what we were doing; the shots were dark as hell, you couldn’t hear 80% of the dialogue, and the fake blood looked like dollar-store barbecue sauce (because it was). But it gave us a purpose, and The Killer in the Woods became our own little masterpiece.

I was ecstatic. I knew what I wanted to do with my life, and I had a plan for finally escaping that terrible small town with its pervasive manure stench and its suffocating right-wing god-and-guns culture. I promised myself that, as soon as I’d saved up enough from my crappy gas station job, I was going to catch a bus out to LA and become a filmmaker.

And then Anna got pregnant.

We weren’t even dating, exactly. Actually, if you want to get technical about it, she was Dylan’s girlfriend at the time. But Dylan’s nutty Christian parents had discovered naked men in his browser history, and they threatened to kick him out of the house unless he could prove he wasn’t “tainted by perversion.” He started dating Anna, and though I’m sure he cared about her in a way, Anna told me he would recoil away from her when she tried to kiss him, as though she was sticking a dog turd in his face.

Anyway, she was at my house late one night while I was editing the movie, telling me all about what a joke their relationship was, how confused she’d become, how lonely. I don’t have an excuse, not a good one anyway. I told myself I was helping out a friend in need, but honestly we were both just horny teenagers who weren’t thinking. It’s okay, I told myself. No one will know. Just make sure to pull out, and it’ll all be fine.

Anna was Catholic, and she refused to even consider getting an abortion. She told me she was going to raise the baby, and that I could stick around if I wanted, or not. I was scared, and angry, and deeply confused about why this was happening, just when I was so close to finally getting out of that town. I thought long and hard about leaving anyway, but I remembered how hard it was on my mom and me when my dad took off, and I swore I’d never do that to anyone. No, I wasn’t going to be like my dad. I was going to take care of my responsibilities like a real man.

So I stayed.

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Short story chapter 534

Anyone asked for badass Lucy? Here you go!


Lucy listened some voices. Only she could listen to them. They were telling her to use their power.

- Lucy, are you okay? - asked Gray.

- Yes - answered Lucy, taking the book of END with her -. I have something to do.

Lucy flew away as fast as she could. A pair of angel wings where in her back. Suddenly, she listened Erza’s voice.

- Lucy! What are you doing!? It’s dangerous!

Just in front of her was the time lapse. She opened the book and read the words who were written in it. Behind her, a huge figure of an archangel appeared and sealed the time lapse with his hands forever. But she didn’t have any time to see the consecuences. She flew away to the guild as fast as possible.

- What did she do? - asked Anna -. And why?

In the guild, the portal Zeref created disappeared. Natsu and Zeref were surprised about that. Lucy appeared at the door a few seconds before.

- It was you? - asked Zeref -. The one who closed the time lapse?

Without waiting an answer, Zeref attacked Lucy, but she hide in the shadows and put herself behind Zeref.

- Some words of the book of END disappeared - explained Lucy -, and I rewrote them.

- You did what?

- When I finished, six voices talked to me. They are six half souls trapped inside the book. They wanted me to use their power to stop you. And they told me that you are not the real Zeref.

- They were lying.

- I don’t think so, because the one who told me that was yours.

Suddenly, one of the voices talked. I’m going to awake your archangel blood for a while, and you can use my power. That’s what the voice said.

A white and yellow magic flowed through Lucy’s body, and the angel wings showed again. Part of her hair turned black, blue and pink, letting her use the magic of the six souls. At that moment, Lucy’s power was similar to a Goddess. She could manipulate wind, fire, iron, shadows, light, time, demon magic, archangel magic, and fairy magic. All at the same time. She wasn’t very limited, because the souls were letting her have the power they gained from the last 400 years. It wasn’t an infinite power but, at that moment, she was at the same level as Zeref.

  ❝ Can you believe that skyline – ? Ah, well, perhaps you all can’t, you haven’t seen it yet ! Believe me when I say its beautiful, and I’m a man who knows beauty  ! 

      ❝ I know, I know, ‘ Laslow don’t be wasting time ’, but I assure you, you’ll LOVE what I have to say this time  ! I have excellent news regarding our schedule of events  ! Er, that being we have one. Tentative as it may be, myself and Robin squared ( talk about weird  ?? ) have agreed that this will give you all the basics of the week’s layout, so you all can plan ahead  ! Considerate, right  ? I know, you can thank me later for being so thoughtful.


                     SNO CONE SOCIAL.

     Cabana check-in, but save the unpacking for later  ! Complimentary sno cones are served all day long as we, the mods, spend today welcoming guests to the luxury Hotrealms resort! Grab a sno cone from the cabana bar because today is the day to get to know your fellow resort comrades! Walk around the resort and view the boardwalk, and as always, I am ALWAYS available for any lonely adventurers. Take a stroll on the beach and wade in the water, go for a swim if you’d like  ! This is just a day to get a feel for your surroundings and explore everything the resort has to offer  ! Kick back, relax, and socialize  ! or don’t, if that’s what you prefer.


