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prompt: Penny straightening Simon's hair, Baz coming home like ??!!

i’m going to make a hc out of this instead of a fic if that’s okay :) (i also got a but carried away with this one… oops?)

  • okay i’m going to change this up a bit and make it agatha (with a little bit of penny) who will be straightening simon’s hair
  • basically agatha is visiting the squad in london and we all know how she’s like ‘why use magic when normal human inventions exists’ and when she lived a normal life in america she stopped using magic (almost) completely.
  • in the book it’s mentioned she spells her hair so it’s perfectly parted and such. well now she just takes care of it in a non-magic way.
  • so when she’s over at simon’s and penny’s flat she has this hair straightener with her. 
  • and penny’s like ‘wtf what about magic. what even agatha. how does this even work?’ 
  • and agatha’s like ‘well i just happen to like taking care of my hair and make-up and everything in a normal non magic way. it’s just fun to do.’ 
  • the two girls end up having a whole discussion about it. 
  • agatha ends up wanting to show how the hair straightener works. and she just generally wants to prove that taking care of your appearance (in a non magic way) can be fun. 
  • penny’s like ‘you’re not coming near me with that thing’
  • so then the only other option is simon’s hair 
  • (baz is at uni, he’ll come join the squad when he’s free later in the day)
  • (he’s not prepared, but anyways)
  • both girls get actually pretty excited about the idea of straightening simon’s hair.
  • though simon really isn’t sure about this whole idea. he wants to tell both penny and agatha no
  • but like, try to tell these two girls no when they want something.. heh. 
  • sooo agatha ends up straightening simon’s hair
  • simon is shitting himself because ‘that straightener is bloody hot agatha don’t burn me plss, i need to live through this.’ 
  • penny complains about it taking forever
  • ‘magic would’ve taken way less effort and you would’ve been done so much quicker.’
  • but she’s also slightly fascinated by watching the process of simon’s hair gradually becoming flatter and flatter. 
  • simon ends up looking like someone who would fit perfectly in a punk band.
  • basically simon ends up having some sort of emo-fringe with shaved sides and back.
  • (because normally simon had his head shaved, sort of, except for on top of his head where he has curls. troye sivan cut. but now his curls on top of his head have become and emo-fringe and it looks great)
  • both penny and agatha are really excited about the outcome and are taking a million pictures.
  • penny wants to send baz a picture but agatha convinces her not to so baz will be completely surprised when he comes home. 
  • it’s not a long wait for baz to come home 
  • simon, for some reason, is actually pretty nervous about baz’s reaction
  • when baz walks into the living room agatha and penny are giggling and baz’s like ‘what’s with them?’
  • but then he sees simon and 
  • oh
  • “I leave you two alone with him for only a few hours”
  • more giggles
  • baz really doesn’t know what to think of it
  • because it looks really good???
  • but also, no curls??? baz loves simon’s curls.
  • so yea, baz is mainly like ‘oh simon why did you even let them?’
  • simon’s just like ‘heh’ 
  • baz is just so confused like why simon why
  • (also why penny and agatha why)
  • baz just really doesn’t know what to think of it and he kinda just reached up to touch simon’s hair 
  • and he keeps touching it
  • he’s so mesmerized and so confused
  • but curls?? but hot emo-fringe?? but curls?? but hot emo-fringe???
  • meanwhile simon’s just like :))))))
  • because baz’s hand in his hear feels pretty nice and he loves the lost look on baz’s face 
  • in the back you have penny and agatha who are just high-fiving each other because ‘nailed it!’

When in doubt, hug it out. This was a lot of fun, but possibly very bad for my health loafing around as much I did today. On another note, its nice to jump back into this after being absent for such a long time.

Lost | Michael Clifford

Pairing: Michael and Y/N

Requested: Nope

Words: 1,862

Summary: Michael’s been acting different, and when your confront him, all goes downhill from there.

Author’s Note: This is a new story that i’ve been thinking about and writing for a while, and i’m really excited to share it with you all! This is also my first real 5sos mulit-part imagine/series on here so i’m hoping for good feedback so there will be more stories like this in the future!

Part 2


Words were said that I regret, but don’t regret hearing. Move on, you’re not tied down any longer. Have fun, there’s no one that’s waiting for you back home. Don’t think about what we had, it’ll only make you feel guilty. I love you to the moon and back, but maybe this is just what we needed. 

With love, 


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