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I don’t trust you, Doctor Bell… or William, or… Willam… or whatever cutesy name you think might appeal to my childhood instincts. It won’t. Your company has been involved in, if not directly responsible for, some of the most horrific things that I have ever seen, to say nothing of the fact that you just yanked me into a parallel universe to warn me about an inter-dimensional war that I believe you are responsible for starting. So what I want is not warmth, or tea. It’s the truth.

Olivia Dunham >> 2x04 || Momentum Deferred


GET TO KNOW ME MEME | [2/5] favourite female characters
           ~ Olivia Dunham (Fringe)

‘I understand that you think I acted too emotionally. And putting aside the fact that men always say that about women they work with, I’ll get straight to the point. I am emotional. I do bring it into my work. It’s what motivates me. It helps me to get into the headspace of our victims… See what they’ve seen. Even if I don’t want to, even if it horrifies me. And I think it makes me a better agent. If you have a problem with that, sorry. You can fire me. But I hope you don’t.’


“I’m terrible at practical jokes. I do them too well, so they’re not funny. I end up saying, ‘Oh, no, I’m joking, I’m joking.’“


You realize just what you did to me? If you had given me some special power, that’d be one thing. Maybe I’d be special. Or at least I’d be useful. Or if you’d just left me alone, I could have been normal, have a normal life with normal friends. Instead, I’m neither. I’m just a freak. Can you understand what that’s like?

–– Cameron James, "Subject 9" (4x04)

my favorites of 2013 - 10 female characters | (10/10)

Emma Swan (Once Upon a Time)

Emma: That look in his eyes, the despair. I had it. Back when I was in the foster system. Just a lost little girl who didn’t matter and didn’t think she ever would. A little girl who cried herself to sleep at night ‘cause she wanted her parents so bad and could never understand why they gave her up.
Snow: And then you found us, and it was too late.
Emma: It’s just…on this island, I don’t feel like…like a hero or a savior. I just feel like what I’ve always been: an orphan.


But I had hoped for you that, wherever you were, you weren’t hardened by what had happened to you. And it’s not that I don’t see what the Observers have brought, I do. But what concerns me more is what they’ve taken away.