      Did someone say ladies in bikinis – AHEM – er, swimsuits all around  ? Surely you’ve already procured a swimsuit, why not show it off  ? We are now taking reservations to walk the stage for this Summer Scramble’s Swimsuit Showcase  ! Handmade or commissioned, if you’re interested in the opportunity to earn bragging rights about being on stage, then this is for you  ! Come in your bikini best – or, your best in general I suppose, whatever your preference, we have room for you on the catwalk  !

    Also, Robin and Reflet have given me word of a sandcastle contest  ! I personally will offer you bonus points if you manage to build your sandcastle on someone. I would assume they will have more information on this later  !



     The boardwalk is NOW OFFICIALLY OPEN. All shoppes have been open for a while now, we realize, but now there’s more to do  ! Vendors have all moved in and – is that lemon cake  ?? Anyway, there’s going to be a whole big stretch of gift booths, and leis are available for purchase  ! You may see some familiar faces running booths of their own, so be sure to give them your support and stop in  ! Avoiding having to walk all the way into town for something small for your love interest has never been easier! Well, except if they need a new shirt, or a sunhat, but you get the point. Also, along with the boardwalk vendors, we’re excited to announce the dunk tank among many other activities! Yours truly will take the first seat ( more like forced into it ) and the other two will follow suit. No ticket necessary, just jump in line until time limits are cut short, as will the lines. But this is your chance to show no mercy, and get your game face on for Wednesday  ! And have I mentioned the sunset from the view of the boardwalk  ? Not even a beautiful girl could distract me – er, alright, alright, maybe she would a little.

      And I’ve also heard word of a crushing watermelons contest  ? What in the Gods’ name . . I suppose some of these people can crush watermelons with their bare hands. Perhaps that’s something someone can enlighten me on later.


     Is your team ready to take the trophy home  ? Is your body beach ready ? Wednesday is being spent on beach front territory  ! The volleyball nets are going up, the referees are ready to call the shots. Gather up your teams and play to win ( you’re joining TEAM LASLOW, right ~  ?) . Trash talk is always fun, but don’t get out of hand, now  !Nobody likes a sore loser, especially when you already know you’re going to lose ~. Compete to defeat, my friends, lay on that sunscreen thicker than faceless skin  !

      For those uninterested in volleyball  but still wishing to compete and hone their skills: maybe beach wrestling is good for you  ! Go up against other strongmen, or women, in a test of physical strength. Nobody likes a face full of sand so come prepared to knock your opponent to the ground. Try to keep rough physical harm such as actually making someone bleed all over the sand to a minimum . . we’re really trying not to have any casualties . . please don’t turn this into a death match. I’m begging, I’m not a very good nurse.

     Not the sporty type  ? Grab some goodies and flags to wave from the boardwalk and cheer on your favorites to victory! They’ll love hearing your harmonious cries ~, even when you’re cheering for me.

***Volleyball teams ARE ENCOURAGED. There has been talk on the dash about potential teams and this is to organize all of those. Matches will be generated ala ‘ hunger games simulator ’ style. We will be posting a call for captains very soon, are we’re looking for 4-8 teams to compete gauntlet-style. If you are interested in forming a team of 10-12 players, be on the lookout. Ground rules and more description on this to come  ! All ‘ teams ’ will get a special treat!


      Seems like Anna has some new ‘ weapons ’ to share with us  ! Only these come in the form of pelting your enemies without mercy! I daresay no one is safe from the attacks of those who even they think they can trust. All of you sitting ducks in the umbrella lounge had better watch out! Oh, it would proooooobably be wise of you to not wear your Thursday best for this, ladies and gentleman, it’s about to get messy  ! Water guns and paint balloons will be available at checkpoints for pickup, only one weapon per person but balloons are unlimited  ! Let’s see who can avoid getting hit  ! No holds barred and no one’s off limits – w-well except for me of course  ! You wouldn’t hit your humble host now would you  !?


     Spend your day how you like, my friends, but you have to join us for the bonfire  ! Anna has told us she’s providing the makings for uh, s’mores I believe  ? Chocolate and marshmallows on graham crackers  ? Sounds good to me  ! I’m certain a few candy-loving souls will melt at the taste of one! Also, yours truly will have an extra little treat in store for you  ! In addition to this, once nightfall is upon us, we can partake in SCARY STORIES. Bring your most terrifying stale to hold the attention of your comrades and really scare us  ! Make us so paranoid to walk back to our cabanas without holding someone’s arm afterwards  ! Top three scariest stories get prizes ~ Good enough to give it a go, right  !? C’mon, don’t be so afraid to give us a fright  !

*Scary stories can be SUBMITTED to the EVENT PAGE INBOX. These will be compiled into a compilation post for other followers to READ and VOTE on which one they think is best! NAMES WILL NOT BE ATTACHED to give fair chances and rule out ‘popularity’ votes. DEADLINES FOR SCARY STORIES ARE BEFORE THE 30TH !!

