anna will rip out your spine

title: Father

rating: t

summary:  He had gone from a reclusive hermit to the guardian of five time-traveling Slayers in the span of a day (or, the one where Acnologia is roped into looking after kids he wants nothing to do with, but along the way finds himself gaining the family he never had).

note 1: can also be found here.  Follow link for more extensive notes.

note 2: for @acnologias-ass and @kushexi.  Your Papalogia fanart really just got me too invested in this and now I’ve made a goddamn multichapter for it.  Therefore, this whole fic can be blamed on you two.  Enjoy!

Acnologia had been having a rather pleasant Saturday morning.

Pleasant, he felt, was a subjective term. For most, a pleasant Saturday involved no work, maybe some family time, prepping for an evening out, or sleeping in. For the four-hundred and something year old Dragon Slayer-turned-Dragon, a pleasant Saturday constituted as him not having to wake up to a leaky ceiling.

It was degrading, he mused as he padded around his small apartment. Four hundred years ago, he would have been living in palaces stolen from the rulers he had overthrown, but in this godforsaken era, he was forced into a one-bedroom domicile in the heart of Magnolia’s roughest neighbourhood.

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