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Frozen is the first movie to show depressed charact-

Frozen is the first movie to be about an outcast-

Frozen is the first movie with magic-

Frozen is the first movie with a dysfunctional fam-

Frozen is the first to not have love at first sight-

Frozen is the first Disney movie to teach girls they don’t need to be saved by-

Frozen is the first movie where the princess isn’t only focused on marrying a prince-

Frozen is the first-


Character aesthetic ➤ Princess Anna of Arendelle.

“Snow, it had to be snow. She couldn’t have had tropical magic that covered the fjords in white sand and warm.”


i cannot fucking believe

Santino Fontana and Jonathan Groff (aka Hans and Kristoff) sing “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?”

(stick around for the surprise ending)


National Best Friend Day by Jordan Hall

So if Ruby

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And Weiss

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Had a daughter

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She would look something like

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I’m gonna say it.

I’m not for #GiveElsaAGirlfriend.

NOW before you comment or in follow me saying I’m a homophobe, I’m not indeed for #GiveElsaAGirlfriend, but I am for #GiveADisneyPrincessAGirlfriend,  also being a “homophobe” shouldn’t be the first thing that comes to mind when someone might not be into the idea. Now listen to what I have to say.

Starting with 1) Frozen 2 is most obviously a sequel. ITS A SEQUEL. DONT HAVE CURRENT SOCIAL ISSUES BE ADDRESSED IN A SEQUEL. If anything, it deserves its own movie when it comes to Disney, because having a sequel will mean you have to add the LGBTQ aspect in as well as bringing previous aspects from the movie into it. This will cause numerous amount of work arounds which could 50/50 help or ruin the movie. Second, I personally find bringing characters into something out of the blue isn’t interesting at all. In the frozen sequel, the southern Isles were mentioned quite often, they could work with that. A new love interest princess, not so much. Why does Korrasami work so well in Legend of Korra? Asami was there since the beginning, and their relationship was well worked with throughout . In a sequel that might be hard to do, cause heck even Kristanna was kind of rushed. With a completely new movie they can work the story with the moral theyre addressing, Frozen 2 they’d have to work around a lot and change the universe entirely.

2) Why I say #GiveADisneyPrincessAGirlfriend, is because if you’re gonna have a character tell children they should love who they are, Elsa’s not the best choice. A) looking into the first Frozen movie, a lot of people say  that Let it Go was a representation of “coming out of the closet”, first of all, that wasn’t the original intention, it’s literally Elsa saying “I’m leaving everything behind and giving up being queen to  be who I am. Hakuna Matata right?”

WELL, here comes the Hans parallels.

A lot of people hate Hans cause he turned out to be the villain, he’s the most hated because people love him and a lot of people don’t understand why.

Well, you want Elsa to be the iconic representation for kids to let them know they can love themselves, when throughout the whole movie, she ran away from her problems, not loving herself at all until literally the last few minutes? When singing let it go as a representation of coming out, hey girls, be happy with yourself but run away from criticism and don’t try to make people understand why there shouldn’t be any judgement of who you are.

I’m trying to point out. Elsa is on the same damn level as Hans, most people don’t look at that cause she wasn’t named villain.


1) Elsa tried to kill the Duke of wesltletons guards.

Some may argue : that was self defence.

Second argument: she looked pretty into it, Hans ended up stopping her.

Comparison: besides doing it for the throne, Hans tried killing Elsa for the solid reason of her not trying to stop the winter at all, immediately thinking she couldn’t and felt it was the only way to stop it otherwise her own kingdom would freeze to death.

2) When Anna and Co. Came to Elsa’s palace, and Elsa struck Anna with her powers.

Some may argue: it was an accident.

What did Elsa do about it, since she obviously knew she had done something?

Answer: she created a massive snowman, and kicked them out.

3) When Elsa found out she caused an eternal winter? What did she do? She stayed in her palace assuming she couldn’t do anything about it without trying.

Some may argue : her past causes her to feel like that.

Hans comparison: Hans had a pretty horrible past from a statement from Jen Lee herself, but most would say “his past can’t justify what he did,” so why would Elsa’s?

Let’s not forget my favourite,

“People only like Hans cause hes attractive,”

Part of me wants to say

“LGBTQ people only want Elsa as a lesbian cause she’s extremely attractive.”

People are gonna yell at me saying they have more reasons then that, or actual reasons opposed to that.

I say, “well I like Hans for way more reasons then he’s just attractive.”  

So no, I’m not for Elsa being a lesbian, because when it comes down to it, you’re telling kids, lesbians hurt people by accident without doing something to help, lesbians run away from their problems, and lesbians don’t try, they worry.