** Scary stories MUST be original. Any submitted may be subjected to be cross referenced for copy/paste. Obviously be as creative as you want, and as in character as you can be with this! Names/URLs will not be posted with them to again, avoid popularity vote, so being ‘ in character ’ is encouraged  !

*IN ADDITION, we will be planning a movie night stream  ! A poll will be going up to vote on a movie to be shown FRIDAY NIGHT. Time is still TBA once we are able to figure out an ideal timeframe. So pop some popcorn and join us  !


     Ah, the end of a vacation can be so bittersweet. The final day is always the hardest, is it not  ? Having to pack up all of your things and shamefully realizing you’ve bought too many souvenirs . . wait, that isn’t just me right  ? Fear not, my friends, this wonderful week shan’t end with an upset, but with a bang  ! Preoccupy your day with whatever you would like but join us Saturday night for FIREWORKS  ! Anna is helping me put together a great lineup of a lightshow for you all  ! We’re hoping you’ll enjoy it and that will wrap up a breathtaking and relaxing week up nicely with a bow as we all return home  !

       ❝ And I, your humble host, will be most everywhere during this week. If we bump into one another, do join me for a smoothie, eh  ?

   ❝ This is all for now, but if YOU have any suggestions, don’t be afraid to approach me or either of the other two, or drop something into our suggestions box. And if you would rather run something on your own, OUR VENDOR APPLICATIONS are still open ! I would love to see more of my wonderful comrades selling their wares or contributing to this in any way they can  ! It’s been lovely to see the excitement already  ! We’ll see you soon  !

** Many of the main events will have their own ask meme to coincide with it  ! Activities and other roleplayer’s booth events are taking place everyday, but of course, people are busy and threads and ask prompts can be continued on other days, and even past the event week  ! We are actively working to make this schedule work and be fun for everyone  ! We hope you’re as excited as we are  !

“C$ may lie to each other [a lot] but at least they always eventually come clean.”

Bonnacon talking point for the morning.

And as usual when I come across these, I am honestly baffled.

Because I think that has literally NEVER happened. I cannot recall a single time during their “relationship” when either Killy or Stepford Swan has willingly ‘fessed up to a secret or lie.

Let’s review:

Killy’s lies (the major ones; I don’t have time to tote up all the minor ones)

  • Bae being an “old friend” rather than a child he sold to Pan–still ongoing
  • Trying to murder Belle in Regina’s tower–still ongoing
  • Helping Ariel and Eric rather than betraying them–still ongoing
  • His cursed lips–outed when he nearly got Henry killed
  • Beating up Will–still ongoing
  • His hand/being blackmailed by Rumple–maybe they are counting the phone message he left that Emma never got? A confession that a) did not include the worst part, his threatening Belle and blackmailing Rumple, and b) ONLY happened because his lies had put Emma’s very life in danger.
  • What he did to Ursula–still ongoing
  • Keeping the shears–outed by the Evil Queen
  • Murdering Emma’s grandpa–for the moment, still ongoing

Emma’s lies

  • Prophecy of her death–outed by the Evil Queen
  • Turning him into the Dark One–okay, now that I think of it, I can’t remember how this came out. Did she eventually just tell him? …IF she did, it was not until after he’d attempted suicide to her attention and she’d let Zelena run wild; again, taking pretty extreme circumstances. Outed by Zelena (thank you to those who explained this to me).

So, at BEST, there is one time each when they have EVER admitted the truth of their gazillions of lies, both times only when lives were at stake. If Killy willingly tells Emma about his grampacide next ep, it will be the first time he has EVER done so when her life wasn’t literally on the line. Such beautiful honesty! (I mean, it is character development…)

Slight tangent: In contrast, Belle told Rumple about her one secret/lie (Anna) in the episode the audience learned of it; Rumple was outed about killing Milah (although by Bonnacon Rules™ that was “none of her business” like Killy’s many murders over the years are “none of Emma’s business”), attempting to kill Zelena, and switching the dagger, but revealed the truth about Bae, his blackened heart, and taking back the DO without threat to anyone’s life or chance that he’d be outed. And, of course, we’re going on one full year in which he hasn’t lied to Belle at all, after only two lies during S5. 

Am I missing some? Where do bonnacons get this stuff?

((Oh, you reeeeally shouldn’t have done this right now. I was willing to keep quiet while I finished my projects, and you decided to wait until I had more time to expose you for what you’re doing and have done.

SO I was at church this morning when one of the members of Studiotale decided to show me these screenshots.

I have been running myself ragged trying to get this project done AND still hold my WoW events, through sweat, cramps, and blood. I’ve been emotional, physically unstable because of new medication and YOU have the gall to try to claim I have the time to be sending anons to YOU? My fans matter MUCH more to me than you do.

Okay, let’s break this down.

BOY it’s sure funny that you basically tried to ignore the fact I existed on your blog for months. You never did like me the day I started calling you out everytime you tried to pull a manipulation tactic on me. You tried to pretend I didn’t exist and instead, always addressed me as Error. Never my real name.

