anna sun video


I’ve shown so many short videos of the recent eclipse, how about one of the Sun? Nasa’s Solar Dynamics Observatory produces incredible videos and HD photos of our nearby star, keeping an active watch for both research and to give warning of extreme solar events that can damage electronics on Earth. Here the sun is set to Rachmaninoff

These images were created with Foundry’s Nuke software. They have been processed from high definition satellite images taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory from NASA. No image compositing or CGI was used.

The image combines different wavelengths of light (visible, ultraviolet, etc). I took 27h to render this video.

Some of the images have been digitally upresed using Total Variational Inpainting, and all of them have been temporally denoised, to minimize the interferences caused by the solar prominence radiation.

Images: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center - NASA/SDO
Music: Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto no.2 op.18 - Anna Fedorova


over three years ago, in the late spring of 2012, I was browsing Amazon. on the right side of the page, an advertisement for free music from “rising artists” jumped out at me, as if beckoning me into its abyss. I hesitated, but soon I clicked, as the prize of free music was too much for my little 7th grade heart to handle. I scrolled through the artists and list of songs, but knowing none of them, I almost clicked away. a colorful album art caught my eye, and I stopped to play the song. it instantly mesmerized me, filling me with a feeling of eternal youth I had never felt before, capsizing me in its wave of joy and beauty and color. I listened to the other songs available, liking each one more and more but never quite finding something as special to that first song written with love by four boys from Ohio. I began to listen to that song on repeat, playing it wherever I went and dancing alone in my room to it when nobody was looking. “Oh, Anna Sun!”, I’d scream, shouting at the top of my lungs as the immense tenacity of the summer anthem washed over me. I knew that one day, I’d have to hear it live. summer came, and I looked into the band. “WALK THE MOON”, they called themselves, their spirits painted with a rainbow of colors and love. I downloaded the rest of their album, titled with the same name they gave themselves. I fell deeper and deeper in love with this band, connecting to them more and more as every track played endlessly into my head. I knew I had found something really special - I had found my favorite band. I began to look into the band, to really know who it was who made me smile so brightly even when the days had seemingly lost all hope. I learned their names and their story: Nicholas, Sean, Eli, and Kevin; four boys from Cincinnati, Ohio who just wanted to help the world smile. I followed the band vigorously for three years after, rejoicing with each new album release as Tightrope EP and Talking is Hard came out, filling the music scene with even more love and hugs than ever before. I began to make friends who were just like me, connecting with the fan base online and rejoicing in the comfort of others who also danced in their bedrooms alone. I watched endless live shows and even fell in love with the band’s independent albums that were nearly impossible to find. I felt a deep connection to WALK THE MOON, as if every song they made was specially written just for me. never had a band spoken so closely to me before, never had a band captured my spirit so perfectly. ever fiber of my being craved to see them live at least once, to be in the same room as them and feel their spirits bouncing off of the walls. these four boys from Ohio have kept me smiling through thick and thin, on my best and worst days, and in points where there was seemingly no return, their music and spirits gave me the power to save myself. and then, last night, over three years after I had found these crazy kids, I got the chance to meet and see them live for the first time at Austin City Limits. I donned myself in Nicholas’ face paint from the Anna Sun music video that I had watched a countless number of times. I had the chance to go to their signing, and I stood in line as I got my chance to meet the boys and say hello and finally get to feel their gracious spirits intermixing with those of their loyal fans who had so eagerly come to enjoy the boys. after, I attended their concert, and instantly made friends with those around me who were so happy to be seeing WALK THE MOON live too. for an hour I took part in a non stop dance party full of love as I heard my favorite band perform songs I had been listening to for years. at the very end, they played Anna Sun, the song that had brought me to this special group in the first place three years prior and gave me an anthem to shout at the top of my lungs. I was washed over with emotion and shed tears when I screamed the chorus; after three years of fighting my battles and overcoming so much, I had finally made it to the day where I heard the song live that helped me hold myself together all these years. when it was all over, I could do nothing but smile hugely and stare in shock at the tremendous happiness that I was filled with. I want to say thank you to WALK THE MOON; thank you to Nicholas Petricca, Kevin Ray, Sean Waugaman, and Eli Maiman. thank you for putting on the best show ever last night, thank you for filling this world with happiness and joy, and thank you so so so much for coming together and forming a band that gave me the power to rattle ghost towns, lift cars, and fly through red lights.


Music Meme: [4/10] artists/bands ~ WALK THE MOON

“The ‘Anna Sun’ video was really what set us on a course,” recalls Petricca. “We were a party band and college band, a bar band. We definitely always wanted to make people dance, but after the ‘Anna Sun’ video was released at this big paint party that we had in Cincinnati — the first time we had face paint — we realized that there’s this sense of childish wonder and of preserving the inner child that is central to Walk the Moon, down to the sort of Lost Boys in Peter Pan and Neverland face paint.”