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Believe it or not, this is what my local movie theater looks like!!!!!

This looks amazing and my jaw fell to the floor when I saw this!!!!!!

This is not the only movie theater I go to, but the whole design of the theater is gorgeous!!!!

The designs on the walls that show famous characters from movies, cartoons, television, are so inspiring to look at! I love those characters and they made me who I am today! And I still love them! 😘😊😍😁

I saw the sci-fi movie, “Life”, in this theater. And it was really good! 👍🏻

And uh… yeah! That’s pretty much it!

That’s my take! (TRADEMARK)

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jewelwriter  asked:

Well finding this place was a trip. ! *Notes the floating Primarina.* Is it me or do you seem part ghost type? No offense of course.

“You should not worry about offending me, my appearance may look to be a burden, but it’s quite the opposite actually. Others I have encountered have a lot of respect for me and my family and I’ve been praised many times for my looks.” Anna giggles, humbly placing her fin over her chest.

“I do appreciate the kindness, I have scared the odd traveller within these parts so it’s nice to receive these words. Ghosts are typically scary aren’t we, but I assure you I have no miss deeds planed, nor do I intend on absorbing your life essence. I’ve never been fond of those activities to begin with.” she smiles, reassuring that she means no harm despite her ghost typing.  

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