anna torv on the late show

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man i was just trying to watch that new mindhunter show and couldn't get past the awful "concert scene" with a female character and the lead male in the first 15 minutes lmao

You know what’s sad?  I watched that whole show like two weeks ago?  And all I remember was Anna Torv being Anna Torv.  It was like Downton Abbey for me–I watched it for the set dressing and the costumes (look, I have a thing for the late 70s/ early 80s aesthetic and I dressed like that in the 90s because it was the most aggressively uncool thing I could wear) and have basically no idea what was happening with the plot.

But that’s a perfect example–it’s lazy shorthand for showing the super-smart nerd girl is actually still sexy-cool.  Like, do these writers actually know any smart girls, or do they just Joss Whedon it and write who they’d want to fuck?