I had been getting anons, as well as many others in the group, trying to gaslight us. Now, I see these as a joke.

So let’s take a look at these

Anon 1: Okay, one, first off, I AM the founding member of Studiotale. This isn’t me bragging or anything. I was literally the first person to create Studiotale. If I consider anyone else a founding member of Studiotale? It’s anyone who was apart of the Studiotale skype chat before we held the cruise. Because Studiotale had been securely established enough to hold events. That leaves me, Cymun, Voidmun, Yanmun, Inkmun, and Gmun.

Two, how would you know who was removed from Studiotale? This isn’t public knowledge.

Three. I removed them because whether they wanted to admit it or not, they were a danger to Studiotale. The moment they stared talking to Anna, the anonymous messages of harassment increased. When no one in Studiotale or the blog even knew about the contact until a week later. I removed them because by trying to be friends with someone who has caused so much pain to their family, they told us we deserved to feel the abuse and stress you have caused.

Four, The reason I don’t like you, let’s see, may be because you manipulated our members, forced them to do things they didn’t want, you made other friends feel outcasted, you not only stole from us but you stole from other people’s work, claiming you made gifts for us, but you also sexually harassed, gaslighted, and tried to trigger my son. And unlike my sister, I’m not so easy to forget.

Anon 2: BOY that sounds like something a person would say when they don’t want to be tracked even when I have blatant proof to you admitting ON YOUR BLOG of you sending an anon ask under the same IP, phone model, and location, as the other harassment messages we’ve gotten. Also, what did tractors ever do to you?

Now let’s go back to the supposed anon you claim I wrote:

- I neeeever say lmao. The abbreviation annoys me as much as rofl.

- The only time I use sweetheart is when I say “Oh, they’re a total sweetheart!” As if they’re a totally sweet person and I love them. You’re about as sweet as vinegar

- Okay, just because I live in Texas, doesn’t mean I say “ain’t”.

- I’ve never used staggering as an adjective moreso than a verb. Though the stupidity that you think this is how I type really is staggering.

- PUNCTUATION AND SHIFT BUTTON, OMFG. I ALWAYS hated how you typed, even when you were in Studiotale, I bet some members remember me subtly complaining it irritated me but I was nice and didn’t say anything.. I hated your neglect of punctuation and the shift button. CAPITALIZE YOUR LETTERS.

-Now that mention of rape is funny. Why would I suddenly mention it? I never got any anons talking about rape. But…G’s blog did

I wasn’t the one who wrote this anon, so I know I’m innocent in the eyes of God in that aspect. So that leaves you. So why would I mention rape? Because you mentioned rape but forgot you sent that message to G. There was no guarantee I would’ve seen that message. He never posted it up so no one else would. Except the person who wrote it and who wrote this message. But you KNEW there was a slight possibility I could’ve seen it. When only one person would know about it. And this is only days after I shut down anons on this page

You have the gall to say that no one cares about the rape you committed. But you know what you never had the balls to do? Come clean. You only ever admitted a message was yours when you were trying to be “cute and friendly” and like the others, I tracked it from the same phone. “Oh, but Statcounter isn’t right!” Yeah, that’s why this phone model has also appeared on the awareness blogs and your other victim’s blog for several months.

Surely you remember the FEW times I sent you an anon. I would let you know it was me by ending them with -C. I have NEVER hidden behind an anon mask. …Except for Magic Anons and love I sent to friends. (Spoilers: You’ve long stopped receiving those from me)

I am TIRED, I am BUSY. You are a literal waste of time at this moment and the lowest on my priority list which I finally got done. So I can go back to doing what I used to do and showing all the shit you keep doing.

Oh, by the way, I don’t know how much I have to say it: I didn’t know J when you were removed. When you were removed, it was because Studiotale got together and went “Oh, wow, I thought they were a shitty person to just me, I didn’t know they were doing bad things to everyone”.

You were removed because you were and still are a terrible person.

Here, why don’t you do me a favor? Do these all sound familiar to you?

Remember them? These are songs you claimed to have made for Studiotale. These are all royalty-free songs you tried to take credit for when you were with Studiotale, even posting them on youtube under your name.

Dubwoofer Subnautica by Omnitica - You claimed you composed this for @macabre-masquerade101 ​ as Cap’s theme

Zap Beat by Kevin MacLeod - You claimed you composed this as a theme for G

Vanishing Horizon by Audionautix - You claimed you composed this as a theme for Error

Barge by Gunnar Olsen - You claimed you composed this as a theme for @papercut-papyrus

Chase Pulse Faster by Kevin MacLeod - You claimed you composed this as a theme for Discord (Which btw, I have the exact .wav file of this audio you gave me months ago. I’ll happily give a screenshot of where you put ParadoxialGamer as the Artist)

Funny thing is I found these on the Youtube Audio Library when I was looking for themes for future projects. My fiance’s a youtuber, did you really think we wouldn’t find out eventually? Oh, and yes, I plan to use these in my future projects

Listen, “sweetheart”, I was happy to ignore you until you used my real name. I think you learned a long time ago that it’s dangerous when you pull me into your little game, because I’m nice, but I play dirty. So do us both a favor, and leave Studiotale out of this. Because I don’t have time for games, and while I’m busy, I have little patience for you. This is only a fraction of what I know about you. what you’ve done, and what you will do. Just quit while you’re ah-…Pffft, actually, just quit while you can))

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Well @catandsomething you think I’m a ‘nan’ so I might as well answer your questions, even though your’re not actually interested in why people make coments about the haters/swamp.

