anna's 42

My Dad just pointed out that he met my Mum and Proposed to her when she was my age and just… No. 

I have a blog.

I have fanfic.

I have too many fictional characters who need to get married to consider courting! 

Do you know what’s really weird though?

Loughborough is like, the University of Lad Culture. It’s everywhere. You cannot escape it. 

But there is no Nandos. They cannot have a Cheeky Nandos. They just wonder around the town, sitting in Spoons and talking about how there is no Nandos, and signing Facebook Petitions. 

You know what I’ve decided?

I really want to be the Weird Aunt. You know, the one who turns up at weddings and family reunions, and always tells you cool stories and takes you on day trips to odd places you didn’t think you’d want to go to?

And is probably the first person to let you drink alcohol and stuff?

Problem is my Sister is not gonna have kids, like, I can’t see that happening in any shape or form - so one of you guys is going to have to let me be your Spawns weird Aunt.

I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules.

Seriously. Every damn time someone mentions it’s snowing, I’ll check outside my damn window to see if it really is like. Damn, most of you live thousands and thousands of Kilometers away from me, in different countries. Some of you are in bloody Canada! And I’ll still check to see if it’s snowing what the fuck is wrong with me?

More people this week complained about a man’s ice cream melting than two women kissing one another and I think that’s something to be proud of. Down with Hobophobia! Up with the Integrity of a Baking Competition!  

Reasons I Need Feminism

Walked in on my Flatmate in the loo, two minutes later I hear:

“Crazy Anna the Angry Feminist who really Aught to be a Lesbian in my opinion just ran away from me because she saw my penis in the loo and couldn’t handle it”

I know it’s his birthday and all, but can I still castrate him whilst he sleeps?


So, I was sewing my Christmas Presents this year for friends, as I am kinda poor and I had lots of left over felt and thread from my Foundation project pictured up above.

I was working through them as gifts and wondered if anyone would be willing to buy/commission one?

They’re simple Felt patches with an embroidered lego/design on them. Above are some of the “duds” I gave out in a giveaway back in May. 

They can theoritically be any size or shape and whilst I designed them originally to be sewn onto TShirts like in the above (categorising people into different friendship groups) I could put them on cards or make them into christmas decorations or anything like that really. 

So would anyone be interested in buying something like this?

I think the ones above would cost about $7.50 each, factoring in costs of materials and the like.

I’d post my latest works, which I am very proud of, but then it would be spoilers for Christmas Presents….

All this time I thought my Mother was a Ravenclaw… but she has just informed me that she signed my Dad up for an Online Shopping account just to get the vouchers, and continuously swaps between accounts, as when you haven’t shopped with them in 4 or so weeks they send you a £10 off voucher. She then will shop on that account for 4 weeks until they send her ANOTHER £10 gift voucher for the other account…

Now I see where my Slytherin side comes from…