anna's 88

Anna collects things for all the companions while she hoards junk, and then one day she just kind of tosses a box of stuff at everyone and leaves without explanation because she doesn’t really know how to do the present-giving thing

Hancock: she salvages all of the old records and holotapes she can find for him and even fixes up a record player. also records a few songs that she has to sing herself because she can’t find any holotapes of them. some fun, jazzy stuff, some slow sexy guitar stuff, and the songs she sings are soft and soothing, almost like lullabies, so he’ll have something to help calm himself down during a bad trip

Cait: Anna gets her rocks. most of them are ugly and boring, and Cait is very confused by a box of rocks, until Anna shows her that they’re all the perfect size to fit in her fist and beat the FUCK out of someone with. then Cait is delighted (also, some of them are pretty, and Cait secretly likes those too)

MacCready: comic books of course, but Anna is old and Out Of Touch, so she kind of just grabs him every magazine-looking thing she finds. he gets a lot of fashion and bridal magazines (that Deacon comes over to steal) in along with Grognak and Astoundingly Awesome Tales. Deacon also tries to take the Tumblers Today, but MacCready isn’t giving those up

Piper: Anna doesn’t actually see Piper much because she’s always in Diamond City, and they have a kind of neutral relationship. but Anna still takes the pre-war magazines MacCready didn’t want down to Piper, with a tape recorder and a camera that she repaired, and Piper is very pleased with those gifts (as long as she doesn’t know MacCready got first pick of the magazines)

Nick: not really a collection thing, but Anna finds an old set of calligraphy pens. she keeps her eye out and does collect several bottles of ink and the most intact / clean sheets of paper she can. she leaves it all on his desk, and he writes her a thank you card with the set

Preston: Anna collects buttons for him. she’s not really sure why. he’s never expressed an interest in buttons. but her mom used to keep a big jar of buttons, and Anna never really had toys, so she would spend afternoons arranging the buttons into patterns while her mother sewed. something about Preston reminds her of those afternoons, when it was sunny and safe and each button looked so pretty (Preston uses the buttons to replace a few that had fallen off his Minutemen uniform, and then he gives them out to settlers, helping them sew up old clothes and keep them warm)

Curie: the practical answer is that any and all medical supplies go to Curie. but on the side, Anna also saves all the teddy bears for her. she can’t give them to Shaun, but Curie is like her little sister. and since switching to her human body, she’s been inexplicably scared of thunderstorms. maybe a new sense of her own mortality? maybe that she has weak human eyes that can’t see in the dark? some leftover impulse from the body she inhabits? Curie has a bed that’s more teddy bear than mattress at this point, and they keep her safe

Danse: Anna puts him in charge of the suits of power armor she’s salvaged, and he couldn’t be happier. he gets all the old rusted pieces and frames she drags back to Sanctuary, but she also gives him smaller things too. duct tape and wonder glue and paint. sometimes she’ll make him a tool that works better or differently than what he has now. he can point out each individual screw she gave him in every set of power armor because he cherishes these gifts so much

X6-88: again, practically speaking, she gives him weapons and weapon mods. Wastelander or not, she’s more than earned his respect, and he listens to all her opinions on anything weapon-related. she also gives him a rock friend. it’s a rock with a smily face on it. if he thinks he has a feeling, he’s supposed to tell Rock Friend about it. when he gets better at that, he can move onto a Plant Friend. then a Fish or Gecko Friend. Dogmeat will make puppies soon with the other dog Anna bought off a guy, and X6-88 has first dibs on Puppy Friend. making human friends is hard, so he’s taking baby steps

Codsworth: Anna saves the cleaning supplies for him. all of the abraxo, and he’s delighted when she finds him an intact feather duster. cleaning makes him feel useful, like he’s contributing to the family. and since domestic chores make Anna depressed and anxious, she really appreciates his help

Strong: Anna marks locations of predator-animal dens on a map for him. radroaches, yao guri, deathclaws. the occasional raider den too. Strong is a good pack-mate who keeps the bad things away from their home. getting to kill stuff is fun too

Deacon: Anna is especially shy about giving him his gift box. boxes. all of the clothes she finds–washed by Codsworth to get the dead body stink off. about a million extra pairs of sunglasses. hats, wigs, shoes. pretty much an entire line of mix-matched makeup. Covert Operations Manuals. and some especially pretty rocks. she acts like it’s no big deal, but half of that stuff is bought, not just salvaged. it must have cost a fortune.

bonus! Dogmeat: he practically has his own boneyard. some of the bones are as big as his legs. he has enough that if he likes someone, he’ll bring them a bone. it’s kind of intimidating for newcomers when Deacon explains that Anna killed everything in the boneyard herself. she kills so many things. what the fuck