Here’s your text:

, I am gonna ask all the worshippers of this “English Rose” a precise question: why does she need to get her name associated to a famous man’s name in order to create buzz and articles about herself? Why are the Nannies up in arm against the Big Bad skeptics if we are completely wrong? I saw his face in the worst moment of this showmance and I’ll never ever get convinced of her special charm of making him happy. You are enabling a behaviour of someone who brutally abused the man you claim to adore.

Let’s start with the first: I’m not a ‘worshipper of this English Rose’ - For starters Hunter isn’t an English Rose and I don’t know why a particular skeptic always uses this. You clearly don’t know what it means. Anyway, I’m a person who objects to the lies which have been spread by the skeptics not only about BC and SH but more specifically about ordinary people doing their jobs or simply being members of the wider public such as registrars, vicars, journalists, anyone who has ever met BC and SH, etc. The sheer persecution these people have endured is stunning - I personally know one newspaper which receives hate mail for not covering this story every single week. And a journalist working for the same source has told me about the vicar and the emails she and her bishop received.

Secondly: Hunter has never capitalised on BC’s name and fame in the way we have all seen others do. She has had a few articles in fashion mags and newspapers which would have happened to absolutely anyone BC, who is after all very well known in the UK, chose to marry. Even Anna James who he dated for a brief period, probably just weeks, had more coverage - she featured in more design mags than enough while she was going out with him and also very specifically used his name.  Hunter has done nothing which suggests to an impartial observer that she is interested in fame or capitalising on BC’s fame. She has appeared on red carpets and been pictured there, so would any wife/partner of a well known actor, she went to a few events (it seemed to be those that interested her) which dozens of members of his and her social group attend regularly. In fact she went to far fewer events and got her name in the press far less than a. I would expect for BC’s wife and b. than most minor UK cellbs/siblings of celebs/people who want to be celebs. Just as a test go thgrough one of those events and see who attended, I bet you don’t even know most of those people. Yes, because it’s her job, she had two moderately well reviewed productions. But I’d be surprised if anyone who wasn’t a fan of BC would have connected her with him at either of them. She has no blog, no website, no products, no book deal, no theatre company no upcoming productions - in fact she’s not traded on his name to create anything at all.

I’ve followed his career since he was doing outdoor theatre and personally I’ve seen happy, sad, manic, and disturbed BC. I’m not someone who judges him from a few red carpet pics taken when Sherlock debuted and compares then with selected stills taken later. In any case many long term fans worried about him coping with his sudden fame because of Sherlock - the ‘skeptics’ then were people who thought he had either a drink or drugs problem. 

So, yes, I read some of the skeptic blogs and I post factual refutations about how the birth registration could not have been inserted later etc. because I’m tired of lies going by without someone countering them.

anonymous asked:

cs + emma's on the other side of fake-dating AU aka. emma getting all jealous and bothered over killian fake-dating someone else pretty please <3

Hope you enjoy this little one shot! :-)

“I can’t believe that asshole invited me to his wedding!” Anna wailed. Everyone looked over at her in shock at the word that had flown out of her mouth. “What?” She sniffled, “he is an asshole!”

“He invited me too,” Emma said, “and I think Elsa. He just wants to pour salt in the wound.”

“At least you have a plus one!” Anna cried.

She and Hans had broken up less than a year ago. Anna dumped him when she discovered he was cheating, and lo and behold, six months later, he was marrying the other woman. Emma had kindly reminded her that Hans was an idiot, and likely cheating on his new bride too, but it did little to appease the redhead. The invites had arrived very last minute, and Emma knew it was just a rude gesture, and that Hans hadn’t really intended for any of them to attend.

But maybe, Emma thought, they should attend. After a little quick thinking, she had an idea. “What if Killian goes as your plus one?”

“He’s your plus one,” Anna sighed, “and you’re really thinking about going?”

“Why not?” Emma shrugged, “if you show up with a date who’s a million times hotter than the groom, his little plot to make you jealous will backfire.”

Killian looked over at Emma, “love, you’re an evil genius.” That meant he was all in.

“But…he’s your boyfriend.” Anna said again.

“Hans doesn’t know that,” Emma grinned.

