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unkkarawk  asked:

Does anyone have suggestions for diverse books for toddlers?

We asked our campaign members and they recommend any picture books by Grace Lin, Kadir Nelson, Brian Collier, Yuyi Morales, Don Tate, Dan Santat, Salina Yoon, Allen Say, & Komako Sakai. 

Other suggestions:

  • Emily Jiang’s Summoning the Phoenix: Poems and Prose about Chinese Musical Instruments
  • Ten Little Babies by Gyo Fujikawa
  • All the World - Liz Garton Scanlon, Marla Frazee
  • A Beach Tail - Karen Lynn Williams, Floyd Cooper
  • Grace for President - Kelly DiPucchio, LeUyen Pham
  • Lottie Paris and the Best Place - Angela Johnson, Scott M. Fischer
  • Tiger in My Soup - Kashmira Sheth, Jeffrey Ebbeler
  • The Other Side - Jacqueline Woodson, E.B. Lewis
  • The Runaway Wok - Ying Chang Compestine, Sebastia Serra
  • Lola’s Fandango - Anna Witte, Micha Archer, the Amador Family
  • Maria Had a Little Llama / Maria Tenia una Llamita - Angela Dominguez
  • The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind - William Kamkwamba, Bryan Mealer, Elizabeth Zunon
  • Redwoods - Jason Chin
  • Mississippi Morning - Ruth Vander Zee, Floyd Cooper
  • Ghandi: A March to the Sea, Alice B. McGinty, Thomas Gonzalez
  • A Day with No Crayons - Elizabeth Rusch, Chad Cameron
  • GOAL! - Mina Javaherbin, A.G. Ford
  • A Picture Book of Cesar Chavez - David A. Adler, Michael S. Adler, Marie Olofsdotter
  • The Mangrove Tree - Susan L. Roth & Cindy Trumbore
  • Teammates - Peter Golenbock, Paul Bacon
  • Sosu’s Call - Meshack Asare
  • Mary Walker Wears the Pants - Cheryl Harness, Carlo Molinari
  • Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match - Monica Brown, Sara Palacios
  • Words with Wings - Nikki Grimes
  • More, More, More, Said the Baby - Vera B. Williams
  • Seven Spools of Thread - Angela Shelf Medaris
  • Seaside Dream - Janet Costa Bates, Lambert Davis
  • Lama Salama - Patricia MacLachlan, Elizabeth Zunon
  • The Ugly Vegetables - Grace Lin
  • The Magic Brush - Kat Yeh, Huy Voun Lee
  • It Jes’ Happened - Don Tate, R. Gregory Christie
  • 14 Cows For America - Carmen Agra Deedy, Thomas Gonzalez
  • Mama Miti - Kadir Nelson
  • The Metal Man - Aaron Reynolds, Paul Hoppe
  • Four Feet, Two Sandals - Karen Lynn Williams, Khadra Mohammed, Doug Chayka
  • Parrots Over Puerto Rico - Susan Roth, Cindy Trumbore
  • Allah to Z: An Islamic Alphabet Book - Sam'n Iqbal, Lina Safar
  • The Snowy Day - Ezra Jack Keats
  • Three Wishes - Lucille Clifton, Michael Hays
  • Gravity - Jason Chin
  • Ruth and the Green Book - Calvin Alexander Ramsey, Gwen Strauss, Floyd Cooper

Six Writers of the Apocalypse

More than three hundred tweets later, and this “thing” came about. 

I was tweeting with LA Witt and a few other authors three days ago and I made some offhand comment (so many tweets ago so I can’t even remember at this point exactly how it was worded) but I said the lot of them would make a scary group together writing.  I would totally read it but do it from under my bed with a flashlight because it would probably bring about the end of the world.  The only person who could complete the mass annihilation of the world was Rachel Haimowitz and then LA Witt said, “We’re the Five Writers of the Apocalypse” and I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard.

Rachel wanted to know if they could ride horses.  Oh noooo, in my brain they have to BE HORSES and you know what style they have to be.  

LA Witt tweeted, “Tell us you are going to draw this, right?”


I sat back and watched their tweets fly as they all decided which of the horses they would be, what accessories they would have and so on.  Aleksandr Voinov pleaded to have his signature pinstripe suit and I love him and could not deny him.  He’s charging off to war or to make food…he’s quite the cook so I’m not sure which. Heidi Belleau says she’s all about the chocolate so I had to give her a hershey kiss with the red stripe over it as she’s Famine.  LA Witt and Anna Zabo have some battle going on over a tiara so LA is stalking her over it.  Their argument over this alone is one of the best tweet contests ever.

Yes, there are six here and not five.  (Yeah, yeah there were four horses in canon but who the hell cares.)  Every group of writers needs a Editor of Destruction so the group isn’t complete without Sarah Frantz to wreak terror.

(Did the group notice they are flanked by evil editors?  This was planned…art genius if you ask me *pats self on back*)

For the first time ever, I live blogged art and posted updates as I went via Twitter and that was more fun than I’ve had in ages.  I might have to do that again at some point.

It doubled my followers on Twitter in about 24 hours, too.  :D