anna's bby

“-Huh?” Lena shook her head lightly and frowned in confusion as she looked up at the person that was talking to her. “I’m sorry, what?” She asked again, giving a small sheepish smile. “Sorry, it’s just that I can’t function at all without at least two cups of coffee in me, and right now I’m at like, negative,” she told the other. 

“i love my job. don’t get me wrong— i wouldn’t trade it for the world. but let me tell you, my boss switched me from epcot to magic kingdom for the day?? i almost died!! — epcot is fun, there’s a whole norway set-up, a frozen ride, alcohol…it’s great!! but it’s more targeting adults and teens. now, magic kingdom is the real deal. it’s HOPPING. kids. so many kids. so, so, so many. i was mauled by mini elsas, mini annas, mini hanses, and mini kristoffs— a few mini olafs and svens too. gosh, i need a drink.”

“I think that in my young adult life, I’ve learned to follow the things that make me happy and knowing the difference between like, having a bad day and, ‘I’m unhappy.’ That’s a big one. I meet people who are in their young twenties who are like, ‘This isn’t my purpose because I’m so tired.’ Sometimes, you’re going to be tired. Not every job I have had has been bliss, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love what I do.” -Anna Chlumsky

Me while watching The Last Five Years movie
  • Still Hurting: no anna no bby we love you
  • See I'm Smiling: how the hell did the costume manager not catch you steal that sweater?
  • Moving Too Fast: Damn son can ride a bike
  • A Part of That: when most people see someone start randomly smiling after staring catatonically they'd be worried
  • The Schmuel Song: what kind of shit name is Schmuel anyway
  • A Summer in Ohio: Wayne's my man. They should make a movie of just you
  • The Next Ten Minutes: I want
  • A Miracle Would Happen/When You Come Home to Me: This is where I start getting lost. Also I see u Sherie
  • Climbing Uphill: Why does the pianist hate me? I see u JRB
  • If I Didn't Believe in You: chill or this won't end well
  • Nobody Needs to Know: Jamie u turd
  • Goodbye Until Tomorrow/I Could Never Rescue You: THE FEELS