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So about 3 years ago a guy I used to work with told me that I looked like a combination of 2 actresses from the Twilight franchise. He didn’t know their names, but assured me that I was very pretty regardless and it’s haunted me ever since. Who was he talking about? Kristen Stewart? Ashley Greene? Anna Kendrick? Oh please god tell me one of them was Anna Kendrick. I’m gonna be thinking about this on my deathbed I s2g.

Anonymous asked: I would looove something high school where Anna is Cas’s sister and she wants to go to the school dance with Dean but doesn’t have the guts to ask Dean, so she asks Cas if maybe he can do it for her and be the messenger, but Cas has feelings for Dean too.

Author’s note: I’m not sure if you wanted angst, or drama… But it got really fluffy. *hides* 

Castiel may or may not have been drooling over the sight of Dean Winchester. No, scratch that. Castiel Novak did not drool, thank you very much… His thoughts however, were all over the place as he shamelessly stared at where Dean was standing by one of the lockers, surrounded by his group of friends. Dean’s perfect teeth showed when he threw back his head and laughed wholeheartedly at something that the blonde girl standing next to him had said. Dean’s laugh was the most precious thing in the world; his face glowing and his green eyes lighting up. Those eyes… Even though Castiel was watching him from the other end of the hallway, that endless maze of green took his breath away.

Alright, so perhaps Castiel was drooling a little. Not that he would ever admit it, not even to himself.

In other news, he couldn’t afford to get distracted right now. He had a mission, and as much as that mission made his stomach tighten painfully, he had promised his sister Anna that he’d do it.

An exasperated sigh sounded from beside Castiel, and a hand was lightly placed on his shoulder.

“I don’t mean to interrupt your ogling, Cassie… But are you honestly planning on being the messenger for your sister even though you’re clearly head over heels in love with the guy yourself?” A disapproving voice, laced with a heavy British accent, asked the question that Castiel himself had been struggling with all morning. “Because if you ask me, that sounds utterly ridiculous.”

Castiel’s best friend Balthazar was never one to beat around the bush, obviously. Whenever there was a room with an elephant in it that needed to be addressed, you could count on Balthazar to be the one to address it. And so, when Castiel had told him what he was about to do, Balthazar had made it no secret that he thought that it was a stupid idea.

“It is not ridiculous!” Castiel argued, rolling his eyes at his friend. “Anna likes him and wants to go to the Spring dance with him but she’s afraid to ask, and I’m helping her out because she’s my sister and I care about her.” He explained patiently.

“And that would make all the sense in the world, if you weren’t attracted to him as well.” Balthazar countered without missing a beat. “You have every right to pursue him yourself, you’ve been pining over the guy for months, and quite frankly, it’s about time for you to do something about it.”

Castiel snorted humorlessly at that comment. If only things were that simple…

“For your information, as far as I know, Dean Winchester is as straight as they come.” Castiel said with a wistful glance at the beautiful boy with the freckled face. “There’s no point whatsoever in me going after him, so I might as well help out my sister.”

Balthazar was about to protest again, but they were both distracted when Castiel’s phone beeped in his pocket. He fished it out and checked his messages.

‘Did you ask him yet? Did he say yes? I’m dying here, let me know when you talk to him! Anna’

There was a skeptical click of the tongue from Balthazar who’d been reading along over Castiel’s shoulder.

“Good luck with that one, Cassie. When you start regretting this, I’ll be waiting for you with an ‘I told you so’ like the great friend that I am.”

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Yesterday I was honored, humbled and so filled with hope to march with 500,000 sister witches in DC for the largest march in U.S. history, the Women’s March.

There aren’t enough words to describe how life changing and consciousness raising being a part of it was, because it was more than words - it was energy, a force. It was a testament to the fact that there is no greater force than women determined to rise.

Normally I avoid politics on social media, which I know is ironic, since I work for a Kennedy, but this event wasn’t about politics for me, but rather about human rights.

As I mentioned yesterday, I was so proud to march alongside the women there with me and the ones there in spirit - for my first ancestor in this country who picked up the wreckage of her plantation that burned to the ground in the civil war, for my great grandmother on my mom’s side who came to this country from Poland with nothing, for my grandmother who left the south and everything she knew to become one of the first Ford models, for my Nana who was the first woman in her family to graduate college and retired to help raise me, for my mother who was turned down for partner at Oracle because she was a woman, for myself - and, most importantly, for my daughter, should I be lucky enough to have one one day, and her daughters.

Let’s make sure their generation knows we were never silenced. Let’s let them remember how proud we were when we told them about the march yesterday, and how we made history.

Proudly yours,

My 9/11

Every 9/11, I do what others old enough to have a memory of 9/11 do: relive it, like I once did with the day John Kennedy was shot, one of my earliest memories (walking home from school with my brother; I was in first grade, and we were let out early. I argued with my brother, when he told me the President had been assassinated; he was wrong, and confusing Kennedy with Lincoln). Back to 9/11. I was in the chair at the periodontist’s office, staring at the small screen of the TV suspended from the ceiling. They thought the first plane was just a small one and the collision an accident. Then the second one flew in. I drove home to the radio livestreaming confusion about other planes, the Pentagon. Anna, from Poland, who cleans my house, who is my friend, was at the time working on her U.S. citizenship. She was there when I got back home. I didn’t go to my job and she stopped cleaning and we sat side by side on the couch and together we watched the towers come down.

