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Belated Inktober #29

so anna and i occasionally toss around ideas for an extremely ridiculous au in which jack atlas is a fashion designer/occasional model, when the actual models are NOT DISPLAYING HIS OUTFITS TO BEST ADVANTAGE


Are you a practical joker or a can’t keep a straight face type of girl?

‘I think I’m more of a can’t keep a straight face type of girl. Like in the movie when the amazing Rebel Wilson was doing some of her amazing improv and I had to bite the inside of my cheek to keep from messing up a take.

First stop on our Kingdom Hearts World Study list…is Arendelle! 

Took me forever to get that Ice Palace and Snowflakes looking right!

I noticed that a big trend is that the prominent locations are part of the world art. I’d figure that Elsa’s palace would be an obvious one to put in the art (also since there would be a boss battle there) but I also put in ‘Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post’ since it would be a great Save Point, and the Frozen Fjord, since that would be where the Hans’ boss battle would be. The Northern Lights were added for fun! 

As with the logo, I thought the snowflakes really add that nice touch to the logo. The one on top of the 'A’ was an offhand idea to resemble the first Frozen trailer where Elsa was on the mountaintop and like sassing Anna and stuff. 

I guess you can also call the world; the Frozen Fjord. That was another name it could be called. Who knows. 

I’m pretty sure there will be a Frozen world in KH3 since all the game developers keep mentioning it, AND IM NOT EXCITED. The Frozen fandom is crazy and will probably migrate into the KH fandom just for the frozen world. I mean it will be a good world because the snow will look beautiful, but the movie was so-so and the fandom refuses to admit that.

Books and CupcakesFebruary Book Photo Challenge

Day 21 • Pink Cover

Frozen Jewel decided to take up residency in my brain tonight, despite trying to write Dark Horse and fiddling with another AU idea. Can you believe I’m actually supposed to be writing psych papers

In which Liam’s afterlife is not…. quite what was expected.

The light fades behind the little dinghy and despite the feeling of peace in his chest, Liam cannot help but ache from the separation from his brother. Killian is not alive and he is most certainly not well, but he may be well on his way. Emma may be the reason his brother currently resided in the Underworld, but that she chose to make such a journey to retrieve him says more than he initially gave credit for.

Liam may not be entirely satisfied with his brother’s chosen mate, but if she makes him happy…

He can find peace in the hereafter, knowing that.

He can find peace while he waits for Killian to join him again.

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“Starting Something” (Frozen, T)

Rating: T
Words: 6,726
Pairing(s): Kristanna
Summary: Before it all fell apart, they had to come together. How Anna and Kristoff found each other in the Healing Through ‘verse.

Notes: For @lissa-42​, who’s been such a kind and dear friend to me and really encouraged me to go through with this one. ♥

This is also my very, very tangential prompt for Kristanna Harvest Week Day 2: Harvest

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anonymous asked:

You've been targeted for a dare-challenge. Your challenge is to write a drabble about Jimmy going back to Downton to visit Thomas or Thomas goes somewhere and happens upon Jimmy! I dare you. Have fun!


(Call this a preemptive bandage for later today. Grossly unedited and written in an effort to procrastinate like a boss.)


The letter that came with that day’s post was not what Jimmy expected. For starters, it was from someone he didn’t know – someone named Andy Parker – and the lettering looked as though a primary schooler had penned it. But the return address was Downton Abbey and the missive within the envelope was urgent. 

I APOlogize if THis is veRy foRwARD, But I wAsn’T suRE wHAT ELsE To Do. I kNow you ARE MR. BARRow’s spEciAL fRiEnD. HE KEEps your LEttERs iN his NIGHTsTAND, wHIcH Is How I FouND youR ADDREss. I KNow LoNDoN Is QuITE FAR, BuT IF You couLD mANAGE it, I THiNk you miGHT FIND TImE To viSiT DowNTowN DowNTON AGAIN MR. BARRow NEEDs you. PLEAsE. 

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