I love Elsa, but I’m getting fed up with this. I was triggered when someone said ”anyone who is against #GiveElsaAGirlfriend is a homophobe”, and that some people want it more for themselves being represented then realizing that a story has to work to pay the thousands of people making it, let alone the thousands of kids that will be watching it may/will have parents that may or may be actual homophobes, that will think it’s horrible for their child and will make then stop watching Disney entirely.

This stuff needs to be addressed at a slow pace, so I’d say make it its own movie entirely, and don’t forget, it’s a god damn movie.

All the rumors are fake, not even the actors know what’s gonna happen.

Now I’ll end by saying, don’t stop petitioning for #GiveElsaAGirlfriend, if it makes you happy and you have your views on it, then by all means keep at it, these are my opinions and my rant because I’m tired of hearing about all the Hans hate, and that anyone shipping Elsa with someone that is male, is being called a homophobe.

Stop being a child.

Elsa is on the same level as Hans, don’t believe me, watch the movie again.

Hans is the most hated Disney villain  solely because he’s the most loved Disney villain.

LGBTQ shouldn’t be represented in a sequel, it should be it’s own movie, it deserves that.

Solid. I’m out.

frozenchaos5  asked:

The people of arendalle use how Anna runs to and from the castle to judge how the day is gonna go and what threats they may face for instance Anna running out of the forest with a look of utter terror on her face into the court yard and grabbing a cannon to fight a Dragon tells them to run and hide

Oh My

How to survive in Arendelle for dummies? :D

Arendelle citizens considered themselves very lucky. They lived in a quiet, prosperous country under a rule of a wise, beautiful Queen with magic powers, and her sister with the best human skills you could get. But people are only people, royals included, and they always have some quirks. Why not use them in your advance to make your life even better?

When talking about ruling the country by royal sisters, their different personalities influenced greatly the way the kingdom operated. People dealing with the Queen and the Princess on a daily basis worked out a strategy that had nothing to do with actual ruling. By trial and error citizens of Arendelle learned how to deal with their monarch and her sister to make things easy and smooth for everybody.

Anna liked to sleep in. Elsa liked to get up early.  Anna liked changes. Elsa liked routine. Anna liked confrontation. Elsa liked stability. Anna liked to discuss things. Elsa liked to work on problems alone. Anna liked  noisy and crowded council chambers. Elsa liked solitude and quiet of her office. Anna liked attention. Elsa liked to be left alone. Anna liked abstract ideas. Elsa liked definite plans. Anna was emotional. Elsa was rational. Elsa hated to be disturbed. Anna didn’t mind. They both loved chocolate.

So for example if somebody wanted their problem to be heard by the monarch, they left a letter with detailed information (the more sophisticated phrases the better) and a few small bitter chocolate candies (very crucial, other kinds of chocolate were reserved for afternoon, no exceptions) wrapped in blue paper for Kai to bring them to Elsa during her morning tea. But if it was Anna they wanted to approach, they did it personally, never before lunch and always with a big bar of chocolate (of any kind, Anna was not picky).

Of course there were times when all the rules went with wind. Like during Summer Frozen Dragons Festival. There were no meetings with royals, all their time was reserved for kids. So the best for adults was to stay inside the houses where an outside mayhem and summer heat could not reach. It started with Elsa creating an Ice Dragon for a kid  named Fredmund and when other kids heard about it, it quickly escalated into annual event, with an army of little knights armed with wooden swords leaded by Princess Anna fighting with Ice and Snow Dragons created by Queen Elsa. While kids and royals made havoc, parents relaxed inside their houses, drinking iced tea (thanks to royal magic) and playing board games. 

They knew that their children were perfectly safe fighting dragons under care of their royals.

Frozen 2 beginning headcanon

The movie starts with a dark gloomy room and a guy with a deep voice (not necessary evil, though) start talking in the shadow, masked and mysterious.

(…) everything is just like I planned. Her powers have been revealed. Finally. (…) *he lifts his head* which means my plan can finally begin. i just need one more thing.”

someone standing in front of him, whos presence wasn’t noticable until now :

“wha… what plan, sir ? … what is the thing missing ?”

*close up on his mouth* “Her. Bring me… her.”

[transition to title sequence]

[the title then slowly disappear in the light as the ‘camera’ goes down]

“hold on ! slower ! slower !” (we recognize Anna’s complicit voice)

*laughs* it’s alright. you can do it. just feel it and keep skating !” (Elsa’s voice is as warm and confident as in Frozen Fever)

[the ‘camera’ still goes down as we notice the two of them skating on the fjord’s ice on a beautiful winter afternoon]

(and i let you imagine those two cuties ice skating together and having such a sweet fun because my feels are already gone omg

also, yes, i made the ‘who is ‘her’ then ?’ suspense on purpose heheheh)

continue the scene with your own ideas ! maybe we can actually make the whole movie with our headcanons combined ~