DragonCon 2016

This weekend I finally met Bob Morley. Most of you know that I’ve tried so many times to meet him. Every single con I’ve bought tickets to because he was going to be there he cancelled. I still can’t believe it actually happened!

First, let me say that the best part of DragonCon and every other con I’ve been to is getting to be with fandom friends. @fangrlmoment and@smoakingbabbles Saturday wouldn’t have been even close to the amazing day it was without you guys there to share it with me. I love you both so much and I’m thankful every single day that Olicity brought us together.@pythiaspeaks it was so great to meet you. Hopefully next year we can do it again and have more time to plan. 😃

First, we had to wait in line to pick up our badges. We got in line 2 and a half hours before The 100 panel but the line was LOOOOONNNGGGGGGGG. Thankfully we had everything done and made it over to the Westin with about 30 minutes to spare. The panel was amazing and I’m sure most of you have seen videos people are posting. If you haven’t watched it you should definitely go find it somewhere and watch. We were super sad Lindsey didn’t make it but it was still great! 

As soon as the panel over we had to run from the Westin to the Marriot for our group photo op. Sab and I stood in line talking about our kids and I was talking about how nervous I was for this photo op. I’m an anxious person, meeting celebs at cons always makes me shaky and freaked out. I was even scared to ask them to hold the shipper signs but I’m so glad I did it. I handed Jarod the Briller sign, Lindsey the Rasper sign (She then yelled, “Rasper!” very excitedly), Bob the Bellarke sign, and Sachin the Kabby sign. Bob looked at me and said, “Are you trying to get me killed? I can’t hold Bellarke or I will get attacked on twitter.” Sachin and Bob decided to switch. They were both completely happy and comfortable holding a sign. No one made anyone feel uncomfortable or upset. We turned around to take our picture and everyone handed back their signs and the next people walked in. As we were walking out Jarod yelled something about it being such a great idea and how much he loved the signs. It was by far the most fun photo op I have ever taken at a con and I have done WAY too many photo ops. 

After the photo op we decided to head up to the Walk of Fame to check out prices and see how long the lines were before Sab had to head home.

I bought a Lindsey autograph and selfie. My husband recorded most of it. We mainly talked about Emily and how they were best friends and going camping next weekend for Fanta’s birthday. I gave her the keychain I made her and asked her if she would give Emily the Bathroom Therapy one I made for her and she said she absolutely would and that she loved them both. She also signed the Rasper edit I made for my friend Amina.

Here is a small portion of the video where she said that she loved Rasper.

We go in line to meet Sachin and Jarod next. Tiff and I decided we wanted to split the combo if they would let us. Since I was the only one who wanted autographs they were fine with it. I talked to Jarod first. I told him I couldn’t decide if I wanted him to sign the Miller, Jasper, and Monty pic or if I wanted him to sign the Briller sign. He took them and said just let me sign both. When he signed the picture he said, “Look at Minty.” and then he wrote #Briller on the sign. I gave him his keychain and he said he was putting it on his keys right now and got up from the table to go get them. Then he realized he didn’t have his keys so he stuck it on his belt loop and stood up so Tiff could take a picture. He acted so excited by the keychain. He reached for my hand and I thought he wanted to shake it but then he grabbed it and kissed my hand. It was just so funny and little kid like. I love him. 

We talked to Sachin next. I asked him to sign the Jackson edit I made and he freaked out because during the panel he had talked about reading the Hippocratic Oath all the time to help him think like Jackson and I put a quote by Hippocrates on the edit. He looked at it and said, “You really get Jackson don’t you?” and I told him that I loved the character. He put the picture down on the table and took a picture of it with his phone before he signed it. After that I gave him the keychain I made and asked if he would give Richard Harmon the Notre Dame keychain I made for him and he said Richard was going to love it, took a picture of the keychain right then and texted it to him. 

Finally we took our selfie and they were so fun! Honestly, meeting Bob after trying for so long was amazing but Sachin and Jarod were the most fun. I adore them and hope to be able to go to many more cons with them.

After we met them we went to get in line for Bob but he had to take a break so Tiffany went and met Brett Dalton while I went to the bar and got a bright blue Pokemon drink because I was nervous and I didn’t want to be shaking so hard I couldn’t talk when I gave Bob the Bellarke hat. 

Finally it was time to meet Bob. While we waited in line Tiff kept taking pictures of me with Bob in the background because she’s mean and wanted to see if she could get pictures of me freaking out. ***Edited to add that Tiff said she was not being mean she was trying to get as many pics as possible with Bob and I both in them so I apologize for calling her mean. She’s the best and I love her more than life!

The best part about waiting in line were the people in front of us. They were dressed up as Hans and Anna from Frozen and the guy was going on and on about how hot Bob was, how perfect his body was, and talking about how the back of his head was even pretty. Then he told us he was completely straight but even he noticed how good looking Bob was. He was more nervous than I was so the 2 of them kept us pretty entertained during the whole wait. Finally, it was my turn to meet Bob. As soon as he looked at me the first words out of his mouth were, “Hey, you’re the one who was trying to get me killed with the Bellarke is Endgame sign.” and I died laughing. He was laughing too and asked me my name. Then while he signed my Bellarke edit I said, “Yes, that was me and I actually have something for you that you might not want now.” First I told him that I had been to 3 cons trying to meet him so I had 3 gifts for him because I planned a different gift for each con and I decided to give him all of them. I handed him the keychains I made and Tiffany showed him that she had a matching Pokemon one and told him that there are only 3 of them in the entire world. He seemed to really like them.

Next it was time to give him the Bellarke hat and take the selfie.

I was so nervous. I pulled it out of my bag and handed it to him and he smiled so big. He said, “Did you knit this?” then put the hat on. I told him that I did and asked if he’d wear it in the picture. He was laughing and I jokingly told him that I left all 4 of my kids at home for this picture. He said he would and that he was going to stay off of twitter anyway. Here is a picture of him wearing the hat and talking to me before we took our selfie. This is not me forcing him to wear it.

 Now here is the part where people took all of my words the wrong way. I am always sarcastic. I said I guilted him into wearing it in a tweet jokingly. If Bob had acted seriously upset or nervous about wearing the hat or taking the picture I would have told him not to worry about it. Our whole conversation was laughing and joking because he recognized me from the sign photo op. He already put the hat on, he had no issue with wearing it and he knew he would be attacked on twitter no matter what he did. He told me people are really mean and I said, “Yeah, they’re mean to all of us but there are so many people on twitter who love you and who love Bellamy and we will always support you.” and he told me that he appreciates us. People can say I’m disgusting for asking him to wear a gift I made him but the fact that he knew he’d be attacked for wearing a hat is on the people who attack him for no reason not on me. Anyway, moving on…..

We took our picture and then he took the hat off and said, “I really do like this hat. The colors are perfect.” He asked if I had any questions. I asked him if Devon’s hair was long and blonde on the show and his response was, “He was filming a movie and the show at the same time. You’ll see what happens when the show comes back.“ 

I did have to go back for a second autograph for Amie because his handler wouldn’t let me get a video for her earlier. He had me send her a picture and tell her that the big gray meanie wouldn’t allow a video then I showed him Amie’s message to him and he laughed so hard. I loved this guy!!!

I told Bob I had to come back because the guy was mean. It was much quicker the 2nd time through. He hugged me after he signed it for her and then we left.

I just can’t say enough good things about this weekend and about The 100 cast. I have been to a lot of cons in the past year but this was by far the best. These actors are so kind to their fans and seem genuinely excited to spend time talking to the people who support them. With all of the hate the cast, writers, and producers get online the fandom who goes to cons to meet them all seem to be there for the right reasons. I didn’t witness any hate and it was a really great atmosphere to be a part of. I can’t wait for next year!!

Bridging the Gap

On Monday night I had the opportunity to attend “Bridging the Gap and Other Short Plays”, a benefit for the Actors’ Fund featuring readings of six short plays written by Wesley Taylor. There were a lot of fantastic actors and actresses involved, but let’s not kid around; I was there for Dane DeHaan.

Targeting my demographic here, I’m going to describe the two short roles he played during the readings and my interactions with Dane and his wife Anna Wood, who I got to spend some time with after the performance at the reception in the Green Room, the theater’s bar.

(a TL;DR: Anna Wood is the nicest person alive, Dane is very quiet but super nice and funny, they both snoop on fans’ twitters and tumblrs, Dane and Anna know about my blog and like my url, I got autographs and pics with them, and Young Americans is still up in the air although Dane and Daniel Radcliffe still want to work together again really bad)

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Unfortunately children of color are frequently under-represented in the media, and have trouble seeing themselves in the characters. Today @martinfreetrash and I were able to give these kids a chance to not only meet one of their favorite characters from a popular movie, but also see themselves through her. We both had the best time, and I’m so glad I was able to put this together and make it happen.

A special shout out to Beth, who told me that speaking out against racism on Facebook was not enough. You know what – you were actually right. Even though you’re as racist as they come, your ignorant comments sparked a determination in me to actively do something. Talking about oppression is good, but to truly work against it you have to act.

Our first Queer Princess?

Long have we awaited the arrival of a queer princess (or prince, or just openly queer character) in a Disney film. It is past high-time that Disney provides proud, courageous, and respectful representation. As a queer person myself, and a die-hard Disney fan, I can tell you this would personally be a dream come true.  But lately I’ve been wondering, what if they already tried to sneak it in already? I know I’m certainly not the first person to say this, but I firmly believe Elsa is our first queer Disney princess, even if the movie didn’t come out and say it blatantly and here’s why:

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